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Saturday, July 04, 2009





Friday, July 03, 2009

Thanks and Regards

Fucking sick of words above. And those mails starting with Hi, Dear and bla..

argh ~

It is Friday, and how many Fridays should I live.. ?

I got really nothing to type on. Sick of typing.

haizz... whatever, just show you some stuffy my cute doggies
HAIYA.. Just see lar

Nice Mickey's butt

Oscar - the lion head

Whilly pee on the floor.. not the tissue .. Willy!!!!

Look at her pinkish bell neck tie.. and guesss she is a gal

Willy the mini-pinsch

she is sooooo mini

Mickey the pug....

She is a leng lui ..

Monday, May 11, 2009

After The Few Months

hello ~ I m back again.

And I even forgotten my log in password which I decades lost of visit. Am damn tiring after that loh-meng training. I even long time a week did not office my job. My god ~ Dono how many emails and got what things happen that could higher my blood pressure and heartattack. Poor Me...

I don even have tat energy to speak. Nor typing. Damn exhausting, I got aching every part of my body.

Used a lot of tit-ta-zao...


Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Am Back Anyway

Many Many things happen arround me.

I yet still luckly am working and it is damn hectic and busy all the while. You think I can able free enough to go online msn and chat with you guys? Or spending my time to chit chat?

Not even time to go toilet. Poor me.

Emails are so frustrated. Phone calls are stupid. Files of shits are smelly. Documents are in mess. My head and brain are in blurred. My heart is always screaming.

I just can't forgive myself so easily did things so so blur and forgetting things all the while. SEE, I forgotten to plan something on Monday. And, I have to re-plan it. Collection dates are "floating" all the while. Someone calls and say to remove all at any time. But, still seems miserably will become abortive. Sigh = =. What should I do?..

Many Many things...

Mickey is the new member to our family. And, she finally knows how to bark.

I got car bang to a lorry, who the driver uncle luckyly is a damn good person. I am so damn guilty on it.

I hate those stupid trafic police who creat lots of jam, they are not improving it.

I feel my life changed. To more routinable and only be free on Saturday and Sunday. Wish to have more public holidays all the while.


Happy Valentine's Day every one.

Why my blog's layout changed one ah?

Why my blog lay out has changed?

As per TiTLe.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

About Cosplay in Malaysia.. crap some~ ~

Hi Hi Hi, everyone, I have long time no blog as my lazyness temptation everytime>s was tempting me.. luring like.. "Pei, pei, ... don't blog.."..


I was having damn hectic exams...

I had done my first CGG assignment and hand in on 26 November 2008.

My Feng Shui thesis on 22 December 2008.

My CS gucci and LV on 30 December..

My CGG exam on 30 December..

My CS exam on 31 December..

And, Finally.. Happy New year everyone..

I am having a job recently which I found it during my studies.. Everyone was shocking.

"So fast ah?, take rest first lar.."

muahaha... It is definitely not my style either way but a little bit of regret that I could not enjoy it. Erm... I want to work as I don't want to stay at house and do nothing else. As usual, I will cross my leg switch on the Astro or chasing all TVBs drama that I couldn't watch it during my exam and assignment period, clicking my pet society everyday or go to forum to blow some water.. Basically that's my life..

No lar.. I don't go shopping so often, I don't like buy dresses or going or for luxurious coffee high tea .. or even some shopping spree during christmas.. >.<>

OKok... I gonna crap many things that happened recently that I couldn't blog it out during my business of assignments and exams.. Ok lar... erm... actually I was too busy with my pet society and some say geo-challenge.

You will so wonder that how could be the Cosplay fair in Malaysia. And it will be. See~ ~ My friend took some picture when he went to the Cosplay.
Many of them wanted to look so animated and " Kawai" look. Actually their look for me are mostly abnormal and weird = =.
This is costume which I found ok for me. The guy look gorgeous with his hair and the gal appeared adorable... ^ ^

However, how can the Cosplay included FOUR PORKCHOP???? !!!!!!!!!

OK lar~ ~ I am not criticising that their looks are like porkchop. But they just don't fit it.
Might it looks more like those Thai's AH-GUA, more than "kawai" costumed girls. The second one some more wear specs... = ="
I got no words but just to use pork chop for description.
Why my friend took picture of them? May be that's his taste. ^ ^
They are all so pork chop lor... May be good look, but not with that costume..
Horrible... O.O