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Friday, August 31, 2007

Spookygrace Go yEllOw ????

This is a volunteer-y tag, to do it, to show it, we are actually care about Malaysia. In Malaysia, yellow is meant to the Royalty in our country, so, in order to SHOW, we must wear yellow...


1. Post one or more photo/s of yourself in yellow. Face may be censored/blocked if you do not wish to reveal your identity on your blog.
2. Anyone whos a Malaysian and gives a shit should do this tag. Its simple yet packs a punch.
3. Add your own name and blog to the list at the end of your post.
4. Post a comment at the blog that you have got the tag from to notify them that youve done the tag.
5. End.

Lets start the trend with YELLOW-YELLOW

The most trouble thing is, I really can't find my pikachu T, don't know where has it gone. Normally, I don't wear yellow shirt, cause I'm not a promoter to DIGI.. =.=""" nor to any company though...

So, I really like to see some yellow here.. I painted REMY from Ratatouille into PIKACHU colour. Nice? Charm? The rat also part of the country, and it loves our country tOo...

The dog toy from Toy-Story also comes out. To spread the love to our country.. Cause it is just simply yellow....

I really can't get any yellow Ts, other than wearing yellowish costume, I chose to get my face into yellow. Fair? erm... My friend told me, my face sometimes really looks like Tweety, So, seeing tweety's face is similar seeing my face. It is Yellow.....

I somemore got one Yellow song for you.....>


Few years Back..

These are the memories of few years back. *cough cough only few years ok..

Last time (few years back), there were no Avril Lavigne nor Michelle Branch nor kelly clarkson.. What I have listened too then? I was crazy, super lovin Britney Spears that time, and Christina. And my favourite song of course will be the Titanic OST, and I loved Leonardo Dicaprio (don't laugh ar) and what I everyday thinking will be the romantic Titanic that time.

Besides that, I super crazy into the Backstreet boys (backside boys) and Nsynce AND Westlife. Still remember last time there was one boy band name O-TOWN, AND another one name Plus One.. there are all my lovin boy bands. And I was too crazy in The Calling's Alex Band, he is damn cute (don't laugh har). And the Hanson boyband... OMG, I was always dreaming that I can get a boyfriend like that HANDSOME in my future... dreamin'....dreamin'..

That is what all teens thinking right... blek =P

And also those Whitney and Mariah's songs, and I super love Mandy Moore... S club 7, Savage Garden...... lot lot lot lot lot....

And last time was always sticking on the Astro, 71 and 72 (if i'm not mistaken) the MTV and Channel for whole day..

And my grandma(not here already) always, "CHOU SEI YAN, CHOU SEI YAN, ngo you tai WAH LOI TOY!! (so noisy, I want watch wah loi toy) "

So,what you gonna do on today holiday, just listen to songs that you got LONG TIME never listen to them. And those songs really mean a lot to you, every single song will bring you back to that time.. Trust me....

So? what's my story...

The song that really brings some meaning to me is LeeAnn Rime's Cant Fight the Moonlight. Because it is the first "lanun" CD I bought besides the shops lot. After evertime I finished my piano class in Taman Sri Muda (it is not a nice place ever), I sure will ask my mom to buy some lanun CDs and VCDs.. That's how it reminds me back to that time. I was so hard to attend piano class late at night, and afraid of everthing, and that environment.

Nah, kan I told you a song means a lot...

Here are some songs that's really LAST TIME of MY FAVOURITE..

Tell me your teen's Favourite???????

He Is Back...




yes, he is nameweee, got himself famous with his own composed songs Muar Chinese and Negarakuku, no one doesn't know who the hell he is in the world. I think he is also famous in US and AUS, since, there are a lot of Malaysian chinese migrated to there, sigh.. so envy..

Now! HE IS BACK...

He releases his new album : "THE KING OF DAUBAN"... only rm13.90....

he got a warning from terrorist

Sometimes he is damn wuliao

And what I had discovered is.. There are still a lot lot lot lot lot of nameweeSS out there, once, destroy one namewee, there are still thousands of nameweeSS....


