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Monday, December 31, 2007

Wahaha~~ Happy New Year...

Tomorrow will be the first day of 2008.. What wishes?? What Wishes??

First of all, i want to sit for the exam on 7th and 10th. Then, i want to have a great holiday, that's it.. Bleh~~

After that only search for a piano tutor job.. bleh~~

After that I want to eat everything that I'm not allowed to eat now, After that i want to shake my legs wait for the final 3rd year to come and Chinese New year... bleh~~~

Harlo~~ Can I be more self-motivated... Plan something, have some goals.. Keke.. ~ !!!


I want to have a very leng chai boy friend in 2008 (actually i make this wish every year) Hopefully it can be realistic one..

Ok.. Here some goals I wan to meet... :

1. Keep fit. Tell something here, before the operation, I was 42.3 KG according to the machine i used to messure in hospital. After the operation + 2 days no eat, I think i was Only 38 KG. My butt lost 2 inches, my waist too.

When i see myself infront of the mirror, so terrifying. I can't believe that I can lose wieght till 38 KG!! ~~ This weight used to be my GOAL once, I hope that I can lose till below 40 KGs.. NOW!! I look like an ET with that 38 KG.. So scary... Now i definitely want to gain it to 45...


2. Looking for a job... Now I'm qualified. Just tell myself, no matter how much they pay, just work for it. I do believe in fate. I think my entire life and luck will change after I had died once. And, just after my parents back from China and Vietnam, It totally changed my luck and fate. But i still have faith in myself.

I still wonder why am I so "lucky" to get a tumour around my ovary.. and that day was so "unbelievable". My mom used to forbid me not to see any doctors, cos she thinks she is a doctor, and she thought doctors always money-oriented.

I demand for a body-check up, I asked her bring me to doctors when I was sick. She refused and said, you just a young girl, don't need any check-up thing. I was so annoyed by hearing that, "afterward got anything happened, the person regret is you, not me.. (touch wood).. Waha.. There's thing happened. - -''

Lesson is. No matter what age you are in, a body check-up is a MUST for everyone.

Back to the luck thing, I do believe after this fate, I can seek for a better job. Unlike last time.
Great Job

3. I want to go for an oeversea trip to celebrate my 21st. WAHAHAHAHAH~~~ sounds great?! Hopefully it will come true. Starting my planning now. Hopefully, anyone can sponsor?? Wahahahaha~~
CN Tower

Wish... you all hv a wonderfull 2008, all bad luck.. shoo--shoo away !!

2008 also not a very good year indeed, beware of the economic environment and politics issues. and there will be disasters.. according to numerous of feng shui master..


Saturday, December 22, 2007

i'm back from hospitalisation~~~

1st day was stupid nervous, keep on thinking what if the doctor cut my stomach when i hadn't fallen asleep. I slept, quite deep during the operation.. Afta tat, heard my mom keep on calling my name.. My stomache getting more n more painful.. damn painfull...

"MOMMY~ MY STOMACH VERY PAIN!~!!!!!~~~!!!!!"

afta lying on bed in the room, can't get down, hanging, can't eat, can't drink.... can't go toilet.. those nurses kept on coming in for injection(pain-killer), cause I kept on complaining.. "SAKIT!! SAKIT!!"

2ND day: damn tired, my stomach get more pain pain pain... ~~~!!!! crying like hell !! Doctor came over and force me walk, cannot lie on bed.. those nurse came in..

"I gv you half n hour, afta that i wanna see you walking, not sleeping.. =( "

My stomach very pain!! HOW TO WALK ""!!! ... >.<~~""""

I just stand, and keep on tahan the pain, second day, still cannot eat and drink !! =(.. I have to walk with holding the stupid glucose-hang water.. >.< PAIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!~~~~

those nurse keep on asking... You release WInd already... ?? "NO".. =( "Then cannot eat" ..


nevermind, i even shit and xu xu, but no wind...

Next day, Doctor said: Ok lar, let her eat.. "HOORRRRAAAYYY!~~" I really cannot tahan for 2 days no food, no water. samo seeing my mom sucking those coconut drink and keropok. >.<"

3rd day better, at least can walk like an old lady (now too). And can eat, but still pain.. keep on mummering I can tahan.. I can tahan.. Cause the injection really made my butt hurt.. >.<"

4th day, wahaha... I can walk, sleep better, eat and drink, pain has been getting more lesser, but the stupid cough kill me many times.. HATE IT... >.<

I came home, miss my home... And now, I have to walk damn slow,cannot bend, stomach still damn pain, hate cough, can take shower, and my stomach has one BIG VERTICAL LINE..

haizz... Hope it will get better, no more cough....

(i have pressed many times of nursing call during in mid-nite, cause i cannot went to toilet my-self, samo that stupid cough kill me like hell)

Friday, December 14, 2007


Hard to accept it, am i allowed to cry out loud. ?? What wrong things that i've done? So unexpected and sudden. Can it happened to me? Come on.. Jus 20 years old.. cry~~ and i was not awared~

I have to take out a water tumour around my ovari.. next tuesday, hospital (hate it)..

i keep on vomiting.. fever lsat 2 days, i went to doctor. He used to press my stomach...

