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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Supposed to be relaxed.

After two days of examination, erm.. avoid asking me how was it, I know it won't be very satisfy that What-I -Wrote.. ggrr! ~ Anothing thing happened that made me quite dulan on it. It is really Dulan. avoid saying it lar, people will think that I very not kind enough and small-gas kind. But, It is still have to take concern on this, and I do believe that this might happen to many people out there, this might be a lesson.

The first day exam, yer.. Very headache, and, after it, I think my hand lost control and shaking while all the time when my papa drove me home. It was sooooo painful.. I would like to demand and prefer to have aural test lor.. Not enough time, and rushing to write, might cause my hand and fingers swolen. TNS . Why everytime's exam also makes my hand so suffer, I gonna consider an insurance package on it..

And I felt and it smell so smelly on that day when I was sitting on my exam desk. TNS. Who organised the seats. ??!! It was so smelly lor.. wanna know why?? The incident was like this..>

Then you know why lar??... I was surrounded by shits around me.. Don't you smell it too? ggrrr!!

Have had the presentation... foo... Relax... Yet get to work....

I really did spend my holiday with meaningfull jobs.. Like Sleeping, Eating and onlining.. Great right? and a very active forumer..

I have no point why+how come they arrive such quick to set it up. The buffet dinner would be on last Saturday, and thEy came on Wednesday. Does it very annoying and inconvenience.. ?

Things to do:

  • open account

  • transfer from Public Bank

  • Call someone

  • buy Formal dress

  • Work on letters

  • Work on brochures..

Saturday, May 24, 2008

one week=one blink

just aware that is sooo fast. Still remember that I'd got a lists of plan what to do in my previous post. Nah.. I'd completed everything. I think more than that ler.. keke

To prove that I really worked on it. Yes, i really did.

I did not list it out I think, I wanted to change the bed sheet. The pink really looks boring and old, somemore the Hello Kitty doesn't smile at me anymore, just change it..
Tada** Orange.. gy
Messy mess Messy mess... headache
Tada.. Tidied up!!

Messy with books.... hehe.. and last week shoping bags... kekeke~
Jeng Jeng Jeng Jeng *************** Notes on top
Complete a puzzle in two days..
Still remember that I gonna shower this Os--Car..

Jeng Jeng *** after trimming his hair, Look more handsome?

I change this.. changing...

Changeg , jeng jeng ** Looks more classy than the white colour dining table cloth (look so ah-ma)

Blink , Blink.. Anyway, it smells apple..

I attended an interview to Yeos yesterday. and It was... Grr..

Nothing special but just an interview. The benefit is quite really benficial that they offered. Of course ler.. you think its an ABC sdn bhd mie? It is much much more better than the RM400 per month, 8 am to 8 pm without increment and commissions. Better and really better. I can assume it is boring, and yet, sleepy. It is kind of data entry job, they sure can't expect me to be more skillfull than that. I just have to do filing, yes, they mentioned what should I do, and those high level staff as no time on organising and that's y temporary is needed. That Victor Sam really freaking me out, he hired on spot, but I m not. Really sense it that I .. haizz.. sui jor.. ~~

That's make a point. It doesn't mean that an internship will always a truth. Sometimes, i just don't believe of internships too. Yea, they will really do emphasize that their fix rate will be RM500 something, and they expect us to do a lot of work, and keep on emphasizing that they actually offer us some training and we will learn something on it. tat's y another half salary will act to pay their "training fees" lar..

However, you think they will so good ah? Unless it is your father's big company lor..
One of my friend did told me that, that time he was enrolled internship before, and he did very exciting on it, as he treated it an advantage to learn something.
The truth was not his expectation. He suffered stapling, scanning and photostating almost for month of internship. Is that called industrial training? Not even helping the supervisors in entering datas, not even typing out a single letter? may be not even touch the computers. Serving tea, bodeking and establish relationship and play politics. Is that still called internship?

Found that many companies are very used to hire INTERNSHIP. and therefore, normally students will get attracted to this term, and also lecturers are all mentioning about it. Because of this, those really stupid fool company will hire INTERNSHIP to work their no-people-willing-work-tasks like serve tea and photostating with low pay. TNS.

