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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

the horrifying .. this thursday...

yup, the exam..very sooon..

I am now damn nervous for that overall thingy. Keep on practise and train myself in that stupid sight reading mailto:..@#$%!!! viewed back my last grade and look at those comments... not so good..
even that's not-so-good, in the last grade... and now, I have to be the survivor! ggrrr!!..

St. guan yin maria ah ma, allah, jesus! all come out (don't have a particular believing person) , @#$%^& .... boost my confidence ok! I dowan to die in that Yamaha piano!!! namo..namo....pass pass pass..pass..pass....pass...

still very dam sam ... nervous, freakin, I want to CRY! .. tat's my birthday, Why I have to suffer... Cry Baby having freaking exam on my birthday....sob sob

Don't know whether that day got luck O not.. I want a more easy job in sight reading and aural test.. ! That day is my birthday, good luck??!! hope to get a a bit cincai examiner, please lar, already grade 8, last stage already.... close one eye lar...kekeke!

You dream ler... that ABRSM, getting more and more difficult already, the standard is much more higher than 10 years ago, even my mom's friend's daughter was sitting for grade 4 also can fail... sigh.. that's really high standard... I thought that time was only above grade 6 candidates will face difficulties... sigh again...


Piano Man
have to show some lansee face then....

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The killer is banned!

Yeah, this is JJ lin jun jia "sha shou" (killer, the song name), MTV. And I read in the news that this MTV has banned, due to some very terifying and bloody act in this. And, yes it banned. I don't think its only in Malaysia....

So, the curious spookygirl found is very interesting in this MV, and see how terifying and how bloody it is... go see in youtube then....


I was so excited, and stared at it without blinking my eyes... HOWEVER, I also can't see anything very SPECIAL of it... qie! Is there any other reasons for them to banned this, is there anypoint?? And it doesn't make sense at all ... LOR.. I think.

It is only some part of, "JJ playing piano, dance, and act with the girl in the MV. and finally JJ killed the girl, and chopped it into part, and put it into a kind of picture on the wall. I don't see anything so terrifying, not so bloody too...

And I don't think it will be how very many horror is that..... Can't people treat it as a piece of art work? can ?can?

Eventhough nowadays, a 3-4 year-old kids watch those scary and terrifying movies with parents also, like. "THE HILL HAVE EYES, PART I, II".. and some scaring Japanese and Korean ghost stories. Kids also like to watch it too, because what they thought, all these kind of movies are fake one, not real life one, So, they treat it as art work that produced by the director and acting people....

Even kids understand what is real and what is fake one, can't those people think more wisely. cause this is a civilised world and people get more and more educated one. I don't think if one horror movie gonna be on screen, and has a lot of terrifying shots, like chopped legs, hands, and head... Is there any point for you to cut out all those thriller or terrifying parts and only remain the "pure" one, how the audience think for the overall movie, what do they think? So, you cut out all things, "PEOPLE SEE WHAT?".. and it will become like... "GHOST STORY NO GHOST".. because the ghost very scarying, and all got ghost-part cut out!... =.="" (no point man)

can't people be more civilised and treat these are ART! harlo! ART!!!!....

And for this MTV, JJ killed the girl and chopped it with a little small knife (i watched)..

what? small knife can able to chop down a HEAD??!!!!!..... bluff people one lar...but with the combination of the song "killer".. this is the main thing that have to tell the audience, no point that you come and one whole MTV only have dance, people singing... this is "KILLER".. so must show some "kill" thingy..lar....

like they banned this MTV, what's the point if JJ sing it without MTV? mostly, popular songs all got their own MTV rite? so it will be more attracting, you hear the song while watching the story what's the song mean.....

sigh.... =.="""

apa maciam.....tsk tsk tsk...

Friday, July 27, 2007

No bring me Down!

struggle one whole midnight and totally think maybe my parents owe me before and now is their pay-back time. (great imagination), There is no point that they can even blame me that I have had used their money, so if like that, Why you guys give birth on me then.

What all you know is just "I had spent their money a lot".. which because I go to private college, and totally idiotly listen whatever thing that your stupid friend tell you. But, what I tell you are always wrong, what you friends tell you are always right. And your replies are always..