"r u pregnant?" he asked..

O.O "NNNOOO!!!~~~".. mY mom was like.. "WHAT??" SHE STILL A STUDENT HOW COME?"

Doc: "Student oso can pregnant one.. " =.=""

what lar Fuck.. "I'm still a virgin, period still coming.. ok"

He used the baby-thing to scan.. And found a big tumour around ovari.. 6cm

I was crying like hell.. "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT INSIDE MY BODY!!!!!!!"

afta settle all things, rush back take medi card and rush to hospital. That time, i really dono what to think, is it a bad or good tumour? What if it is bad? Good? CRY~ What if, i really sick, what if... CRY~~

why this kind of thing happen to me, but not kena the first prize of lottery.

Somemore, got assignments and lotsa presentation. I have to finish all first. I was yelling.. "OMG, OMG , OMG" a tumour~!!!

After seeing the doctor in hospital, he told it is not a cancer, and it is very common happen to young age girl ( I think i'll be the youngest range one). booked for the operation.. And i still scare like hell. No mood to eat, sleep, stand, walk.. Keep on thinking that there is one thing inside my body, want to get it out, but have to go through the surgery process!

Scary, scary, really spooky~~!! CRY!!!!

THE doc says he will cut big line in my stomach, cause it is quite a big tumour, "OH NO~~!" I really scare scare scare, but i have to pretend like nothing. cAuse i don't wanna see my parents crying.. Once i see them cry, I'll totally hurt for that.. I want to be strong, can I? strong strong..

really afraid for that operation..

still wonder why this kinda thing happen,,.. y~~ y~~ ???? I really afraid it will cause any bad things in my future. But the doctor already told, it will be lesser chance to get pregnant.. CRY~~!!!!

Have to get ready everything to face it!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Cert "ROSAK".. cry~~

i got my abrsm 8th grade cert yesterday. U think its happy thingy huh~ Really happy that i saw myself pass for it.. ^^..

My parents went for holiday, abd left me alone in this dimension house.. why?? "oi~ Take care your both sister brother har.. (lily a mini pinch and oscar a shizu)WTF and flower and plants at house... !!! anyway that heavy loading assignmenting fucking task made me no-mood-for holiday too..

they both went holiday for one week. Where am I supposed to go then??.. My aunt's house lar.. and yesterday, I reached home around 11.00pm.. First thing is to look into my mailbox.> Yeeeeessh.. all wet (because of rainy day), and all are my mom's credit card's letter.. Mumbling myself.. "where is my cert har, supposed to get it in these few days, really no tension waiting for it.. "

then i ignore..

when i got my mop to mopin' floor.. I was.. " yee.. why the gate there got one chocolate envelop one..." OH SHIT!!!! MY PIANO CERT!! RAIN!! WET!! DIE...

Yes, that stupid postman din put it into my mailbox, he jus put and BEND my cert at the gate.. fuckin stupid postman.. It wet.. no eyes see..

both my cert and result paper kena water, and the colour has changed from white to chocolate (the envelop colour)... and it looks like salten vege after i dried it with my hair dryer.. Really fuckin stupid to see all my grades cert so nice-kept, and sudeni one vege salten paper cert samo.. GRADE 8...

really die..

have to liminate it to make it more nicer TO SEE..

have to depend on that salten vege part brown and white colour(mix) CERT to look for a job.. Yer!!!!!~~~~~~ am i still suposed to be happy with my grade 8 huh??

no picture yet for it.. why? My mom took my camera for vacation lar...

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Unknown feelings

I dreamt my grandma last night. She was lying on that lazy chair, laughing, talking, smiling with us. I was so happy to see her, again. She seldom appeared into my dream. Me and my cousin sister were talking to her, again. Yes, she died two years ago. I miss her so much, and we really do miss her too. How's her life? Fine? Suffer? OK? Well? Anyway, I still got no chance to ask her.. "Did you get my 3G handphone that I burn it for you during Ching-Ming? New model one?" I bet she doesn't know how to use it, it is too high tech..

Yup, wonder why was she lying on that chair, it was so real. She alive again? OMG. Can't believe it, it is so natural, the same house, same situation, drinking tea and sleeping, yawning. She died right?? Two years ago? What I felt was so real. And everytime she comes to my dream and what I think was just.."She alived again, maybe we rescue her during in the hospital or in the coffin." Unbelievable. Everything just real. I hope it is real too. May be we just can spend our time in my dream.

Every dream of her, I just having a very strong feelings that she comes back to us. That feeling is just too real, untill you believe that you are living in another new world, which belongs to you, own. Another new world which only happen in your dream. When you awake, you will cry and suffer for it. Maybe you will dream that Rain has become your boyfriend, it maybe will be so real, or blur... When you awake and realise it was just a dream. You got a realy harsh feel then...
Maybe you will dream that you bit Jay Chow in a Piano battle field. And you awake, it will just a dream.