Source from ... The world's youtube :

About the Blog day 2007

I was tagged by Xiaoyenzi aka apple , early early, Jus blink my eyes, 31 August arrive, and I have to introduce you guys the 5 new blogs I discovered and found it interesting and write about it.

What is BlogDay?

BlogDay was created with the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from other countries and areas of interest. On that day Bloggers will recommend other blogs to their blog visitors. With the goal in mind, on this day every blogger will post a recommendation of 5 new blogs.

This way, all blog readers will find themselves leaping around and discovering new, previously unknown blogs.What will happen on BlogDay?One long moment on August 31st, bloggers from all over the world will post recommendations of 5 new Blogs, preferably Blogs that are different from their own culture, point of view and attitude. On this day, blog readers will find themselves leaping around and discovering new, unknown Blogs, celebrating the discovery of new people and new bloggers.

BlogDay posting instructions:

1. Find 5 new Blogs that you find interesting
2. Notify the 5 bloggers that you are recommending them as part of BlogDay 2007
3. Write a short description of the Blogs and place a link to the recommended Blogs
4. Post the BlogDay Post (on August 31st) and
5. Add the BlogDay tag using this link:

First of all of course this Apple blog, xiaoyenzi. I got impressed of her blog layout, when I haven's got read her post yet, the layout is so damn cute. The Kuma-Kuma.. got my first sight. Wahahaha, with the green apple...

I know she is living with her sister (afeterward tell you who is she), and pursueing her Graphoc design course with her sister. And like online gaming tOo.. =.="" , Always post something related to game, but not as much as her sister... *psstt. She is cute as kuma-kuma..kekeke

Next on, the new blog I discover then is the Cherry-Mix, before that, is Cherry fruittiee.. I love Cherry-Mix blog more, cause I love every single post of it. Those accessories are damn cute, and girly. Ok, she is Xiao yen zi's sister, they live happy-happy together Far away in Kuching, and they are really trully the best sista-sista in the world...

What is so funny was, I really did not know they both are sista-sista, once I read more of it and I went.. "Oh.. they are both jie jie and mei mei..."

What similar of them both?? They both super like anime and play games.. kekeke, both are graphic designing toO, lovely sista-sista and best in the world right.. kekeke

Ok, three more to go. Well, this is another graphic designer, this is another kinda interesting blog I discovered. What he posts is all about ermm... yar.... ANT FARM GONE HI-TECH... but some posts are just about erm...erm... yarm politicking kinda of post lar...

His blog is interesting and hilarious, often track it..though.. =P

This is ANT..>

Forthly, ITS LEE Chien, I knew this in Xiao Yen Zi's links, this is all about beauty of food, especially the ice-cream post, and it is all about food decorating. When I got bored, just read here and have fun with those pictures, I'll get more happier, the frozen cherries are so amazing, the ice-cream....Wow..

Can't say more of it.. just read it...keekekeke

Fifthly, It is not so Kannasai as I read it, it is fun,fun,fun... This is quite an informatic blog, and all about news, nothing related to what so kanasai about it. So, don't get confuse and irritate by the word "kanasai" cause it is not "kanasai" at all..

However, what got my first impression, of course is the blog name lar. One day infront of computer, "eeh, why this name so funny one, go n click." Yes, maybe this is the tactic to gain visitors and readers...

And yes, Kannasai got me as its loyal reader.. =P

I know its already fifth, can I just add another one. ONE ONLY can can??? Can lar... =P I just post it ler...

Ok, it is the freedom rider , darren's blog, is also a funny, informatic, rojaks, blog, and I like it since, don't know since when, and I don't know how I found it.. *kekeke It is interesting....

I just finished this taggy post, there are a lotsa blogs that I loved toO but its limited nominees lar... ,

and I know I owe poonky one tag.. I promise I sure will do it one..okok

Happy blog day

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kids or dogs..

