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Thursday, May 31, 2007

the last day!

oh yes!. finished!..haha!!...finished the whole sem...
OMG. the time runs really fast, and today is my last day for YEAR 2 SEMESTER1..hahahahahahahahahahahahha......

afta finished the exam. > u wil noe, hehe, where i lepak' ed!.

this was before the exam week. nah. too stress...
collect all the fridged- rice and fried it, and fried some heartylicious nuggets..

TADA!!!!!,... this is my.. " sweet heart fried rice"... hahahahahaha
erm, it is a bit saltly, but overall it is nice.!

nah! before that, actually i was appointed with a friend to go for a movie.. SHREK 3 in Klcc..
*cough cough.. finally ffk me.. haiz....

jus follow yeefong, me n dong xia for our lepaking trip in JAYA and DIGI mall...

before that...we went sushi again.. (really hard to decide what to eat)

pics on this nice dress..... NICE NICEY!

i look too short with this..LIKE A KID!!!!!!!!!!

neither of us buy this beautiful dress (no money), and that stupid sales person stare at us lastly..

ok... with this. we should find something for our PD trip in this coming week!.. hahaha
how about this nice costume..

both spookyzz!!.. thinking should wear this during holloween.

(when taking this pic with this costume, very high risk one you know!.. we scared the staff will come n scold us.) hahahahaha
ok..PD trip.. bought a bikini..hahahahahha
got somemore lavender flavour one!!....hahahahaha//
please guess what is this!>?????????....
bought 2 *cough cough DVDs..
revlon DIYing hair dye!..
probably during holidays very boring..
spend my time on this lar..
overall for the day,. spent..
haiz... to celebrate the overcome of the exams.... REALLY EXPENSIVE!

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My favourite songs..

i got tagged by BABYFIONA,

list down 5 of my favourite songs when i was 18 years old.. lar!!!..hahahahaha Roll

1. close to you
haha.. firstly. it is "CLOSE TO YOU" by DJ bounce.
and actually this song was heard in babyfiona's page last time.. dono when..
it is a damn cute and subfunky song.

2. Don't matter
is by akon, there are many grammar mistakes such as:
"it dont matter, nobody wanna see....." but i like it

3. where'd you go
by fort minor, with this song, i would probably memor the time that when friends or person that close to you just say good bye to you, and never come back again. It is a song to recall them..

4. friends
by RAIN, it is a fantastic great rythmic song that feat jk tiger.

5. i belong to me
by jesicca simpson. this is a very emo song and the mtv is little bit..erm..too over..haha..
but i love it.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

exam season dedication.

AKON LYRICS"Don't Matter"
Konvict Konvict
Oh Oh ooh wooe
Oooh Ooohh wooe
Nobody wanna see us together
But it don't matter no
'Cause I got you babe
Nobody wanna see us together
But it don't matter no
'Cause I got you babe'
Cause we gonna fight
Oh yes we gonna fight
Believe we gonna fight
We gonna fight
Fight for our right to love yeah
Nobody wanna see us together
But it don't matter no
'Cause I got you
Nobody wanna see us together
Nobody thought we'd last forever
I feel 'em hopin' and prayin'
Things between us gonna get better
Men steady comin' after you
Women steady comin' after me
Seem like everybody wanna go for self
And don't wanna respect boundaries
Tellin' you all those lies
Just to get on your side
But I must admit there was a couple secrets
I held insideBut just know that
I tried
To always apologize
And I'ma have you first always in my heart
To keep you satisfied
Got every right to wanna leave
Got every right to wanna go
Got every right to hit the road
And never talk to me no more
You don't even have to call
Even check for me at all
Because the way I been actin' lately
Has been off the wall
Especially toward you
Puttin' girls before you
And they watchin' everything I been doin'
Just to hurt you
Most of it just ain't you
Ain't true
And they won't show you
How much of a queen you are to me
And why I love you baby
Oh oh oh oh oh
'Cause I got you
'Cause I got youOh
'Cause I got you babe
'Cause I got you
Nobody wanna see us together
But it don't matter no
'Cause I got you babe
Nobody wanna see us together
But it don't matter no
'Cause I got you babe'
Cause we gonna fight
Oh yes we gonna fight
Believe we gonna fight
We gonna fight
Fight for our right to love yeah
Nobody wanna see us together
But it don't matter no'
Cause I got you
Nobody wanna see us together
But it don't matter no'
Cause I got you babe
Nobody wanna see us together
But it don't matter no'
Cause I got you babe'
Cause we gonna fight
Oh yes we gonna fight
Believe we gonna fight
We gonna fight
Fight for our right to love yeah
Nobody wanna see us together
But it don't matter no
'Cause I got you


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Saturday, May 26, 2007

look alike like ???????

am i look alike this???
yesterday was having a conversation with friend...>
and he said....

when i was in secondary school, two friends apprached to me in different time.
1st friend: "peipei! rupa awak macam tweety bird, hahahahahahahahahha!
2nd friend: " peipei ah! don't u know urself look like tweety bird????" =.="""

same meh?


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i dropped 30 cents!

so much sorries because lack of blogs again and again!
so busy for that exam, during exams seasons always things like this happened:

  1. hand will get wet.
  2. difficult to sleep.
  3. cant concentrate.
  4. miss the TV.


ok, let me tell something interesting that happened...happened...erm..

yes.. that day :WEDNESDAY.