Anyway? Will it become true? Maybe one day you gonna bit Jay Chow? May be one day Rain will become your boy? Maybe the girl that you dream to be with, and you guys will live happily forever? You definitely will hope it to become true? Is it same to if you dreamt "nightmares"? You will definitely hope never dreamt it before.

I got huge feelings in my every dream, may be it has an implication, knowing the furture, my fortune? I really got a strong feelings on my grandma, used to be with her telling jokes when she is still here, that the feelings on her is so strong untill you can't give it to others nor give only half? part of it.

I got a dream on a guy that I love for years. Everytimes he appeared in my dream, and I think may be it is not over, but when I awake, every thing will become to current situation. Why time can't stop? For years? huge feelings is still there, and now still remain. And I still believe, someday, he with me.. And this believe is so strong, till you going into another world .again. And yes, this world that belongs to the guy you love and you.

I live in my own world, since the guy left without a goodbye, he won't come back again. I know it won't be any miracle happen between us. I just hope to live in a different world, that belongs to "unbelievable" things, and I still believe it may true. ... .. "For years, I cried, I drunk, trying not to think of you, I sacrifice everything just to (dream to) be with you. I know this is a strong feelings on you, but I understand this is a wrong feelings on you too. I don't let you know in real, I want it in my fake world. Then it will be precious "

Desribe the guy that I dream? .. He is my inspiration in my life, just because of "gone". I know I have to be strong, that weakness can't kill me. Every success in my life, scoring beautiful results in my every piece of exam, complete my stages of music life, stepping on my stage, perform my life with full of confidence. And I still blur with all these. Why? ... "Just because of you, I work so hard, till mad. You are a great guy that I ever seen in my life, no one can compare to you, and I miss you. You have the passion that others don't have, you have your dream, and that influence me too. You are really amazing, the feelings started, just because of that."

I got huge, big thinking in my life, huge dream. What dream? Do you believe I do everything just to be with him. HUh.. I failed. I still minggling in "he and me" dream. I do believe, that feelings is in my heart, no one can share a part from it. For years (again), I know it is wrong, but it is right in my dream, come to my dream, and tell me it is real, this is the right path I want.... "All I think is only you, I'm pushing myself into this unbelievable world. This world will last forever no end. It is a paradise for my sacrification of my every success. Letting this world keeping my sacrifice and my secrets, and my feelings on every tears I give you in my every night. "

Sad? Yup, I really sad, I just don't wanna close my eyes, I am sad to see you, scared to hear from you, because you are too attracting, deep into my feelings. Feelings, when people tell you if you get hurt, just let the time heal it. huh? I really don't think it will. He hurts me everytime, but the feelings is still there, I know it will last forever. Untill I ask .."What if I decided not to marry any other guy except him? or not getting married forever har? " With that feelings, I have to be lonely in my entire life. I have planned, prepared for it...

I will try very hard to not letting anyone step into my world. I just wish to live like that forever, I have learnt many things in my life which without him. I will try everything to save the feelings on him, because I'm lie-ing to myself. I won't let anyone steal it, no one can come into my world, that belongs to him and mine. I will stop every single thoughts on others just because of him. Worth it? I know it is worth, it is a sacrficial. I will wait for it to come.... forever..... I believe that will be no waste of tears that I cried in every night.

I have to learn from mistakes. I learnt mistakes, I know it is a mistake, trying to do correction on it.. but it still appear "error"....

I know this is "wrong feelings" , I understand it... But I don't Realize...

still wait for it... don't know it will be how many 10 years....

Thursday, October 25, 2007

About my little secret

Sorry of lack of updating, and no replying for comments. I really busy on my assignmenting. Next week still more 3000 words to go, frustrating now.

But after watching "my little black book", the story really grabs my attention. It really illustrated my life, erm.. can say.. Our life..~

Sometimes you plan what ever thing in your life, and u reach your goal in future. U have planned step by step, in what stages of ages, what you gonna do.. After SPM..> College.. >Work.. bla bla.. married..

However, when you to deep into this planning thing, actually will be a failure in our life. Can't it be more nature? Let it comes.. don't plan.. And what you plan to do, actually not satisfy u at all. Let it come in sudden and be a suprise in our life is better. When you planned, there might be some obstacle to face...

another thing is your boy's secret. Do you ever ask your boy about their ex? And when you research on it, the boy that you own, may be is not belong to you at all. Aha.. you have planned so well, .."get a rich, nice, great guy.." .. He may be loves you, but he is perhaps actually not yours. This will be, you got your boy, after a research , you found out that actually he is still loving his ex.

ANd yes.. game over, will you leave, remain??? This may be his secret, but after you found out, actually you are tearing each other face... Over..

And after you realise that actually what you have planned to do has over, why don't you just start it again. And you will find that actually, you will be more happier rather than sticking to a guy.. No more relationship, also can be a better life too...