Sometimes you will get worried of, getting kids or pets. Cause both can accompany you when you are alone. Especially you got married, your mother will always become the first who comes to you, "when you guys wanna get me a grandchild, or grandchildren...."

You will really frustrated with this kind of things. Before getting a child, they will attack you by, "when you all wanna get married, you all paktor so long already..", Yes, parents always wanted to CARE of you, they are so careness right..? Everthing happens to us, is all of their businesses, eventhough not...

Yes, I definitely will feel boring and lonely sometimes, and during these whole 3 months hibernating in home, actually it is recharging my energy, I learnt how to be alone. Well, isolated from others also kind of positive action, you will be more calmer, tranquillo, restore your brain, and dreaming. However, some human being could not sustain by this feeling, lonely.. They will go like , "why I'm so lonely......", and they really need accompaniment..

Sometimes I will feel tobe alone or can say independent, sometimes I just feel I wanna fully depend on someone else, this polaris thinking always happen to me. However, I wanna be alone when I am happy, I wanna be dependent when I'm feeling sad, cause I just wanna say out all unlucky happened things of me to a person who is reliable. Not my parents nor.. don't know who. I still can't find the person till now, maybe blogging will not make me feel lonely..and sad anyway


If you asked me after getting married will I gonna have kids, or maybe I will just have kid before marriage (I don't think it will happen to me). I chose to have pets first, I don't like kids... Yes, I super duper like doggies, Dogs really give a lot of happiness to me, eventhough they are super noisy. It doesn't mean the wild dogs picking rubbish out there, but I wish to keep a dog which from their baby-stage, Like my first one, "Onglai", love him so much, but he died after one year, still remember that time was so sad...

I love love love, the Alaskan Snow Dogs..they are so "YauYing", No chiwawa, No Poodle. I really love Alaskan Snowdogs, wish I'll have to opportunity to keep one. I just wanna keep a genious dog, which can be trained, "SIT, RUN, STOP-BARKING..." My onglai got trained, but he died..

Some human beings will just treat their doggie like human, talk to them (like me), and even sleep with them. This can be seen in the western culture, they are super care of the animals, Unlike ****, even eat it.. "wanna have DOG-POT-RICE???" =.=""

Some if them hate dogs, because of vandalising your belongings, especially your shoes, But my Lily and Oscar very clever one, they won't "bite" anything except human legs. wahahahaha, (but not mine) Don't know are legs smell better than "Alpo" dog food.....

So you think having kids as your accompanyment is better than having a dog pet as your loyal friend?

Please decide.... KIDS OR DOG/S ????

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Present you, the father and Son...

This is how daddy communicate with their son, and to maintain good relationship each other. What your parents act, the kids will follow, so, please don't "simply" act =.=""

Son: "we have to impress the public that we are the best father-and-son in the world"

Dad :" Yeah...."

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Monkey steals peach

Teach you some Kung fu here, and it is a "style" of China's tradition kungfu, erm.. since long long time ago lar.. Who want to learn???


So? How you gonna steal? What peach?

Any ladies wanna learn.. =.="""

Click picture to enlarge..

I think....
Well, if for ladies, I don't think this "monkey steal peach" is useful, hmm, Who dare to steal it. However, spookygal will come out a style that much more useful than stealing peach. Howabout, "kick away the peach" ??? kekeke
Yala, just kick, don't need to use your hand, just give the enemy one gengchau super KICK!! ~ Ah-cha..!!
Or the most easy way, "cut away the peach", you just have to prepare one pair of scissors, wahahaha, then if someone attakes you, just give him a "CUT" above..

So? Why so hard to steal it?? Think "steal" is not so effecive, somehow. .. If you really steal it, when the enemy is much more clever than you, they piss on your hand... *vomit, disgusting..yer

Anyway, why the guy in the picture close up his face...*hehehe, don't know whether is a guy or girl.. tim..

