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Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Next Hope of Malaysia. TSUNAMI

HEy,hEy~ It is still under a hope versus hopeless situation. Will it be a next hope? Hopeless.. muahahaha..

This morning I woke up, Just like seeing a bright charming sun light that is warming the entire environment. What am I feeling now ? Muahaha, quite exciting actually, and watching all medias non-sleep jus to get the most updated results. Crazy huh? NOnoNono, this means I am caring Malaysia ok.. I still love Malaysia.

All the oppositions get flying colour results (can be said) in all places, But.. unbelievable thing will be the MCA and MIC really got into trouble. I think this is what the people want them to be.

I don't get any surprise neither shock. This result is all under my prediction and expectation too. I am now feeling there is a confident of the people and proud that people made a huge change. 2/3?? So What?? nah~ At least BN still can rule several of it lar..

Penang oppose the most. That is what people and how people that ONE can together and take objection and say TAK-NAK!! to all. As same as KL and selangor, Perak, and Kelantan and Kedah. Don't think shameful on this? Can you still be a government that people desire and demand?

At least, I am proud the people of the nation are brilliant enough and wisely think with their brain. So? What fault you went advertised and keep on publishing for all the newspapers and media and bla bla. People really get annoyed of that. Do you still think people will get impressed by you spending OUR MONEY to advertise your BN's advertisement? First felt that, is it necessaary to advertise? U think our people all idiot kah? You can do things, no do things, we got eyes to obeserve and we got brain to think. Now so what?

If I'm the one who padan muka to advertise all their contributions and tell lie to public that actually our country is dong very well in GDP and what sort, I'll be so shameful to all people, and feel sorry and guilty for the nation.

This is the time for you to regret, to realise and wake up, and deserve whatever people want you to be. You still got hope, just wait. All issues that came out currently will definitely bring you down. BRAVO- to penang, the opposition is just too strong, as well as other states too..

what do you say then.. Oh, what you did that sent astraunots for space-travelling, increase everything that include out daily goods, and unfair distribution according wealth, races and gender and status... Do people still sokong for it ?? Or " people don't appreciate that you contributed."

Come one, we just want leaders that can lead the people, lead the country, not puppet politicians that think the public is idiot enough to do what you speak.. You are not ruling, you are just playing fool with us, and all enough. We need a change, a huge change. Change your mind, power our rights to defend. This is what people-can-decide world. We are boss..

It think there will be a critical situation after this too. First thing is pull down the Lingam, go to Zakaria house, and ask all of them vomit our money that they eat.

Just hao hao fan xing.. It is time for you to change, in terms of administration, in terms of development, in terms of the change of country...... Nevermind, giving some faith now.

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