Just like me.. Cut my hair.. and start a new day..

Monday, October 08, 2007

I am not stop blog GING...

really meaningless day to-day. Spent for entire whole day attending for boring classesFirst of all, sleeping, secondly, popeking. Till now, i'm still clueless for my ALL assignments. Niaseng, the most make-ing-us-frustrate, of course the class..politicking. Especially the OCPD.. really dono y yeefong got this name from. Anyway, maybe it is referring to..> SHIT~

First of all, if you notice or aware that your friend or friends (used to), started to ignore you and paranoid. Would you still pretend nothing happened and keep on laughing all the day? Yeah, there wil be such kind of human being now in the world. Like.. I no friend you anymore by dowan to go together with you and that shit will like, I AM STILL YOUR BEST FRIEND.. =P

Are you can be more sensitive of that? Yes, we are more to low-text culture and not straight forward, you can'y see my face expression mia kah? Be more sensitive lar.. Bodoh~~ I got face let you see one.. "I DOWAN FREN WITH YOU.. BLAH..SHIT~~"..

nExt thing today, I know we no need to sit for the exam for CRM. And that kind of group thing is really stupid. Research? We can do individually lar, and then at house we got computer, we can research ourself, no need to divide groups, and each group got their own chance to start to talk and gossip.

Ok lar.. it is really common in Malaysia's school I think. If you and your gang decided to form a group to have a like.. "Study Group", would you really think all of them will only STUDY?? I think erm.. Gossip group or shopping, movie fashion group is more suitable instead of "study group". Yup, we had divided each of us and started to like... Very tension on our research career... Waha.. I don't think this will gona work lor...

Another thing... Ok lar... I sorry that I never update my blog long time. I promising you guys that I will spend some time on the tAg meme... kekekeke...

gotta rush to the bus...
no time. bye...~

Thursday, September 27, 2007

What is misunderstanding huh?

I know (again), I have been long decade no-update-blog. Yeah, I'm quite busy and moody towards blogging since my college life started again. Erm.. let me count ya.. I got 3 assignments.. ABE have one individual and one collective, Career Management divided into 4 parts but without any exams, TKM have one assignment, still don't know it is all group or individual together, and the question is still somewhere else not reaching into our hand.

Have to read 2 quite thick books, one is all about 1900s chinese story, and another one is for career management. And I am now, while studying for my tomorrow's TKM quiz, I'm not gonna ruin that quiz up, no choice.. Just study lar.. =.=""

And I really am sure that my visitors dropping and dropping accelerately.. And I am super appreciate you guys lefting me some "middle-spring" festival wishes in my chat-box, THANK YOU THE YOU VERY THE MUCH.. LOVE YOU ALL.. MUAK~~I really thouched by those wishes, and I apologize not viewing and lefting such messages in you guys' blog.. I am thank you..muak again.. *ppfftt..

Today have 2 classes, and I finished my last class and left around 4.30 pm. As usual, last time, I gonna hop to yeefong's car, and let her dropping me in LRT station, and DongXia will be at her house.. These days she less-drives car now, she will hop into her boy-boy car and let her boy-boy drives her home .. *so sweet. As usual too, I will ask "afterward you got pass-by LRT station not?" If yes, "can you drop me in that junction?" If no, "sad..."

However, she already drives us for so long time, since the day she drives to college. It is not so good everytime ask her to drive me to that junction, and everytime we gonna go for lunch. I think she is now quite relax, that her boy-boy able to carry her.. Anyway, thank you for driving us here and there... =P

But, I really don't wanna suffer taking that bus and squizing with students.. And that vibration of that lauyar bus, and If I miss the bus, have to wait for another half an hour. I just wish there will always be kind people that keen enough to drop me in that junction sometimes. If not, my father will suddenly phone me during I standing like a sandwich inside LRT, and I gonna gorek my bag to search for my phone to answer, and my father will always..


aHA.. you thought I am purposely not answer your phone is it?You never think that I am standing so suffer like hell, and all passengers wanna hurry back to buka puasa, and I am carrying so much stuffs and my bottle, how I gonna gorek my phone? Gorek oso need time one lar..

You think I purposely late is it? If I miss the bus, I have to wait another half an hour you know? You think that bus and LRT i drive one ah? you know usually my kind friend drop me at LRT station one if I miss the bus one you know? You see, my friend oso can drop me by that station, why can't you wait? Then you come to my school and get me lar..


Yeefong doesn't drive, and she doesn't pass by the Station. *sob sob.. So sad..

Therefore, to avoid rushing for bus and squizing in that bus, and I think if I tumpang friend's car gonna be faster reaching the station. =) I busying looking for friends who can able to drop me.. keke

Waha... I found one. A guy friend able to drop me at station.

And he waited outside the guard's gate door, cause I gonna go to the loo. After around 3 minutes. I rushed there to avoid let-people-wait-so-long, no good lar..

then He came out.. "Actually, I not wanted to drop you.."