Monday, August 27, 2007

How does the country care about their citizen...

Somewhere else in Hawai-ee state... so enjoy... Tanny

In Australia.. "If you are in emergency, 174 km to go.. quick~hurry~and fly!!" keke

In Africa, The government has runned out their country's resources, but they still having a lot of animals, Don't waste..

The blue one is for locals, the red one for foreigners..In France.

In America, Reducing the precentage of obesity. Maybe the election is arriving, have to make some good impression to the people...

Bush :" Let me help the people by this way......"

How about in Malaysia, how it cares of their people...

Just wish....

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Devil spookybratha came home o.O

My spookybratha comes home today from his school hostel. And yesterday the retail shop messaged me that my router has ready to be taken.. hooray!~~

However my devil mother did not bother my router at all, and what she thinks is her son...

"Eh! after your brother comes home har, the modem you bring it to his room and let him play, You cannot play...."

WTF! O.o I cannot use the modem??? WTF???!!!~~~

Furthermore, the main HUB is in my room. And both modem and router are situated in my room, cause the line already fixed. If My bratha wanna use the modem, he just has to plug in the line into the modem port "IN MY ROOM"...

There is no point to place the modem in SPOOKYBRATHA's room, how? Cabut all the wires and lines in the whole house, and connect it in his room then ar??......

That is what my stupid mother's thinking, SHE NEVER ADMIT SHE IS STUPID...

But she IS!!!!~~

I kept quite and laughed at her (don't let her see one), and let her son see and listen to this joke when he comes home.. wahahahaha!!~~~

She thinks the router that had taken time to repair it for one month is all my fault. And because of me, never complaint to the retail shop (yes, I did complaint), and that is why the router took time to repair....

Yesterday after I recieved the message from the retail shop, I was damn happy. And I told my devil mom to collect it tomorrow (today)........

"A meee, tomorrow you go get Man Hoe hor, Then go and take the router......"

my mom:

" Now you only say it is ready, why early early not ready? You should Go and take it early, NOT NOW!!!"

Is there a different before and now??? You still have to collect the router what..


me (damn angry):

"The shop just now only tell me, how to early ??? "

And my mom was mumbling with lower voice and said like:

"just now call you....just now call you.... ... Blah Blah Blah ....."

And I don't care what will gonna happen tomorrow (today), I packed my modem and adapters in a bag, to let the shop set it for me.. I puttED it on the chair..


25 August 2007 (Today)

Early in the morning my devil mom rushed to my spookybratha school and get him...

And they came back, Ready to ask them when is the time to collect my lovely router.

However, she keeps on asking his GOLDEN-SON when wanna go pyramid? , when wanna go Low Yat?, when wanna go eat this eat that??...


I felt really dissapointed....



"Oi~~~ when the router can be taken har? So long one, you never call them ah? You complaint lar, and ask them repair new one...bla..bla..bla..."

This kind of question asked for everyday before my brother comes home..



"Amee, when go take router ah?"


"Early early no take, Now only take, you should go and take yourself not asking me....blablabla.."

She gave so many reasons for that and acts like don't care at all after her son reached home, because she already warned me not to use the modem and let my brother uses it seems the router is still repairing. And she really wants me "DO-NOT-USE-MODEM" and let my brother 24 hours On it.

But now the router is READY!!!!READY!!!! So, we can go get it now!!~~

After my brother step into the house. She totally forgotten about her daily-question "WHERE IS YOUR ROUTER?" and forgotten the router is still exist.

See the different AFTER and BEFORE? See how she acts?



AFTER~~(and the router is ready to be taken)


IS SHE MY MOTHER?????!!!!!!!!!??????????


I went to ask my dad then...

"A..PA, afterward you free mah?, I wanna take my fetch me can?"


"U ask ur mom mar.. I thought afterward they all go pyramid, we go there then we jusco and take your router lar...."