And that's why I don't think the REAL internship should deserve such low rates. You really think I work free for you ah? I oso want to eat rice OK. Whatever, this kind of internship salary rate is also brought by the students. You know ler, some students they are really rich enough, and they really thought they can learn something from it and thus will say "neimind lar, I don't mind money one, I can work for you... "

Yes, this stupid kind of feller really HOI YAN JING, and tat's why poor people like me got affected. "Oi ! if you think your father can spoon feed you and you really can work without wages jus go far far to work for your father lar, you can be very senang , but not me leh, I hav to survive myself leh, I have to find money eat rice one leh.. "


I watched finished.... tHIs... wahahahaha.. congrate me.. congrate me!

It really funny that it has two endings. Quite funny. Funny. I still prefer he died lar.. But really pity BT that he died too. Oops, i think i should feel pity on Gong Kiu. But I still love Long Leg Crab. wAHaha..

Watching this... it is quite boring to be honest, and quite despising. I really don't think women should be like that. But, some society thinks as women, we should be like women, and act what women do, and always believe that women lifes are always get-married-to-rich-husbands. Why women themselves cannot be rich meh, must depend on men mie?

Whatever lar, that ancient time was still uncivilised. Forgive their thought and thinking, but, sure have to act wise in todays world.

this is great too.... waha.. But, of course I still love CSI. Compare this with CSI, I don't think there will be a gap to compare both ..

I really crazy to these TVBs, and admit that I already watched a lot. And, some of those TVB classic, I still re-watched it. I really have no idea how Hong Kong produce films and series, Don't they have any objectives on that.. Keep on producing producing, and almost every film and drama using the same actor and actress. They almost appear in every HK produce film. Just imagine that Charmaine Shie morning goes for film A and evening goes for film B. Do they

really face lacking of actor and actresses? mie. Then they should consider me.. wahahahahha!

To Joe Eu, be passion in watching TVB, you still have a lot of dramas to go... kekeke~

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

today's want-to-do

A very good morning. Honest, I still havent' brush my teeth.. wakakaka

Just felt like sleep a lot from yesterday on wards..

Anyway, They call on me yesterday.. Whether to go Yeo hiap Sing.. ?? Don't ask me further. I am thinking, and yet, think till the interview day and see how's it.

I gonna do a lot of things today.. I don't wanna waste time. My messy desk always make me moody to study for the exam. arrggghh!! Must tidy up..

  • take bath+shower with a brand new floavour kind of fragrant shower gel
  • change me a new golden fabric for my piano.
  • tidy my desk, prepare notes on top
  • call someone let them noe whether i gonna work
  • iron clothes
  • boild the porridge dono for how many days, check whether it is still safe to consume
  • clean the toilet. Today rosemary flavour or rose buds flavour? may be put the jasmine one.
  • pom pom Oscar, and cut off his stupid ugly long hair.
  • organise my closet.
  • study study study..
  • clean my dusty computer table, wardrobe++++++
  • sweep sweep sweep..
  • quarell with my brother..
  • alter my blog. update. make it more attractive... **
  • download songs
  • watch 27 dress..
  • eat and sleep
  • tomorrow might go for a ride on rapid kl. see whether i am brilliant enough to get to the place.

yES tat's it! ^^

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

keep breathing..

yes, I QUIT. i no work jor..

As i have or can be said i terminated my working with relatives assignments last Saturday, but, It doesn't mean i found a better one. Yaler.. still waiting somebody to call me for interviews and I realised these days I really busying in interviews, but, just ONLY interviews.


anyway, still waiting the results calling me.. haizz... what to do? I also lectured : "dON't every job u oso take, at least got a benficial compensation package one, at least got 1000 ++, you think you really work free meh, just bargain with them.. don't simply.. bla bla bla.. "

yaler.. the internship only pay an average of RM550, u wan work mou?

furthermore, that Jobstreet really not reliable..

I just don't wanna end it up teaching piano lesson.. >.<

Anyway too, thank you for all the buddies helping me finding jobs, forwading reumes (hopes he really did lar, but if bz, just ignore lar..)

haizz.. have to search job myself.. and don't fully depend on those recruitment agencies that they might help you.