I was.. WHAT??"" and I asked, "Are you serious? Why?"

He goes, "I don't want other people misunderstood about it" (ok, even idiot knows what does it means)

I continued, "What? Last time you told me that what other people think, is their choice. Are you really serious that you not gonna pick me up? (cause I think I still can run to the bus)"

He continued, "No lar, I can drop you one..."

I saw some of his friends lepaking at the road side and sucking those killing cigarattes. Norwonder, he said, this will lead to a misunderstanding, he doesn't want to let his friend to see he was taking me to that junction LRT station.

I am quite not happy with that, and I keep muttering myself, No next time, not gonna ask him anymore. And really angry with that...

After I opened the door, the door automatically opened widely, and hit-a-bit the flower pot next to it. And I still quite sad of "actually, I not wanted to drop you", and I did not notice of that door.

He goes, "you yourself drop out nevermind, don't let my door drops out.." (I quite not sure it is a joke?) But what inside my mind was still "Actually, I not wanted to drop you, I scared people misunderstood it".

At this point, I am not forcing you with gun at your head and "You drive me and stop at that junction, if not, I'll shoot." Why can't you just tell me, you are not willing to drive me to that junction? Or, if you are not straightforward, just find another kind of excuse like ''you not gonna pass-by LRT station"... very hard meh..

After promising, "I can drop you there", and finally say, "I actually think not gonna drop you".. And giving such stupid reason. And I was continuesly asking, "Are you sure you not gonna get me??" and he somemore went like... "Can ler, ok ler.." that kind of unsure. I was like so stupid to sit on a person's car that actually that person not willing to drop me in LRT station. And kind of feel so sorry to that person, like I owe him, once. Next time, I got car, have to pay-back by driving him to the place that he wanted.

What should I say? ..

I am so sorry on your inconvenience, to let you purposely drop me in that junction. Ok, and I admit that I am too emo and ego, small-gas kind of human being, take everything into serious. Let you have to wait for 3 minutes in that guard house, because I gonna spend that 3 minutes in that toilet. Sorry that let you feel malu infront of your friends, and cause misunderstanding to others. I am so sorry that hit your car door to that flower pot, if need any compensation? I will take fully responsibility.

And I am so sorry to put those un-collected notes in your car. I will take those remain notes by myself. And I know that you are kind of unwilling to do such things. Because I just plain stupid that thought everyone is kind enough to help each other by no harm done. I will take my own responsible..

And mostly, to avoid such misunderstanding, I will not talk to you, either, sms-ing, e-mailing, Msn-ing. Just cut all the connections to avoid misunderstanding...

Misunderstanding? Any guys reading my blog now? Just beware, cause reading my blog also will cause misunderstanding? Leaving messages in my chat-box? comment box? I think according to what my friend told me, this kind of behaviour also will cause misunderstandings, don't let your girlfriends know is better..

Anyhow, when I gonna talk (only talk) to a guy, either he is taken or still available, also kind of misunderstanding, so better don't talk to any guys, and guys don't talk to girls, if not? Misunderstanding.. *again..

So, to avoid let-people misunderstanding...better don't talk to each other ...
Can't people be more civilised? It sounds so stupid in this case...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Today I very Happy leh...

Wahahahahahahaha!!!~~ Muahahahahahahaha~~~
Belly Laugh
I today very the many the super the extra happy leh..

Not as what you think ler.. I am not lucky enough to kena a jackpot or lottery something...

I have passed my GRADE 8 !!!!!!!!

wahahahahahahahaha~~ muahahahahahaha

wahahahahahahahaha~~ muahahahahahaha

Free liao ... kekeke.. super happy...

Now I got my Grade 5 theory and Grade 8 practical piano. Planning to teach.. kekeke ~~ after graduate degree, planning to take Dip In Teaching then.. but still wondering what school wanna take leh...

Who ?? Siapa?? Bin-go want to learn piano one??? Come Come I teach you.. I teach you until you can play with your leg mia... (kidding lar)


I am happy that I am available in the market now, but, still afraid to face it. I heard there are many music schools now, refer to Diploma level if you wanted to be a teacher. They are not require only Grade 8... Anymore.... *sigh... *cham...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another News from YOUR country's UPM.

Great, I sure you guys watched this before. I gonna say something here. *cough cough.First of all, long time no blog, hi~everyone, and long time no see. Sob~~Sob.. really hate colleging days..

I really do not know what's going on in this UPM, fortunately, I am not one of this U's student, get rid of this kind of thing. Is this the education level that Malaysia goes? It is quite funny to hear this. Because of those protesting students and that fucking guard (gate one I think). I am truly amazed by those students that their bravo to protest, bravo to speak loud, and their bravo to record it down. However, you don't need to be soO "active" when such problems come to you, just call the police and report to the head of the school. I believe every school got their own system right. And wait for their explanation. Or just call the media...