I think this is not only happened to me, I think all kids experienced this before that when their parents lose in the "children-parent-debate-game", and parents finally do not know still have what point to talk..they will always say..

"you have to listen to parents, because we eat salt more than you eat rice, so, parent's decision is always right, so you just have to follow what I say, and this is for your own good!!!"

Harlo! I thought the world now is developing and going to be more democratic, although the world is changing, the parents now are still very in the old fashion century....TELL YOU WHAT!!!


What I have to say is, parents are not always right, they should listen to young kids nowadays, although you are a bit more experience, and please don't ever give nonsense reason+excuse like "eat salt more than you eat rice"..! Aunties Uncles! that one OUT already liao, think a new one can?! Nowadays, doesn't mean you got a lot of experience means good, and without experience one very green... But those greenhorn's ideas are more dedicatable than you experience-human-being...!

There is no point that you give birth to a person because of they are cute, and like babies very much, but not thinking their future and neither bother them nor educate them. The worst thing is never listen to what their kids say, only got-they-say! We all human being got thinking and feeling one ok! not your puppet!

And you think the whole world's children are so obedient? Nowadays, children are more wiser than you old people. And i totally do not think what my parents think for me is always good for me....


I had wasted around two nights without sleep just to write a stupid report in bahasa in order to sue a feller who cheated our family in court, just because my mom doesn't know bahasa well! Harlo! In this case, who contribute one??? you think I can do this because of you lar..? because of you pay for my tuition and school fees in my lifetime is it?so I DESERVED to do this lar...... you also pay a lot in your son lor (my brother), why can't he do this report for you, must depend on me one meh??!! (this is totally based on my effort on study)


and everytime some mail letters that you don't know what it says, who help you read one, and translate for you, and who explain and explain to you how to connect internet to check out you 4D number. ! when my parents facing problem like that, they also need my help what! You parents, eat so many salt and so experienced and so clever, then, do it yourself lar!..


Somemore, who came out the idea and the thecnique to open the room door that suddenly locked, and we can't find any keys to open it, who contribute the idea one?? who??!!!! who come out such idea of using hammer to open the door!?? and you finally asked me somemore where I learn this technique... I can tell you "I LEARN IT FROM TV PROGRAMME ONE"... and what you are telling me everyday is.. "WATCH TV NO GOOD ONE..and PROHIBITED to watch it." eat salt lar,.... eat salt lar....!!!!... If I no watched the programme, I think you will spend one whole week to open that freakin' door.

So, I definitely will not quit! Just avoid them! and spend their money, definitely not care, and won't pity them anymore! What they ask me to help them, read letters, write things for them, ask me to translate things... I won't go and pandai pandai do something extra for them.... If they ask me... I will just say...

"Oh sorry!, I am stupid, what I am learning now for my future is only to be a CLERK! you know a clerk, clerk only knows how to type whatever you say only, they probably don't know how to write reports, do translate things, and somemore help you to fix the door, so sorry.If you want help, you can ask those who are studying for doctors, and engineering one.. I am Just A Clerk!"

And I will definitely won't quit my piano now! I will train myself become spirit-fingers during the exam. And at the same time, study what you call CLERK!....

like this guy.......>

(he is reading sejarah text-book while playing piano..)


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Isn't that mean I am NOTHING!??

This may become a superb long post regarding on the mood that I am going to type "how-long" post on here. Had a quarell today with my papa , and because of his oldies fashion and traditional thinking, and he was trying to blame and disagree me that " I always think the opinion and suggestions came out from me are always right" . But, how about he is such stubborn person too, I have my own right and authority to refuse to follow his LAWS.

He blamed everything on me because I spent a lot from his pocket since the day I born??!!! Shock 3.and much much thank you to his friend that gave him such useful opinions. My papa probably is a "don't-know-anything" person. He doesn't know how good about those private colleges and how good are those local unis. He just listened whatever things that his stupid friend told him, and blame it all to my fault, because of .."me choosing those expensive college to study and why not enroll form 6 and squez into that local uni". WHAT???

I really wanna have a special and super thanks to that "fun-cheong'' that told my father those stupid things. That "fun-cheong" told my father by this way....