I just wanna take my router, I dowan go pyramid...!!!

I got no choice and ask my mom....

"afterward you all go pyramid got go jusco or not?"


"Don't know lar, see lar...!"

Really don't expect she will purposely drive to Jusco cause Pyramid go right, Jusco turn left...

And I tought my dad will be free then, but.....................

I don't know what my mom made on my dad, and persuade him go together to pyramid. That really makes me go INSANE! ggggrrrrrrr!!!~~ I can't expect my mom will do this, she knew that I wanted to take the router so soon, cause I miss blogging ... And WTF, my dad really follow them together, seems my dad is not that kind of outgoing person...

Really hate my mom......

I keep asking her when can take the router? She keeps on..tomorrow lar, tomorrow lar..

I got no choise, have to wait for my neighbour uncle to reach home, and ask him whether he is kind enough to get me to take my ..lovely-router..

He promised....YEAH!!~~...

during I waiting my setting thingy... I went to the maxis shop and buy one RM30 prepaid load. =P ... And I saw.....>

A computer with internet connection.. Spinning

You knew what I gonna do my site and keep clicking my ads...wahahahahaha!!! When I was having my fun on that.. A staff (lady) approached to me....

"What kind of webpage are you surfing??"

I got a shocked.... " erm.. I'm...." (haven't finished)

the staff: "We only allow customers to surf MAXIS webpage.."

then I went...... "I'll close it... " Sickened o.O

But I saw one guy besides me surfing MSN webpage something if I not mistaken....
Is MSN also MAXIS??? Shock 2



I still damn happy when I got back my router...very happy...

Angry of my parents... ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Totally hate my stupid mom!!!~~

Thursday, August 23, 2007

You know her????

I think she is consider famous, maybe among the more-younger teens in secondary school. Yup, she is Kiwi Leong, she shows her self in some kind of "pageant" show.. erm.. maybe it is not pageant..

It is kind of school's pageant like.. "school-flower" 校花.. Which means the most beautiful girl in the school..

And it is a competition of "school-flower" from all schools, Kiwi Leong is one of the candidates..

It is called the "SHINING TEENS 2007 FINALIST"

Here is her interview..

think she is pretty? young? charm?

I think candidates that qualified into the finalist AT-LEAST have the most basic requirements like, pretty, charm, kind, friendly...bla bla bla


she is the "dai kar jie"... in the school, And she slapped someone... don't know what was the reason....

And made the girl cried, can't hear cleary what the hell they say...

Majority girls standing there are actually make me vomit, and if you notice that, standing middle of them the fat lady, and those girls standing besides and infront of the door (guard)...

OMG, really make me vomit, and among all of them..consider... > Vomit

can I say "pork-chop"... No Disrespect Meant (no disrespect means)

Can't imagine one 15 year-old girl that claim herself is the "school-flower" in the school, but slapping others in school. Can't people be more civilised?????

And if you listen that what she said during the "shining teens" interview..

" In this competition, I learned how to interact well with people...."


I think she slapped all the competitors in that competition in order to communicate WELL with them...

After these 2 clips,I think she is really obnoxious... and so childish...

Can you be more mature?? secondory's girl??? you are flower

Or she thinks that she is the "school-flower", and she has authority to SLAP??

I think she is not qualified to be a "school-flower".. may be a "school-shit".. 校屎

Here is some 988 DJs discussion about the case. They were talking to the "school-flower"s friend, and some listeners...

heard this kiwi leong even came out an album, har? who will listen to her songs then??

The conversation is in cantonese, quite interesting...and funny....

All about paktorlogy..

This conversation happened yesterday night. Yup, she is my friend since primary till secondary, and I miss you guys in Shah Alam, and I knew you guys, majority of you all moved to somewhere else like me..So sad~~

I have been this stupid boring days in Bukit Jalil, No money, No car, But at least I still can meet you guys through MSN sometimes.. kekeke.. or Friendster.....bleh..

