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Friday, August 15, 2008

My 21st~~~

You must think that my parents celebrated my 21st birthday for me. Having some kind of buffet dinner, inviting all those kepoh aunties and uncles to my house, but few of them are my friends.

Like what my mom did say, "if want party har.. must invite people who gonna give angpau, not presents... if not, we all gonna rugi.."
What I desire is only a memorable 21st birthday, I'm not gonna spend my precious time to deal with all your friends and those kepoh relatives.

So. How did I spend my precious time, my birthday.. just to be with my boy.

*jump "I'M 21ST~!!!"
Before it, the day just before I gonna take out my camera. And, I found out that my spooky bratha took away my camera USB. WtF~~ How I gonna connect and tranfer my pictures then. So Sorry my young brother, and I think that I should take some revenge as a reaction.

first first on the day..

He arrived by handing me one-stick rose. And appeared so Happily. But what I was expecting and assuming was at least 99-stickS. okok~ I not very yim jim. Although it is the only one-stick, most importantly is that I am loving it. I really put it infront of my desk and watch it and talk to it before I sleep OK. ~ *picit picit

see how lovely it is~~~

Next, we moved on to our tickets. The very first time that I drive people's look-new car, and kept legging the break. Ok, I don't wanna have a bang on my day. Break is the most concern. I stepped on it very hard lor.. too gan jeong in driving other people's car. *kept praying.. you fast fast come down ler..~~

Luckily the nerves had gone, and yeah to him came down and save me.. foo~~*sweat

Don't leave me alone infront of Pyramid anymore dear~~~~~ =(

Next on, we proceeded to One-U to have a Shogun~ meal then. This meal cost me blood and sweat indeed. It costs rounds of "one-two-juice'' and ''scissors, stone, cloth".....Of course, I won.!

Reached there onSpot. The first thing is to aim all kinds of sushiS and sashimiS. And. they really did welcome me lor.. Yummy~~




shark fin with egg.. but i hate the tomota sauce

yuck~ hate it!

Shit Look Jelly agar-agar~

one-person-one Oyster~

fifthly.. small cakes with jelly jelly and pudings..

it is called as a da-chang-jing recipe's duck. It tastes good like chicken but it looks so shit.

Gotta show you how i gonna eat one plate in just 5 second.



3. *imagine that you are eating your boss.. cramping the prawn head!!!!

4. feel bored of my job ~hate hate~ gr......

6. finished!

I just wish that I can have a more bigger and widen stomache. Quite regret that I havent taste all of it..

We continue to the "Journey to the centre of the Earth" in Pyramid!

With 3D~~~


During nite time. the Happy Birthday~~happy 21st.

All parents treat their children like small kids. I can prove you that it is true and it is yet a fact. See...> A petty cash, that motivate and encourage me to save me. But not for my use. May be they gonna steal it one day. =.=~
My boy~~
The Bon Odori ~~
Having some fun at Bon Odori that night just to have a long queue when buying tako-yaki
tell you what you gonna do during office hour, and Your computer is blocked to access internet or chat rooms.

Fully utilise the scanner.. because they block the net.. I don't care..*scan scan scan scan..~
Sushi Freak... WE LOVE SAKAE~!!!!

aMIRING my tasty salmon~~~~

"Love you my darling~~ thank you for spending all your time together with me"~ Muakzzzz!
*geli yer~~~~
i gOnna be very am missing you in the days without you..
Ka Chak- Ka Chak~~