"No need care about those kids lar... study so good for what, just ask them go form 6, then go local universities, if cannot get, just ask them to work lar.. ! why must go to college?? You see all my kids, all went to form 6 one, then all can get through universities.
(yala, probably can't get the preferable course but those stupid courses such as pertanian,perikanan, pemakanan..those course, then send them to far far like terrenganu, sabah and sarawak.. and the stupid expenses for rental are much more higher than the tuition fees, than like this call GOOD) My daughter study account, then boys study engineering,then bla..blabla...."

then he asked my father how about me and my brother....

my father replied.." my daughter studying in college and she said she studys that kind of admin and business things.. and the son is studying in monfort.."

fun-cheong : "WHAT?college?, don't spend so much money on those college lar, like my kids , u see! All entered local universities one, all also cheap. Go college or universities also same one, also recognised by the government, spend so much money for what?... Then study admin ah? which means CLERK lah... (WHAT THE FUCK! CLERK?) ..."

fun-cheong: "ur son in monfort ah? Monfort Good ah! (he can't explain how good it is..and jus keep on saying GOOD AH....GOOD AH....).." and Because my father expressed how-good it is on his face.

I totally disagree by the way he said that what I am studying now meaning CLERK? !!!!!!! you mean what I have studied, those researches, surveys, case studies, heavy and hectic assigmenting life, paper work, think-tank, brain storms, business environment, cultures, and those stages-by-stages exams, Cgpa, finally means CLERK? Is that what International Business admin means?

HARLO UNCLE! Why don't you ask your CLEVER kids to explain to you about those universities courses. So, what you mean is, people who are studying for admin course will always only remain and qualified to be a clerk, and those study for doctor, pharmacist, engineering kinda people will get over those CLERKs and consider very clever lar . what a kind of INSULTING and Looking down people!!!! WTF.... And since, you are that kinda dictoriate person, hopefully your KIDSS (can imagine that kind of pampered one) are not suffered and tortured by you, and I can clearly see that you force your kid into that they-don't-like study environment. So, pity your kids, and hopefully they won't take revenge on you.

I totally think that your kids are so suffer and unhappy when they have to study in those local uni. OK! I myself is not that kind of "like-local" uni person, based on some factors. Because, I probably think in private colleges will get lesser malays, and I wanted to change my enviroment from form 5 (bahasa educated), and to college (english educated). Yes, I refused to speak malay, and I want a new environment. Chinese are so minority in those local universities, and I don't think the environment is better than I am having now, somemore have to waste 2 years in that freakin form6.

For instance, How many students in your class? How is the lecturer (in local uni probalby will be malay with a heavy malay slang english), I think indian slang english is much more better (my college). How many students are really tend to study? (please do not think college student will only know how to lepak in starbucks, I am 100% not that kinda person) .. I just wanna get rid from Government, local, and made-in-malaysia cerificate.. I definitely think the cert that I am going to getting now is much more worth than the local one...

This stupid "fun-cheong" uncle is a long-no-meet friend of my father, they met each other and started to talk apek's nonsense like "how-well-are-your-kids-".. He is also a kind of uncle grade that same as my father age, having a motor shop or some kind of repair-car-shop somewhere else in puchong or taman sea, if I am not mistaken. (I hv forgotten what my papa told me). and Hiring those freshies who come out from Monfort Boys Town (what they say is graduate.. Cross Eyed ), pay low low wage rate to them and work for his motor repair shop. And that's why he kept on saying Monfort very GOOD.... .. If I'm not mistaken, he has two male and one female kids, as I mentioned just now, all went to local universities, and all VERY CHEAP.

I don't know his name and I forgot about it, If I noe, I will 100% say it here with his registered company name, better with his photos too.

And he finally don't know made what things on my father, and my papa pointed at me and say "BECAUSE OF YOUR FAULT, I HAVE TO PAY SO MUCH", when I was doing my year one, and probably had no choice reverse back to study form 6?!!!!! (I really hate form 6, it is sooooo loCAl...and it is all bahasa, hate it)

And before that, papa already promised and tell me I can go to private college on the day of finish-spm-day, "I HAVE ASKED YOU FOR THE PERMISSION TO ENROLL PRIVATE COLLEGE!!!!! AND YOU HAVE PROMISED!!! and because of your friend told you those stupid opinions and you blame all the FAULT on me. So! what do you wish me to say right now!??