So, the conversation everytime we started sure will be...

"how's life, how are you?"

"got bf already ah??" ..> =.=""" or " you pak tor liao Or not??"

and yes, nothing much ...... only tha topic...

Yesterday ah lian came to me.. she looks so serious.. - . -

her name really call ah lian lar... @.@!!~

After she asked, I continued "why.....?"

And she off-lined... sigh =.=""

Apa lar....looo yi lian...kekeke

(when you see this, don't angry ah, Ah lian....)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Malaysia's 50th birthday??!!~~

The Merdeka day of Malaysia, 50th birthday august 31. Hah! My father is older.. "papa! U getting more older liao"

Do you guys get yourself crowded (squezz yourself) in some red-lights corner in Malaysia and celebrate "happy 50th birthday" with Malaysia ? How do you guys (wanna) or going to celebrate the nation's birthday ?? Will you dress yourself and participate one of the tiny human in KLCC? Malacca streets? where you wanna go CELEBRATE??


I actually don't feel anything so special about this day *couch cough, YES, for me, I really don't feel it. It is just my own feeling LAR!!! maybe my whole family will plan to go for a vacation something in Genting, Langkawi and any others lux-pulaus and cheaplak pulaus, my mom somemore plan for a Hong Kong trip.. "eh, wait voon hoe comes back, bring him to Hong kong..." YES, her son is just ONE-POT-OF-GOLD"

will you go for a holiday trip for around 3 days, locally or abroad???


I actually will just stuck my self at home, sleep, surf net, crazying with my doggies, piano-ing, eat-eat or tvb-ing....

Or you just take this opportunity to have some gathering with your friends or family. Porbably will be in some lounge, pub, discos, or at home, having some open-house buffet dinner, barbeque...


Got things eat I eat lar, got things play I play lar, got TV show watch then I watch lar..
Ain't my life easy as that?? wahahahaha!!!~~~
Anyway? If you guys really have the mood, or tendency to get yourself from KL,Penang, outstation towards to Malacca and have-fun with people in other words "celebrate" Merdeka Day together, why?WHY?WHY?

Why you having such tendency to bring yourself together (squezz yourself) with crowded people and have "joy" or you just can watch TV???!! O.o~~
If someone come and ask me. "Why are you so proud to be a Malaysian??"

I will go.. "ermm...ermmm....ermmm..... I really don't know how to answer you"

Yes, last time when my primary school teachers till my secondary teachers were like.. "You guys have to love your country, you know how hard we got independent? U know how difficult to live when British colonising Malaya???

Me thinked..

"Abuthen... You know how difficult it is meh? See you teachers also born after merdeka day, Then you know how difficult is the life was ah? Then how you know it is difficult to survive during British colonised ? You experienced it meh?? "

Teachers answer is unreliable... They look more like, to wash your brain and limit your thinking.

So, honestly till now, I still don't know, wondering why I love my country, Or you guys just tell me why you love your country indeed? ? ? kakaka

I can't sustain those pedestrains ...those people, when interviewed by some media companies (normally will be tv3, tv2) , maybe on the road.. like..
asking a Malaysian....

reporter: "Why do you love Malaysia or proud to be a Malaysian??"

a typical Malaysian: "Oh, because the Malaysian food is soO nice especially nasi lemak, roti canais, teh tarik, soO amazing, that's why I love Malaysia...."

WHAT??? YOU LOVE YOUR COUNTRY BECAUSE OF FOOODDD??????? can it be more specific to the identity-about-country??? like how is the economic growth? the community??

And this will become a joke to foreigners..

" HAH??? U ALL MALAYSIAN JUST LIKE TO EAT AH??" don't you feel sucks to be a Malaysian when a foreigner throw such words to you... ggggrrrr!!!~~~ =.=""

another kind of answer....
reporter: "Why do you love Malaysia??"

a typical Malaysian: "here don't have corruption, people here is so friendly, no disaster.."

