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Monday, December 31, 2007

Wahaha~~ Happy New Year...

Tomorrow will be the first day of 2008.. What wishes?? What Wishes??

First of all, i want to sit for the exam on 7th and 10th. Then, i want to have a great holiday, that's it.. Bleh~~

After that only search for a piano tutor job.. bleh~~

After that I want to eat everything that I'm not allowed to eat now, After that i want to shake my legs wait for the final 3rd year to come and Chinese New year... bleh~~~

Harlo~~ Can I be more self-motivated... Plan something, have some goals.. Keke.. ~ !!!


I want to have a very leng chai boy friend in 2008 (actually i make this wish every year) Hopefully it can be realistic one..

Ok.. Here some goals I wan to meet... :

1. Keep fit. Tell something here, before the operation, I was 42.3 KG according to the machine i used to messure in hospital. After the operation + 2 days no eat, I think i was Only 38 KG. My butt lost 2 inches, my waist too.

When i see myself infront of the mirror, so terrifying. I can't believe that I can lose wieght till 38 KG!! ~~ This weight used to be my GOAL once, I hope that I can lose till below 40 KGs.. NOW!! I look like an ET with that 38 KG.. So scary... Now i definitely want to gain it to 45...


2. Looking for a job... Now I'm qualified. Just tell myself, no matter how much they pay, just work for it. I do believe in fate. I think my entire life and luck will change after I had died once. And, just after my parents back from China and Vietnam, It totally changed my luck and fate. But i still have faith in myself.

I still wonder why am I so "lucky" to get a tumour around my ovary.. and that day was so "unbelievable". My mom used to forbid me not to see any doctors, cos she thinks she is a doctor, and she thought doctors always money-oriented.

I demand for a body-check up, I asked her bring me to doctors when I was sick. She refused and said, you just a young girl, don't need any check-up thing. I was so annoyed by hearing that, "afterward got anything happened, the person regret is you, not me.. (touch wood).. Waha.. There's thing happened. - -''

Lesson is. No matter what age you are in, a body check-up is a MUST for everyone.

Back to the luck thing, I do believe after this fate, I can seek for a better job. Unlike last time.
Great Job

3. I want to go for an oeversea trip to celebrate my 21st. WAHAHAHAHAH~~~ sounds great?! Hopefully it will come true. Starting my planning now. Hopefully, anyone can sponsor?? Wahahahaha~~
CN Tower

Wish... you all hv a wonderfull 2008, all bad luck.. shoo--shoo away !!

2008 also not a very good year indeed, beware of the economic environment and politics issues. and there will be disasters.. according to numerous of feng shui master..


Saturday, December 22, 2007

i'm back from hospitalisation~~~

1st day was stupid nervous, keep on thinking what if the doctor cut my stomach when i hadn't fallen asleep. I slept, quite deep during the operation.. Afta tat, heard my mom keep on calling my name.. My stomache getting more n more painful.. damn painfull...

"MOMMY~ MY STOMACH VERY PAIN!~!!!!!~~~!!!!!"

afta lying on bed in the room, can't get down, hanging, can't eat, can't drink.... can't go toilet.. those nurses kept on coming in for injection(pain-killer), cause I kept on complaining.. "SAKIT!! SAKIT!!"

2ND day: damn tired, my stomach get more pain pain pain... ~~~!!!! crying like hell !! Doctor came over and force me walk, cannot lie on bed.. those nurse came in..

"I gv you half n hour, afta that i wanna see you walking, not sleeping.. =( "

My stomach very pain!! HOW TO WALK ""!!! ... >.<~~""""

I just stand, and keep on tahan the pain, second day, still cannot eat and drink !! =(.. I have to walk with holding the stupid glucose-hang water.. >.< PAIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!~~~~

those nurse keep on asking... You release WInd already... ?? "NO".. =( "Then cannot eat" ..


nevermind, i even shit and xu xu, but no wind...

Next day, Doctor said: Ok lar, let her eat.. "HOORRRRAAAYYY!~~" I really cannot tahan for 2 days no food, no water. samo seeing my mom sucking those coconut drink and keropok. >.<"

3rd day better, at least can walk like an old lady (now too). And can eat, but still pain.. keep on mummering I can tahan.. I can tahan.. Cause the injection really made my butt hurt.. >.<"

4th day, wahaha... I can walk, sleep better, eat and drink, pain has been getting more lesser, but the stupid cough kill me many times.. HATE IT... >.<

I came home, miss my home... And now, I have to walk damn slow,cannot bend, stomach still damn pain, hate cough, can take shower, and my stomach has one BIG VERTICAL LINE..

haizz... Hope it will get better, no more cough....

(i have pressed many times of nursing call during in mid-nite, cause i cannot went to toilet my-self, samo that stupid cough kill me like hell)

Friday, December 14, 2007


Hard to accept it, am i allowed to cry out loud. ?? What wrong things that i've done? So unexpected and sudden. Can it happened to me? Come on.. Jus 20 years old.. cry~~ and i was not awared~

I have to take out a water tumour around my ovari.. next tuesday, hospital (hate it)..

i keep on vomiting.. fever lsat 2 days, i went to doctor. He used to press my stomach...

"r u pregnant?" he asked..

O.O "NNNOOO!!!~~~".. mY mom was like.. "WHAT??" SHE STILL A STUDENT HOW COME?"

Doc: "Student oso can pregnant one.. " =.=""

what lar Fuck.. "I'm still a virgin, period still coming.. ok"

He used the baby-thing to scan.. And found a big tumour around ovari.. 6cm

I was crying like hell.. "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT INSIDE MY BODY!!!!!!!"

afta settle all things, rush back take medi card and rush to hospital. That time, i really dono what to think, is it a bad or good tumour? What if it is bad? Good? CRY~ What if, i really sick, what if... CRY~~

why this kind of thing happen to me, but not kena the first prize of lottery.

Somemore, got assignments and lotsa presentation. I have to finish all first. I was yelling.. "OMG, OMG , OMG" a tumour~!!!

After seeing the doctor in hospital, he told it is not a cancer, and it is very common happen to young age girl ( I think i'll be the youngest range one). booked for the operation.. And i still scare like hell. No mood to eat, sleep, stand, walk.. Keep on thinking that there is one thing inside my body, want to get it out, but have to go through the surgery process!

Scary, scary, really spooky~~!! CRY!!!!

THE doc says he will cut big line in my stomach, cause it is quite a big tumour, "OH NO~~!" I really scare scare scare, but i have to pretend like nothing. cAuse i don't wanna see my parents crying.. Once i see them cry, I'll totally hurt for that.. I want to be strong, can I? strong strong..

really afraid for that operation..

still wonder why this kinda thing happen,,.. y~~ y~~ ???? I really afraid it will cause any bad things in my future. But the doctor already told, it will be lesser chance to get pregnant.. CRY~~!!!!

Have to get ready everything to face it!!