And hopefully quit my piano lesson together (simply go for the exam), I don't want to hear nonsense like.." YOU PLAY SO WELL FOR WHAT? YOU WON'T DO ANYTHING AFTER YOU FINISHED GRADE 8 ONE LAR..NO NEED PLAY LAR...I OSO REGRET TO LET YOU LEARN PIANO..."
(how do you know I won't get one job on it!?)


What kind of lousy friend he got!!!!!????

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Answer this tag by Kev!

I'm tagged by kev, and whoever doing this meme will actually contributing RM127 to an orphanage.. kaka!

1. A person is only as good as ................................... the way he or she treats old people.
2. Friendship is always .............................................. relating to true heart.
3. To love is to............................................................. slap or bit, cause my parents everytime bit me oso will say because they love me.
4. Money makes me................................................... knowing the reality of world!
5. I miss ...................................................................... my opportunity to buy a musical instrument when I was in Suzhou (I always remember that)
6. My way of saying I care is by ............................. I bit you (my mom says one).
7. I try to spread love and happiness by................ blogging lor....?
8. Pick the flowers when..................................... it looks charming.
9. To love someone is to....................................bit you and slap you 打者爱也!
10. Beauty is .................................... finally married to beast.
11. When I was thirteen, what I remember the most I got the highest marks for math and english in the class. (still thinking that's miracle, kaka)
12. When I was twenty one, I remember (not yet lar).
13. I am most happy when ................................... I got money to spend!
14. Nothing makes me happier than ...................... watching Jacky wu's show!
15. If I can change one thing, I will change........... my life to be more richer.
16. If smiles were stopped then I started to cry.
17. Wouldn't it be nice if we could............................ be with the people you love (cause can always slap).
18. If you want to die then just go for the one year once FI tour.
19. Money is not everything but............................. without money I'm nothing.
20. The most touching moments I have experienced is.................. when I feel people touch me lor.
21. I smile when................................................... camera focusing on me.
22. When I am happy, I...................................... will jump on a new bought sofa.
23. If only I don't have to work , then I got no money.
24. The best thing I did yesterday was........................... showing the right direction to Eastin Hotel.
25. If I ever write a book, I will give it this title,"how to speak vulgar words in a polite way"
26. One thing I must do before I die some "hell-bank" money.
27. Doing this meme, I feel like ............can donate by just typing ( no need money) good lar.

please be volunteer to do this tag, you donate!

Monday, July 23, 2007

where i go???

Niether online nor blog for these two weekend days, and wonder where this creepy spookygal went to? I did not go anywhere larrr...... and I were sticking at home and staring at my computer though. MODEM SPOILT ALREADY....AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Please Don't expect to use your technology devices forever in life and don't expect it will be last forever. All tech's thingy have short life *sorb sorb..For example, you bought a cell phone in 15 year old, will you use it untill 40 year old? will it last (tahan) ?? technology things are all like that, hopeless! hate it!

Damn angry and "fat mang zang" when was looking at my both modem and router (they are seperated), the moden's LAN was not functioning, and it shows error to the connection of LAN. and I started to smsed to those friends who know IT things much better than me. I AM A STUPID WHEN REFFERING TO THOSE HIGH TECH DEVICES, ALL I KNOW IS ONLY SWITCH ON AND ONLINE. when something wrong to my computer, how? "MAD LAR....

when there is no any alternative ways, or the last resort! *cough cough, you will probable call the most efficient and effective-EST business in Malaysia...> streamyx! -,-"" and what they will say will be ," try to unplug your line, then plug it back, then if not, replug it, and plug another time or try to plug more few times, then restart your computer after 10 minutes, if not, plug it and unplug it then replug it and restart it, and make sure all the lines are plugged.....if not you can try to call back to us"

HARLO! you want me to plug it how many times, plug it then unplug it, before I call you I already do this routine oso dono how many times already, if continue plug, I really "SOT-PLUG" I tell you!... you still want me "try-to" call you back kah?! tIu...!!

