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Saturday, April 26, 2008


I really did not expect that the GOOD BYE THAT i talk to you will really became a good bye for your gone.

i really miss you Lilly, hoping you will appear into my dream. And, tell me how happy are you now and how happy that you see Ong Lai and play with him.

Telling me how you miss Oscar as well, wishing we will get together one day. Wishing yourself not to be so suffer of your heart disease. I have done to my exhaution to cry on you, pLEASE give me some hint to tell me that you are better now..

Hope you live Happily in your paradise.

Love can bring us together one day, I believe you u, and I believe in myself.

may be we can meet one day, may be you will come back to my side..

BYE Lilly..

Monday, April 14, 2008

LOU MOU, you are too underestimate me..

I don't think without my involvement, you and your siblings can well gossip about me. And I don't think the culture that you practising can definitely affect me and we the Leo's. I don't think being to be keeping quite you got a chance to talk more. Don't highly expect that you yourself and you siblings are so well in influencing. Not me, Not Voon Hoe, Not papa.

I can do whatever to stand on my side to protect my families, sorry, not yours. I am not a good person to your family. Don't ever think now, that your single words can influence me. I never listen to you, and, because I am educated to being able to control not too-easy-to-get-influence.

Don't ever think you can find such benefits that belongs to Leo's. You think it is jus a lunch or dinner that we can be happy with. You think, you are just borrow few hundreds or one thousand. You think all those are hell money though? Don't ever make money to be so funny. Its not. You just keep spending on your families, but, please be specific. We are not willing as you. We are not willing to share this complication. And, importantly, be realistic.

If papa did not raise this up, I think he is the moron till now still be. If I never talk to him, he thinks I am the one who play fool. Point, lending money to your siblings to do business? Huh? what about black and white statement. I don't think nowadays I should be such truthful to your siblings.

Where is Black and White?

You think it is just few hundred huh? It is the money that papa keep it by working with his blood! He planned to retire with it, or, spending my education and Voon Hoe's education! What about your children??? STUPID MORON MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

your two kids no money no car!!! Having full of problems to pay fees and expenditure, problems of having just a lunch! You willing to spend such much money to your brothers' business, keep on investing into it with nothing, giving all your cars to your siblings. Just to show off!!!!!!!!!!!

The worst is lending money without any black and white to your siblings? You never thought of you or papa might die one day? WHAT If they not gonna return it? The Sepang's house is still under your brother's name? When to strike it, when to replace it???

Don't simply voice to others that your "lou gong hou yau loi" !! It consists blood, and you this wicked woman asking for more and more! He wants to do what is his business ! Don't simply ask him to take out some cash just to borrow your all brothers. Just I don't believe and trust your brothers and don't trust you too.

I know that even me n bratha sleeping on the street without food, you are still caring your brothers too, and even your nephews. You yourself borrow money to them is none-of-our business, don't dare to involve us~!

You think people are only show respectation by just calling "uncles and aunties"? "Good morning or Good afternoon?" Sorry, I don't practise this at all. Please show your respectation during you are actioning. It is just hatious. Show your respectation to "we" too.. and yourself, it is just disgracing.

what if someone calls me : "jie jie! ! Good morning" afterthat, does it means he/she can simply open up my fridge to eat my ice-cream? Golek over my bed? switch On my computer which is too personal to me? play my piano with your dirty,smelly,wet fingers? It is not what I practise Sorry!

I know you are regreting just because I know a lot...

I think I am not having many fails though**

sorry for being so outdate.. quite a bit of sorrow when i saw my status besides there.. (Avoid to see it).

Yesterday I dreamt a lot of mice and rats around my here. They are gathered, all grey in colour. One of it hanging itself on the stick that I use to hang my clothes last time. All so cohesive, they are like waiting for something. Then.

I dreamt my house's window has opened not very wide, when I aware of it, i quickly close it. So prompt. Haha.. that's lucky, they unable to go in ..

I jus dreamt a lot of them gathering, just like having their party, going elsewhere, anywhere through the drain. But, I don't think they are dirty, they are quite clean. I dreamt then, I ride on a car, may be I am driving or not? But I remember the car moved, but, only me myself in the car, and I sitting on the driver sit. Just assume that I drive. I drive very fast, ..

All rats chasing over my car, I kept running though.. with my car .. tHEY ARE chasing.. many of them..

OK, I think the dream ends here, I continue to dream another person, I think I already long time no meet. He is my brother's "kai jie fu". Still remember he is an insurance agent. Ok, I have no point why I dream it. ... .. .. .. Saw many people around there, my mother ask me to call someone..

I saw the insurance agent with a "dou san " hairstyle sitting on a big chair. I am ordered to call him "Mr. CEO"..



when I came to explain about the rats thing..

It has implication of:

Dreaming many rats at once or around you meaning you could face a lot+many times of failures. And, you should prepare to face it though...

However, I think I'm not.

Lets continue it during my breaktime. Having class now..

Happy blogging and assignmenting.