At this point, just wanna raise my voice to "keep breathing" sustain until the last minute that the jobs call on you, as same as the victims in China and Myanmar, it is no way to quit in entire life. If you are still living in this world, and you realise you are not dead when u open up ur eyes, meaning you still have to keep on breathing untill the end of your life.
I have attended the graduation day of my bRos.. in Monfort, these are several pictures took..

Niasing.. still mingering i can graduate o Not..

I don't care ler.. I wan to work~~


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Disasters zz

Ignoring the blogging thing recently. Guessing why? assignments lor.... Still one more 5000+5000 words to go. with somemore the exams. With somemore the " Rapourt" setting up the the relationships with those lecturers. For what? Supervision and guidance for the dissertation lor....

Other than that, life of having a job and study at the same right time. It just GGGGRRR frustrate!! I have no oppose of working the task or the routine boring work. But i just do feel working with whole bunch of idiots. eh~ It doesn't mean that i very clever and smart. buT at the situation, i think i am mature, wise and critical to handle any single issue that happened when it is the culture practise by the group. Especially when it hits on me, I think I am now very mature and "adultly" to face all these.

Stop telling me that i have no experience in working and building such stupid relationships with bosses, handling customers and even gossip at back. I don't think its my responsible to do that. In nowadays, I don't think the new generation's employees are very used as a tool for bosses, I don't think ammending, altering the report communication to customers will always be lie to them.

Dont tell me :"I can tell lie to the customers", Don't tell me:" You dono how to handle one lar, sometimes you cannot say the name one, u have to be hidden"

I don't do these idiots-will-do-tactic, and I don't do idiots-gossip-others. Just wanna tell you, other than the education and related working experience in certain field. My actuall working experience started when I was 13 year-old. I don't think I am idiot enough to know what the hell you guys are doing.

as I said, I always do not regret that I am educated, and highly, quality educated. And I appreciate it. And yes, I learn a lot, study a lot, educated a lot. And worth, qualified to be lan-c more 100000% than you do. You got chance to Lan-C meh.

I have no choice to working with all those idiots in just a retail type small firm. In the sense of, not the quality and quantity that they are working, I do respect and appreciate, somemore amaze, admire them to work such effort. But I still do think it is idiot enough because of the idiot situation.

First of all, it is just a purely played by those family members. Almost all siblings in a family take part and adhere. Supportive huh?

Imagine a family business. Yes, that Is what I m working to. (I also one of the family of this idiot bunch of people, but, emphasize that I am polar different than them.

playing politics is just super fun. One of the operation worker just like to play with all the gamblings game, no matter in what.. ToTo Magnum 4d.. As well as the other sisters-sisters of them. I have no choice just to listen to them screaming, laughing, yelling, at those numbers quite almost for everyday. Disappear for buying those numbers, calling phone and talking loud just talking those numbers. however, she is not the rich one, she thinks that she is wise and lucky enough to win and become a millionare one day. And she thinks all her kids are so independent and even spend for her. And yet, she can be free, and not worrying.. IDIOT!

Another sister, as a house wives. Yes, she is very careness to all, include all of us. As well as her kids. And you can imagine that her kids are all so pampered. Just feeling like feeding them milk untill the 30 year old. She just play an important role to play politics as well as the TOTO sister. She likes to talk about other as well, and trying impose some moral education to us. What we should do ,asking me when I'll get a boy one day. Critically comment on me that i having imbalance of mindness and need to seek a psycho... What do you think? IDIOT!! Without any discriminate and i claim that I am not. She brings over her kids everyday to the working place, completing the homeworks, but the very active one. Shouting, Playing, and very noisy.

Everyone there are just idiotly do not aware it is a working environment. Businesses have to run, handling calls, hanlding many situations. Sometimes, it doesn't mean that you can work mean that can work. Mentally, emotionally, and physically of course do have to take part in your working situation..

Am I idiot enough to work in this? I don't think so. I have my own principle. Of. Working just for money and relevant working experience..

Don't tell me that these adultls eat salt more than I eat rice.. But. The salt already damage their brain badly and even their attitude..

class now bye!