After two days staring at that spoiltED modem, I brought it with the router to the clinic in Jusco tmn equine (drive five minutes from my house). I brought it with router cause I scared there would be some setting something thingy to do when setting both router and modem. Please don't expect a stupid girl like me buy a new modem then set it at house by my own, I am not talented on this kind of thing, I'm a "computer bak-qi". The most safest way is to bring along both devices. wahahahaha!

After arrived there, asked the staff with my pity face, "can you repair my modem for me?" staff," configurate it can lar, we don't repair one lar." =.="""".... and finally found out my modem's LAN port rosak already! have to buy a new one then, so how? BUy lor. I really use my own pocket money.

this is my new bought modem lar then.....

and I paid by myself RM170.00..hopefully can be claimed one. have to claim it back....And don't tell me that I bought an expensive one,I know it is super expensive for a modem. I just thinking if anything happened just take 5 minutes to jusco to repair. I think it worth ....

Don't expect me buy a new tech devices back home and let me set it by myself, I will totally dono what to do on it. and lucky I got bring along my router for him to set it up. waha!

and during the set up thing, the staff found out that, "YOUR ROUTER OSO ROSAK".what???!!! I just repaired it last month and now rosak again! and he told me that if kena lightning, both devices will oso kena one..."ShIt!!"
BUT during the lightning and loud loud thunder storm, I really did not switch on my computer, how come will hit by it! I off it, but I don't pull the plug out lor..
after my father heard that it was hit by the lightning storm, scolded me 9 9, and keep on saying, "see lar, spend so expensive to buy a new one, asked you everytime use anything oso have to pull the plug out one....blablabla..."
I really bought a new modem with a lesson .....I will pull it out after used...
my router is still in the clinic, hope it will be healed before my bratha come home. Hope everything will be find, and nothing shows "disconnect" in my pc, .. cause! I really dowanna call Streamyx....!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

what does august 2nd means?


你是溫和的人,凡事都會注重和諧感,喜歡和諧的生活 (not really true),尤其在人際關係上喜歡和人搭配合作的感覺。你富有團隊的精神,喜歡跟好朋友一起完成一些事 (can be real),並且不會刻意凸顯自我,也不會跟人爭,是個受歡迎的人。  

在生活上,你希望有個伴侶,因此很注重婚姻和家庭 (definitely wrong, and disagree)會與家人親切的相處 (it can be real),主動照顧家人,用心經營一個穩定美滿的家庭,因此你如果從事服務業會很適合喔! 
感情方面,往往會有理想與現實不一致的狀況發生 (definitely correct *bingo),比如你想與青梅竹馬的女孩結婚,心裡暗下決定如果不能如願,就抱定獨身主義 (agree, correct, true absolutely what I think),結果卻與另外一位意想不到的女生結婚,雖然你的老婆真的很賢慧,家庭美滿,但是你對於自己的那位理想情人,卻頗難忘懷。  

你的生命目標是與大家一起分享心情,分享快樂,由於你天生比較活潑開朗,活躍又喜歡嘗試新鮮的事物( it is true if I am rich and got money, keke),並且很重視情感的表達,一看就知道你是個快樂型的人,而你的快樂通常會建築在生活穩定和富裕當中 (I think majority human being would be same)。你的另一個與生俱來的特質,就是矛盾 (I admit sometimes I will act 2 ways),一方面想要獲得人們的尊重,但又會感到害怕,因此而產生矛盾情結,就像是有時你會表現出低調被動的態度,有時又採取咄咄逼人的氣勢,提醒你這種內在的衡突與矛盾情結,平常要多多注意!  

你的個性特徵是隨和,生活喜歡輕鬆以對,而對每一個朋友的態度都差不多,都能夠相處很好。你覺得人與人之間的問題,縱使真的出差錯了,也不會是什麼大問題,何必煩惱太多?比較擔心的是事業能不能穩定,自己能不能賺多一點錢 (correct! this is only my target in my life, *ngam ngam) ,生活會不會過好一點,你比較會想這寫實際的問題,並且想要努力去解決這些問題,提醒你要時時記住自己立下的目標 (always) ,努力尋得正當的賺錢管道,並且擺脫那些下意識的恐懼。  