Another thing that makes me funny, anyone has their right on rampas other people belongings?. Now, come on, we are no longer secondary students, do we need to practise what is secondary doing? like "Liquid paper (blango lar..) are not allowed in school." So, we have to use bloood to erase is it?? ..

Anyway, this rampasing I think they have a dark scene behind.

"acknowledgment that they have confiscated a student's laptop computer, MP4 player, pendrive, mobile phone, leaflets and documents.The student whose belongings were confiscated is a member of the 'anti-establishment' camp and the incident is believed to be related to the upcoming campus elections."

Election again, *sigh... which means, when every election comes, then the staff have their right on rampas belongings of students lar? Perhaps, other students also can able to rampas other students things lor.. then I rampas you, you rampas me.

Or it maybe does not relate to any election bla bla....

Another hypothesis..

Maybe they going to celebrate the raya, therefore, you know lar.. What to do? Income so little, just grab things from students lor.. *erm.... We are not steal their things, we are the staff her lor, and we have our right to confiscate their belonging ... Waha.. this raya, no scare no money ler.. (*cough, that's everyone thinks of, when celebration come, no money, and you will see a lot people will starting to be super-duper hardworking, it is normal lar, our practise culture mar..)

If even a staff have rights on rampas-ing things, such as Laptop, Mp3... etc., according to the youtube's clip. Why didn't the staff just tell those students what are the reasons and rights to confiscate their belonging, Why CAN'T HE TELLS OUT LOUD???. Instead of acting coward and hiding inside the car. When the police arrived, why not open discussion??? Why have to squiz into that unconfartable room (don't tell me that's where students stay O.O~)??

Perhaps, they are discussing "saya mau tolong boleh~ tapi macam mana" topic in that room. I saw few male malays sitting infront that door, with his legs own his chair, relaxing.. OI~ do you know they are recording, and your pose gonna be seen by the whole world??~!!! Act wise a bit lar~ can!

It is so embarrased to you UPM, why can't students study in a comfort way? The guard is worse than my doggies.. Come one! you are only a GUARD !!!

This shows those students are not sleeping during their class, especially, when it comes to the chapter of "HUMAN RIGHTS"... =)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

It is a save-money-CPU

Argghh~ As usual, lack of pocket money nowadays. Have to survive with little tiny amount.. Sigh... ~~
How to buy myself a CPU then? Save money? I don't even have money to save. I want a CPU, nevermind.... Buy another one? Rather make it myself.
You heard of home-made-cookies, home-made-mooncakes, home-made-cakes, How about home-made-CPU?
Am I damn clever??? kekekekeke

If you lost your mouse,,

*cough cough

This is a case that if you lost your mouse, your computer's mouse Ok~ Not with the name of Mickey neither Minney.. =.=" What should you do then? oR it has rosakED? Or it is not functioned anymore?? So, you can't controll the screen anymore !! OMG~ How bad ~~

Nevermind, Someone has invented a new technology in this future that actually a normal electronic equipment, yes, your iron that used to iron clothes, can be used as a mouse for your computer too.

This is also helping those housewife, especially those aunty-aunty grade computer user, who they don't even know how to right click, left click, and double click. To avoid, the barriers of learning how to use computer. If they are too familiar with how to use the iron, so, iron can be used as a mouse too, but not to iron clothes on the computer screen lar...

This also bring all range of people, not only the youngsters have their chance to adapt computer and high tech knowledge, but for grandmama, and uncles, aunties.

This can be bought in anywhere in the electorinic shop, you just have to ask for a 2-in-one mouse iron, they will give you this.

See? ... How user friendly is that....

My new bought Windows Vista.

First of all, I have to cry out very many loud here first.. Teary Tears

My visitors really getting decreasing and decreasing since the day I backed to college..


Please come come ~ Don't let it down~~ Cry!!!! Cry!!!!

I bought a new Windows Vista, I haven't install it yet.. wAHA.. share with you guys in my blog first. Anyway, my software is a bit different than you guys. Erm, yup, mine is Windows Vista, with very real screen one OK ! It is real. And it is free one, you just can get it inside your room.

It is a real, with 4D screen, clear, and wide screen. That is why that's different than you guys'. I just bought it, just now, you don't need to carry it from the shop, and of course. It is 100% original window. I don't support pirated one. OK~~ I am here to promote(help the company) you the real Vista of Window.

Just have to get it in your room. Great????


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Test~~ Test (chinese version)



7) 你最喜歡的數位?  
8)你喜歡美國的加利福尼亞州(California) 還是福羅裏達州(Florida)?  


2)如果你選擇:  紅色:你是很警戒的人,你的一生中充滿了愛  

A-K 你有的一生中會很多愛和友情  
L-R 你總是想歡享你的生命,你的愛情生活馬上就要開放  
S-Z 你喜歡幫助他人,而且你的未來的愛情生活充滿希望  






如果你選了:  加利福尼亞州(California) :你喜歡冒險  

9)如果你選了:  湖:你對你的朋友和愛人很忠誠,且你是個保守的人  


I hade made a harsh wish, therefore, I have to paste it here.. =.="""

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stop the Dogs Hunt !! IDIOT !!

ok I know.. long post again. But ..please give some attention...