Yes, we'll feel very PEACEFULL because of no corruption. When you take a look in the crime scene in Johor Bahru, somewhere else in KL...

How many died? still in Koma? Injured? and how many of them cry.... ....

And now Yes! it is the 7th moth, hungry ghost festival, spirits will travell.... And yes, Our

Merdeka Day will always fall in the 7th month, it is the time for those innocent spirit take revenge.... "pleasee look for who killed you!!!"

How many of snatch thieves, robbers, rapist had killed innocent people are under arrested. (yala, probably will be maximum one-week jailed, after when they collect... ....erm...then you know.. don't need me to tell) The sin will be free-ed.. Yala, Merdeka what? If we want freedom, those snatch thieves also need freedom one... =.=""

Yes, there is no disaster here, like Japan volcanos and indonesian's earth quake.. I love Malaysia in that point and Malaysia is a great feng shui place and its strategic. But, nowadays, we live in some human-made disasters. take a look in JB and KL... thieves are everywhere, robbers, they just snatch SNATCH, SNATCH!!!!!!!~~~~

People friendly huh?? When you are the unlucky one who snatched during walking happily on the road, you fell down, got some injured, or you just fainted... How many of them crossing their hands infront of their chest watching,staring and pointing at you... Ya, they will just watch it, maybe because they thought you are a superstar actor/actress acting for a scene.. =.=""


friendly huh?? yup, maybe there will be some of them try to call the malaysia's best POLICE!..

You are lucky if you just die on the spot, or you got non-serious injury, But You are unlucky when you got serious injuries and lying on the bed..just like this..

This guy got an injury on his head...

because of....

It happens in Bukit Jalil LRT, just like that, few malays came on him and and hit him, grabbed his wallet, his handphone...... They came in a gang, just bit him, HARLO! IN A GANG! DAYLIGHT! THESE STUPID PEOPLE JUST DO IT LIKE THAT!!

will this guy go up stage and tell :" I AM PROUD TO BE A MALAYSIAN.." ??????????????
Is it a SIN for a human being to own a sony erricsson 700wi???
Is it a SIN for a human being to carry a hand bag, purse,wallet???

So, why ????

After this guy reported this case in the balai, will our Malaysian police take action and care about this?? Need how many years to investigate this SMALL-CASE.. "

there are approximately "4 orang melayu", how many of them will be arrested? How long they will be jailed?

Who will know..?

Yes, after this, the police will tell you (some even don't care) :"You should be carefull with your belongings"

But how about you, when I promised to take care about my belongings, will you promise to take action in this. Which means if my things got snatched, is all my fault lar, because I deserved to snatched-by them???

When a gang of people come to you and hit you, like the case above, will you still even bother to TAKE-CARE OF YOUR BELONGINGS??? huh??

Your things will be AUTOMATICALLY taken by them.... is not taken, it is snatched..
I think this is the common one, when you were having a good night sleep, and when you woke up in the morning, your tires will disappear..

Great huh?
It is not the matter of loving your country or not. However, it is the matter of why you love your country? Your country pay for your every meal, your country pay for your phone bill?? Or your country pay for your petrol fees?


I just want a safety country, at least I will not die suddenly unexpected, I just don't want to die on the street. I demand a safety environment, what makes me unsafety then??
Ok. Probably will be those indonesians, bangladeshese and normally pendatang haram, stare at you with their weird faces. Maybe you will thought you wear your clothes upside down... That really makes me UNSAFETY!!! ~~~ Can anyone please tell me the percentage of indonesians and others are illegal...haram one????? Just get out from Malaysia...

Grrr (and probably those "pendatang haram" increase the crime rates....)

or may be not, just because Malaysians ancestors are from indonesia.. and their tied relationship. How you gonna ask your bestfriend to leave you away... "CAN YOU PLEASE GO BACK your HOME, MY BEST Friend.." =.=""

This is another sadness... it is "maybe" a real is in chinese, don't ask me to translate ok. But have a read, it is interesting, and it shows how boleh is a bolehland

Even without this story, my l****** once told me that, one of her friends' friends' friends.... *cough, is a manager in a company holding with a master degree with him, consider a very high educated person...was having fun, drinking in a disco club or somewhere like pub. Police came over, and lokap they all.... ALL!! included him.