你的優點是反應靈敏 (very "zhun" ! agree agree! hahaha),面對不同人都可以輕鬆地說話,交流意見,所以你很適合從事買賣業、服務業,或跟人群有關的商業活動 (sometimes these kind of jobs would not be easy)
你的缺點是想的不夠多(disagree, I always think a lot),由於你的反應太快,不願意一步步切實執行那些瑣碎而必要的程序,野心往往會超越了紀律 (yes, agree),會有尚未走穩就想要飛的毛病,常常是搞不清楚事情嚴重性的人。
你的人生運勢是有不錯的物質生活,雖然不見得會非常富有,但一定有某些水準以上,但因為你個性上想的比較周到,如果工作過度,在面對各種社會競爭時,往往會因為分心而忽略一些生活規律,造成身體受傷或過勞等問題 (its true),建議你要避免高風險的動作。  

在物質生活上雖然不錯,但並不見得可以找到親密伴侶,或者會與另一半的關係出問題,比如陷入權力鬥爭當中,除非年紀相差多一點,否則很難維持一段長遠的關係。你的快樂在於有錢花就可以了 ( I will be happy if I am rich for one day, but I am not that kind of person who likes spend spend spen "I'M NOT A BIG SPENDER),花了以後再賺,千金散盡還復來,這是會讓你覺得很快樂的事情。  

你的天賦潛能是能夠輕輕鬆鬆的面對生活中的一切,可以說是個懂得生活的人。你擁有一些特殊的興趣和才藝 (YES) ,也有很特殊的金錢觀,你認為金錢是生命中的一個重要指標 (absolutely what I think),有的人會白手起家去擁有它,也有人本來就很富有,必需要懂得善用所擁有的金錢與影響力。


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Faast foood>mc :D

Since I never stepped out from my house for nearly 2 months (this shows I'm a guai guai lui ok, never go out gai gai at night and day and not simply spend money).

It seems I'm an obedient girl to my parents in such way (no go out BECAUSE NO CAR NO TRANSPORT AND NO MONEY).


Spookypapa: "why you today sleep untill so late (woke up at 2 pm), I thought bringing the two feller (oscar and Lilly) go see doctor (medical check-up).

Spookygal: "Aiya! you oso no tell me yesterday, if u tell me I sure wake up early one (5 minutes earlier)"

In addition... thinking of got-chance-go-out (stepped out from my house), I (ichi) wanna spend some money, but....On what leh?

Spookygal: "papa! afterward, we all finish see doctor, I wanna go buy Mc Donald eat, you stopped for me ah!"

Spookypapa:"..........(means ok)" Teethy

I had long long time (look like decades ago) no eat fast food, I am addicted to it, I sure-must-have to eat NOW! even my grandpa cooked for dinner. "sui lui pao"

then I found a new product (for me lar, being a kampung gal for 2 months).
Its shake fries with new type of flavour.....

Its seaweed flavour, with a large fries I ordered.

Put the seaweed powder into the fries..

Shake it 9 9, French Fries 2 as kuat as possible..hahaha!

And tasted it finally..

erm.... it ain't tooo bad and ain't sooo delicious. I only can taste strong AJINAMOTO and less seaweed taste, and the powder tasted like the MAMEE'S powder that we used to eat when we were YOUNG..hehehe...

eventually, FAT!

my advice: "fast food is bad for health."

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My visitor increased!

I posted the post on Sunday midnight and see my visitors on Monday! WOW!

click on the graph to enlarge!

I no bluff people one, once I posted something related to my college life, sure my visitors will increase, and the returning visitors also increased ....... dono why???
And today, the visitor dropped to 5!! .... dammmnn geng oni hor....
Dono why?
I noe!..
Keep tracking ya !

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Next stage year 2 sem 1 completed...

I had have so much feelings and thoughts for this semester. Just because it is totally different, different and majority different. Not those modules I mean. But the people organisation, huge fomal+informal group in our class. Cause it would be a combination of DCA to year 2 and Year 1 to Year 2 and getting more number of students. lets check it out...

During the MCH presentation, actually we did not misuse our time on any other thingy but cam whore.

Still remember that I called all the class members in Year 1 the V*P of year one.. haha..check it out..> v*p haizz.. miss it soo much!

I was wrong when I was in Year 1, please forgive me Year 1, cause I tought it was a suffering moment, however, in year 2, i Think untill year 3, WILL be much much much more more worst than that! SAD!