I was getting a Rapid Kl bus from Uptown to Taman Bahagia LrT station. So blurred on that day, tired and have to attend my last day class in this whole sem.

After i reached the station, as normal lar, walk through the path.....



ok, this lengchai obviously also a school boy, dono whether he was going to school or back from school.

His hand was holding my dropped 3o cents..>

yes like this....>

of course lah...what i said...

spookygal: "oh.. thank you ar!!!" (situation is still blur)

then i of course continued walk lar....

he continued . talk to me......

lengchai: " is that 3o cents dropped out from your bag???..."

spookygal: "i don think so lar, i put my money in my pocket one. i think it dropped out from my pocket..!".... (then i quickly run to the lrt) cause late jor.....heeheeheee........

OK LAR.... this kind of things happened to me twice in my life....

still remember when i was working in shah alam, same things happened. I dropped dua ringgit, and one kind and generous malay guy picked it and give it back to me. (i lupa to say thank you, cause the situation was .. BLUR)..HAHA

and this time was the second time...... BOTH HAVING THE SIMILAR THING.....BLUR!..

when i was blur..easy to get things dropped from my property....hahahhaahaha

when i went home....i checked my pocket....


SEE.,... BIG HOLE!!!!!



whatever lar.... just 10,000000000000000 ten ten Qs for these two kind gentle men
......(witch not always curse people one geh!)

but but but..... u think there is so many kind people in this world.
just like yesterday, when i was out from the masjid jamek lrt....
i dono which stupid creature open my bag's zip (front one)......
niamah hui, lucky i din put any valuable things ther....
witch curse that stupid creature!

yummy! this is my favourite, since standard 2......
love to eat! love to eat..
i bought this in Jusco, RM9.90 per packet (not cheap) but hou hou mei!

saseme with cheese, wasabi seaweed with cheese, almond with cheese.....

hou hou mei ah!!!!!

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

daddyzz dayzz special!!!!

the most suitable movie to watch during father's day. (spookygace)





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Saturday, May 19, 2007

spooky polarism! happy+sad

nah! now the time is!!.. 1.20 am.
still wonder why i'm so "profession" on blogging.

now my feelings is really damn sad..cause cause...cause....
Melinda doolittle can't make it to the FINALE..* sorb sorb..Tears
She has been being a super inspirator, she is my star!.
However, she is still wonderfull... Love ya!!!!...

I just watched "New York Minutes" starring by the Olsen twin sis!..
it is damn funny then... it is one of my favourite list of movies..!!haha
Since when the super rock star becomes a Dr .. Dr Avril Lavigne-Stein..hahahha

what is the meaning of economy?do you dare give an answer like this during your examination?
if i not mistaken.
eco= environment.

Do you damn dare to give a speech like this, when on you school's hall's stage, erm..standind infront of all your professor!

Dr Avril Lavigne-Stein is my inspiration, because she says:

Dr Avril Lavigne-Stein had said this:
"Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?
I see the way you're acting like you're somebody else gets me frustrated
Life's like this youAnd
you fall and
you crawl and
you breakand
you take what you get and
you turn it into honestyand promise me
I'm never gonna find you fake it"

yeah, should think about it, for giving a speech like this.....


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currently listening to EVANESCENSE-call me when you are sober!


Friday, May 18, 2007

wana see the highest boundary level???...haha!!

nah!..jus forget whatever unhappy things, and start to laugh now..!
well i jus very interested in these "highest level" damn terror pictures.
wanna see the 50s " lengluis singing group"..very femes one..
if you wanted to visit this house, please knock the door using..>
"door bell not functioning, knock the door as loud as possible"
if you wanted to take a good perfect quality photo,
take photos by this..erm..> haha!..
the most damn nice handbag ever!

who wants wedding like this??huh??
you think you gonna buy from this sales person??
wana watch: kiss+acrobat!
if one day, the price of car petrol suddenly increase untill the level that you cannot effort, and you have to take..erm...public transport!
wow!!F1.. damn beautiful model!

hey!mosquito! if u still wana kacau me....
nah! deserve this!!!..ah!cha!!
the most intelligent businesssman ever !!!!..
hey! mummies, if one day, you decided to go out, and let your husband to take care of your little baby! know what will he do?????.....erm.....geng
the most fantastic picnic ever!

wow!!!.. I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!!!
the most easiest way to walk you dog!.. maybe i should try it too!..haha
i still dont know why?.. human think: "jog everyday make your health better"
which company is having their AGM here???
milk!!! i wan milk!!!!

sharpen your pencil; make it artificial!
is this the new fashion of blanket?
photocopy= illegal..
all they think is only one word :"EAT"
me n the rabbit gal deciding how we gonna have bbq in our PD trip!..
"you dare to eat?"

couple of affair! place it???

the cat feels better this!
great staricase ever!
rather waiting for the bomba...this dog is helping to put off the fire!.. are still the man best friend...i lov u ..muak!

when u drive yourself into MID VALLEY!.. you maybe will park your car! this..
erm...dono how they meassure the parking tickets?

nice nice nice shoe ever!!!!!

if one day! lack of...
you use this!
hey man!! u listened?

human!... make sure your hands and legs are functioning


great sport ever!

new model?