He was so suffered during the lokap-period, those police "demand" money from him, and ask him to go out buy KFC for them... great huh? a manager got suffered by this kind of way...

you want to go out, just have to pay them, probably not much lar, few thousands lor, and warn you don't tell others..(from the case Even you are innocent ........
I thinked this would happen last time, nowadays because of pencegah-rasuah....I think...erm... this kind of thing will be lesser. Who experienced before??? tell!!! tell!!! :P

To be a wise Malaysian...

1. first

Don't ever get yourself in recieving summonses bill, you know how inconvenient to pay a bill. Get rid of these "ngau-yok-gon"....

2. second

Of course, beware of your belongings, hold your bag, as tight as possible. Proabably if me, I will put my handphones, purse, camera, deep into my bag, and let the others cheap cheap things on top. Never put your money, cards, and handphone in the side-zip corner. You just have to put some tissue bag, sanitary pad, or the most scariest chucky doll (maybe the tiny one) in the side corner... Or some scary stuffs.. or some fake-toy-shit... For me to travel with LRT ~~

My dad will recommend me put durian... =.=""

Probably they will look for your handphones, cash....and when they see chucky dolls, they will got spooked...kekeke...

And nowadays, the case will be like this. They will just put their belongings like wallet into your bag, and when you walked out from LRT, they will come to you and blame you steal their things. So, how should you prevent this. Lock your bags, or keep staring at the zip (bag lar, not...) Don't sleep in LRT, when you got a seat, put the bag infront of you, and put your hands around the bag's zip... Don't put your handphones in your pocket, and don't keep showing it tp the public =.="""" ...
Better don't dress so smart, look like a poor person... Bounce

Then you will be saved in LRT!

Who lost your belongings before in these LRT, KTM, .... places? please put up your hands.. I think there are a lot....

3. third

Don't find yourself so free to go to any government departments. When you decided to go for these kind of places, you should state the day "bad-day". Who will feel VERY-HAPPY after

coming out from that kind of place one???? U will probably damn angry only.....

Very Angry
Except you don't have the chance to choose like, you forced to register for a new Mycard because the former one has lost, or you have to do a passport.... that's it.. Don't involve yourself so often in government department..

Everytime I do passports in Shah Alam, also damn angry ... ggggrrrr!!!

But I like the JPJ in Salak South now, it is very convenience already.. I don't need to take even 15 minutes to change my "P" .. wahahahaha.. maybe because less people lar.. But I also don't wish to go there.... Shock 3

4. fourth

When those weird weird person especially indonesians... stare at you with their weird weird face, no matter in LRT, or any places. Stare at them back. They stare at you just because they think you got MONEY! So, just stare at them back.... like this..>

and call someone with your phone, with your face staring at them ... just are talking about him..

And please don't walk like a sotong,... Please walk like this and act strong...


The pros and cons about Malaysia? The good are more than bad, the bad are more than good ....... Want me to say? You know, I know, everyone knows.....
I will just stay at home, at watch TV, not going out!!!~~ It is so unsafety, when you in the crowd, there will be molesting, thieves everywhere, smelly odours.... *faint...
It is really not worth it, for me if I get myself to that crowd. And after screaming for MERDEKA, I lost my purse, handphones and got molested... Merdeka huh?

ButI will be very exciting to see those mat-rempit flying with their motorbikes with Malaysia's flag, look like superman... like last year Merdeka Day, It was so exciting, so unlucky I was not there... They fly even better than a stuntman.

Watch them is much more better than watch singers singing on stage and those marching event.... Terrific

Happy 50th birthday to bolehland ........