First of all, do you really know where is your brain?? , yup, human brain situated inside your body? Is it inside your stomach, so what human think is only eat??. Or... inside your backside, so, conclusion, what human really really actually eventually think is only EAT and SHIT. Or even, do you have human brain? Are you educated?

This can be found, because, some part among the human are actually do not contribute on thinking and decision making. They do not accept any other opinions from others and certainly not a risk taker, this is because they are more to wild-rude type of human being. To be babaric, think they are the best human being in the world but they are actually idiot.

Always not coming out the best solution, do not contribute any good ideas on solving problems. They are easily get influenced, think they are right, grant everything in the world easy-going, living just for relax but not improving in term of "kaizen". Always compare themselves to a poor grade people in the world, so it shows they are rich. However, when they compare themselves to a richer grade of people, they are actually low-class human.

For example, "we are living in a harmony country, please look at the middle-east, there are wars, please look at Japan, they have the earth-quake because of volcanos, there are also a lot of inner wars among the small-small countries, so.. We are lucky to live here". Therefore, " We not need to improve anymore, just have to leave steadily in term of "not-growing", and create jokes within the place."

Ok, the introduction part is a bit long, but it is all my truely expressed opinion. Read this article in The Star.

Yup, a dog-hunting competition, I think it is only held in Malaysia "your truly Asia" and your bolehland country. Personally, I think this competition is plainly just to show how bolehness of Malaysia on catching those "no-home" stray dogs around the place. And it has attractive Award.

You think it is illegal?? NO..NO..NO... the "majlis" and this activity is actually approved and runned by the Government of Perbandaran Selayang. It is LEGAL one.. OK! somemore, great prizes.

(click image to enlarge)

Read this doggie blog..

Interesting right, you got RM15,000 for first place and many consolation prizes, just to catch stray doggie. It is only available for Malaysian Citizen? How about foreigners? they can participate too? Maybe, I will plan a trip to visit Selayang Dog-cathing competition for a group of tourist consist the western tourist and internationally, to visit, what's actually Malaysia is doing.

Malaysia friendly people, good place, nice whether huh?? ~!!

In other words, why Malaysia has to implement this kind of contest, with the objective to reduce stray dogs and because those stray dogs harm children in that area, and that's is really scary. Yeah, I experienced once, those illegal not-pet dogs are actually wild and attack human. I think it is same as other kind of wild animals too, when they are untrained, they are wild.

I was escaping so hard with wearing my Baju Kurung Uniform during form 3 after the para-para dance at school with other 2 girl's friends. Shouting for "tolong !! tolong!! and help!!" and I threw my bag off and one of my shoe left there. So, thankful to a malay uncle who saw us chasing by dogs when he was riding on a motorcycle, he quickly took a long stick to scare those dogs. It was really a nightmare, and those wild dogs are 100% unlike my Lily and Oscar. And some of them having such unique diseases in their body. Disgusting....~~~

But think it wisely in other site of your mind, why there were no stray dogs there before, why the number of these dogs increasing? It is just because they lost their habitat and homes. There are cruel, but there are homeless and pityfull. Do you only think that only huge wild dogs out there? Howabout, the puppies who homeless, how about one stupid brainless Chiwawa comes out from home and doesn't know the way to get back its home, how about people that actually throw away their dogs from home and cause they become homeless. ???????? It is also same as other animals too, I hate monkeys, they come and steal your fruits in the kitchen.. GGGRRR!!!~~

Is this competition is the best way to solve this entire problem? Is it able to be solved? If you are able to provide those "lumayan" prizes to normal people to catch dogs, why not hire a profession to solve this problem? That they are actually can able to handle this whole case, because they are trained.

In additionally, the "MJS" is not responsible on any lost of the person such as injuries when you are hunting for a wild dog. I don't think that a normal person who is not an expert is able to catch wild dogs that are really fierce that attack human, if its cause injuries? Are you still thinking to win the RM15000 first prize? Or my advice is, if you are really lucky to get the first prize RM15000, but you got a serious injured by wild dogs. That stupid first prize are not sufficient to cover your medical treatment, idiot.

Another side effect of this stupid plain idiot contest. How you gonna give a 100% confirmation, that the dogs that catched by the people are stray? Testing DNA something? How about, if people are not able to catch wild dogs around, but only focusing on catching puppies or even some cute cute small dogs besides roads?. Is the problem to be solved? When only catching small doggie in that area??

Because regarding on news, "this campaign is actually held because of stray wild dogs attacking and harm children in that area ( I don't think cuty little puppies will harm and attack you), and because recieved 80 complaints in that area."

What will gonna do, if the people are unable to catch wild stray dogs, but puppies or even dognap our luxury expensive registered dogs with medication expenses which more than human spend?? What to do, if thieves steal our home-pet-dogs, and claimed they are stray ???