Dong xia was in my V*P list too.. wonder what I called her already. She was still busying looking at her assignment with sexy pose. I think I'm a good photographer..hehe, a professional indeed! wahahahaha!!!.. If u are in the Paparaziiee agency, need to hire paparazy photo shooter???? heeheee
Reality On The Blink Again

I don think I will call v*P for the sem 1 year 2.... friendss..

Dong xia desu! Knew her from year 1 till now! we are still very close deee...

Rabbit is in VIP! she is close to dong xia+me! cause we are the UNITY! If someone persists that we should differentiate and distinguish into dca and year 1 categories, I had have no choice on that! bleah!

Me n thila! fRom year 1 till now! She was the only bollywood gal in Year 1, and she seems isn't lonely when she comes to year 2..

tankai n me... he is in the V*P list too..,,one word..> FUNNY!

these two people will be very funny sometimes..kekekeke...

Yeeting from DCA. Ok, that's another category.

Sam from DCA too. I look very weird in this photo, my eye! gggrrr!

He is partial year 1, should it be into another Category though... > penghun
Blur picture!

he likes laugai one.....>Image Hosted by ImageShack.uslike a kid!
but he always say that he is very yau ying.......>Image Hosted by

I only got one reply for him.........>Image Hosted by ImageShack.ussampat lar u...

(when u see this, don't laugai ler..kekeke)

knew him since foundation, INTO ANOTHER CATEGORY THEN?
mohammad looks like so..woody! hehehehe

this is our class of yer 2 sem1....... got more and more number of students coming in.

When you call ...> friend or friends. meaning, treat you with true heart (innocently) and you lastly say, " NO! YOU ARE NOT IN OUR GANG, SO YOU ARE NOT MY FRIEND!"



discrim lar then...bleah!

will you sooooo "clearly counted" that who from ABC and Who from XYZ. and completed catogories with an organisation chart !

You thought I wanna borrow money for you ah! blah lar..


haizzz! no idea ! (see my wrinkle all come out already) waha!

Evertime I write those stuffs about Year 2 Sem1, for instance, like the "MCH presentation", and some others college life stuffy, My visitors will SUDDENLY increase ! much+many! and keep on repeat viewing somemore.!

(you think I dono who viewed this blog is it, you got left your IP and your location link one, and I know WHO ARE YOU OK!)

I hope to gain more visitors now, and HAVE TO, post something like this to GAIN YOU!

oOoppsss! forgotten to say thank you for you guys who only PURPOSELY come to some PARTICULAR post only and read it (last time)! and welcome tooOo!

I think you need not purposely to view my blog, because I will post more stuff like this SO INTERESTING AND ATTRACTING...> such as talking other people bad things...bla bla bla! kekekeke!

(I do not pin-point who and who,blabla, if you think this post is implying that you are the ONE, meaning YOU ARE).. because you got "kena shit" and yourself know ler.... " san yau xi"
witch laugh...heheeheeeheeeheeeeeeee! Witch

tHOUGt post............nah, my visitor got increase jor mou???????????? People Watching

Evening after rain!

War come..war come..

haha.. Not war, its only firecrackers and some fire works nearby my house (I think they got the lisence). I think they are having some event nearby Bukit Jalil so I can hear that. What function having ah? I have almost one month did not go out (step out) my house and have no idea what's goinf out outside world. haha. heehee

after a long raining day (whole afternoon). It stopped in the evening nearby 7 pm. I found one scence that catches my nerve again..

Look at the colour of sun set. It looks like aurora.. damn beauty-FULL.

The lamp (nearby my house) also very charm in the evening after rain.

flowers under lamp light.. (looks like sun shine)

nice vieww!

The lamp post looks very innocent, alone, pity with my pagar..keke...

With the amzing beautifull scene, spookypapa acompany it with his little mini concert. He was so enjoying of what he sings..hahaha! (can't see his face). Can't post his face in my blog. he will slap me..hahahaha!

So who are the audience for his mini concert. (not me ok). But the 2 monsters!


mandarin: 对狗弹琴 "dui gou tan qin"

cantonese: doi gau tan kam...


(these two feller keep on running here and there when I was snapping pictures) Very Angry