How the campaign is 100% guarantee, my home-dogs not to be stolen, 100% take action on wild dogs instead of puppies, 100% not harming those dogs when catching them alive, people will not get injuries when they have to fight with the wild dogs, because wild dogs will just act like a group of wolves, they come in a gang, and yet, they are very united to fight with human. When people got injured, who gonna responsible? Blame the environment again? Do you believe that people will actually 100% only catch dogs by not harming them or even kill them? you SO confident kah?

Do you know that those homeless doggie or even cats are actually diseases carrier, they maybe having those unidentified sickness that haven't been found, like the Chicken-flu before. So? What will happened if the person trying to catch dogs are bitten by them? And found a NEW FORMULA DISEASE IN THE WORLD? Aren't that's scary ???

Please read

The author claimed that who are protesting this event are idiot. To the author, don't you find this activity is actually not a "solving-problem" campaign, instead of affecting those "money-minded" human, wash their brains, and thinking of COLLECTING (no matter steal from neighbours, or harming puppies besides roads) Dogs just to win that prize?

By giving such great prizes, but people who intend to catch dogs are not protected, what for? You think you are another ultimighty superman, batman, spiderman or cicak man... Just go catch lar..~~ Protect people ?? not protect people?? Or you think you can depend fully on pihak-pihak (stated in the rule of the contest)???

Is this the most rational decision to solve and reduce stray dogs in the environment?

Western and any other countries have been coming out and starting a lot of charities on helping those homeless dogs (maybe there are still cruel human especially in China eating dogs and cats .. HATE THAT) , to show our kindness towards the environment. First of all, we develop by chopping down trees, animal lost their homes. Therefore, we have to help them by finding a new home , not destroying them. But Malaysia is having an opposite way, is this contest a charity?? Or maybe, we are still having a thick forest and still have a lot of trees.. We have sufficient resources to live, We don't scare anything mia..

Read cicak too..

Or this perhaps can bring a conclusion of, Malaysia Government are actually do not have a proper, systematic solution towards the country's environment where people treat this case is the minor case in the country, but using a wrong system to solve problems. How about the big one?? O.O!!

Think it back Malaysia, it even came out a contest of "Who registered themselves on MyCard have the possibility to win a MyVi.." And Citizen started struggling themselves renew their IC not because they think is their responsible to renew their IC, but just to win the My-Vi.. And yet, this stupid contest did not work. Why? why, who came out such idea of Winning a MyV who had renewed their IC? How come you are soO brilliant to come out this Contest ?? And, fortunatly and unfortunately, why it failed?? You suddenly aware of it that is a wrong system? Or just wanna trap the citizens to renew their IC into MyCard??

Same.. my philosophy quote "Can't people be more civilised??" .. by spookygrace. They even never think and learn about WIN-WIN SITUATION.

Yes, Stop the Jokes !! Stop dog-hunting !! Catching dogs is not a Game !! Wake up Wake up !ENOUGH !.. There is no another 50 years for you to waste. ! What are the country is doing now, not only can be seen by its country people, but the whole world is percieving what are you doing. Everything has become international and talk about globalisation. Please act wise to impress others. Stop the immature!

TO PROTEST !!!!!!~~~!!!! Stop the Hunt !!! I'm a dogs pet lover.


animals, "Human, please don't step over the line . When you are not welcoming us, harm us, despising us, you deserve a pay-back by the environment one day" this is not a game.. indeed a contest.


what are transformers??

Cheh.. I know ! I know how to explain..

Transformation lor..
like how?

the inputs always are those elcotronics stuff or heavy machines stuff...


They tranform lor... but the outcome is the same one. No matter you tranformed by what. The output always will be a ROBOT....
sO? Why must all that MUST tranformed to be only a robot? Why not to other thing?
Maybe, nowadays human think that robot will replace the Indonesion maid at home.
You think so?
Nintendo game boy tranformer..

Avon truck transformer.

Apple iPod tranformer..

Hello Kitty sewing machine tranformer...

ermmm..... hehehehe...
Can call this lanjiao tranformer...

Monday, September 10, 2007

What a super boring day.


Today is my "back-to-school-day", also define as, sucks day. Today, one word, "boring". Boring lecture, and made my eyes, close...OPEN....close....OPEN... sleepy leh...~~~ I hate the whether, early in the morning there was little little drop of rain, and it is the perfect moment to sleep.

After the first class, the windy and cloudy day made me feel like dreaming on my bed too,Although it is noon.


After I reached my home sweet home... I grab my lovely bolster together, switch on that lousy air-con (no wind one), pack myself with blanket and DREAM.. nice...

How can I describe that, maybe.. it is just like you guys tasting a cup of most wonderful latte in the whole world. No school, nice dream.. dream ler you...

Enjoy your latte... or carpuccino .. or mocha...or expresso.... bla..bla..bla.. nice decor.. =)
I Love You Mug