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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Still wanting to celebrate Chinese New Year.~

After the funeral of my grandma, planning to celebrate (how to) this chinese new year. I am not allowed to visit any houses within these 3 months. Haiizz~ I thought to buy more dresses and shoes in this season, to act welcoming the new year. Haiizz~ No use for that.

The most luckiest is still my mom, she not need to give angpau and presents out. She saves a lot of money for this, and i lost a lot of ang pau money because of this. (My father side consider a lot of relatives too.. ) Nah, just download more more movies for this holiday, shake my legs and watch finish it.

Yester-two-days just got the new time table.. Haiizz~ Have to back to school again. Still very dam-sam my exam results, cause I really feel jia-lat for all those subject. I had lost my inspiration in answering it. Prepare for the bad, feel lucky if it passed. Waahaahaa~

The finance and market subject's lecturer is still blank and filled "TBA". wHAT LAR?? Hope not those stupid lecturer gonna teach us in this module, I'll die because of it. Still no lecturer for that module? Sounds very stupid...

Raining now, and nowadays.. And till the new year day will be very Sunny+Hotty. What did I buy for my new year? Yeah, after ther operation, I am quite lucky, cause my mom keep on buying cloths for me if I wanted. Wahahaha, she scared I laugai.. Of course, I also spend my own (long-save) pocket money since long long time ago for my new year expenses. I very caution in spending money one Ok. Somemore, I won't spend like few hundreds to buy clothes everyear. The most minimum amount spent was jus RM20 for entire new year shirts.
See what I bought?
These two dresses was paid by my mom. One piece= RM 45.00 only. If you go to the boutiqe (high-class) especially in Amcorp Mall, Little black book, pyramid or even Mid-valley, the cost will be around RM100-150 per piece. RM 45 is damn cheap, somemore it is new stock. So, consumers should be very wise in buying, sometimes it doesn't mean cheap means no good and expensive will show you are high class people. My shoes bought in hot-market for RM15.00 can last 2 years. It is only how you treate you things carefully.

These 3 pieces I paid myself, one piece cost RM12.00. There are lelonged infront of HongKong express, and before 3 months, there are hanged inside and one piece of this stupid T-Shirt cost RM30 something. O.OWhat lar????!!! After 3 months it becomes RM12.00, I want 3 of them.. Wahahaha.. (Warn: HK express are not cheap for certain T-shirts and dresses, so, please buy wisely)

Both are paid by my mom, and together cost RM30.00. It is not cheap nor expensive. it will be OK lar.. they are from pasar malam.

I love the LOVE shape fake diamond..kaka

these are all traditional costume.. Purposely bought it for Chinese New Year...year-by-year..

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A wedding+ A funeral

Yesterday supposed to be acted happy because I going to eat a lot in a wedding dinner. I hd taken out my dress that I gonna dress up at night, hehe... I look slimmer and confident to wear that new buy dress (I purposely went to buy dress because of that dinner ok..)

Bad News when my father got home and say.. "eh, your grandma passed away already".. My dad samo phone my mom.. "Tonight we still go wedding dinner or not har?".. =.="" Of course the funeral lar, who still want to go to that wedding dinner..

Quite mad with it actually, staring at my new bought dress and tonight have to go funeral instead of a wedding dinner. haaaiiiiiyyyyyeeeerrrr~~~

No choice, still have to go to the funeral to respect the dead. but what my mind will be "Am Dam". Nah, that doesn't that I am not feeling sadness that my grandma passed away, first of all, she already 90+ no sickness. I don't think that a people live untill they can't move, they don't even care to live, and even they want to die, will still survive in this world. I think they are intend to leave this world if they wanted to. Furthermore, this is the end of the chinese year, she chose to leave in this end, sure she got her reason...

It is unlike my waipo (mother side grandma) that the she chose to live after new year sharp after 15th of the first month. And she got her reason too, that she wanted to leave after the new year.

There is no reason for me to be sad, she is too old to live.

Another stupid phone call.. for a job interview..

Yesterday another missed call that I knew it is from a music centre. It is from puchong band puteri. First time she called me, " Excuse me Miss Leo, would you like to come for an interview by tomorrow??"

me,"oh, may I know where is the music centre from? Cause you didn't mention it on the website..?"

she," oh, we are from bandar puteri puchong, can you come by tomorrow?

me, "at this moment I am not sure that I can come."

she, "You have to let me know by now, cause I have to call another person for the interview not only you.."

me,"then nevermind, just consider I reject it.."

Damn, she just spoke in a very damn lanci voice, and I can imagine how lanci is her face was acting, where I do not know is she the boss or only just a clerk.. Call lar call lar, call others lar. And at that moment, I really fade up and don't bother it, even I wanna find another music centre, I think there are a lot more in Bandar puteri puchong, Not only you ok~

One week later....

she called me yesterday, but I missed it. Then she did not give up by contacting me by SMSing me. she din type anything clearly but jus " Would you like to come for an interview by tomorrow for teaching on saturday (only on Saturday) and we offer good package for you.."

har??? What offer good package?? I didn't hear any music centre will offer any good package in teaching but I just hear it for students learning it????...

I just ignore, "Sorry, I'm not free on tomorrow that I am only free on Monday onwards.. and where is the place and who speaking??"

She replied, "I am from bandar puteri puchong... where u stay??"

Me (oh, you are the one that day you called me), "Sorry, I can make it to puteri puchong.. bla bla bla.."

I already hating this people by hearing that day she spoke with that lan-c voice, jus ignore her..

She did not give up by busying sms-ing me, that she can provide transport for me, I only have to teach on Saturday, samo offer don't know what good package, bla bla bla bla, and if I can't make it for an interview, you can call and make another appointment one. .. bla bla bla bla..

Very shitty this kind of principal that you already rejected me early, Am I god damn stupid for waiting for your calls, sure I gonna search for another new music centre and try my chance for it, who damn stupid only apply to you ONE centre, sure I gonna spread my certs out.

Somemore, that you only need me teach on Saturday, Then, how many students you give me then..? If you jus need me teach only on Saturday, I am sure lured to search for another part-time in another centre then, would you allow me to do that so?

Anyhow, I think I should try to go for and interview and see what she says... If yes, then yes, if no then No..

aaarrrggghhh~~ Have to decide it first, somemore I already not impressed with her lan-c lan-c attitude, meet this kind of person have to be more lan-c than her..

What come to my mind is, there is sure no one willing to work for her, then she only act so damn annoy to keep on calling me, somemore can provide transport.. Got such good job or not??~~!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

confusing. complicating. deciding. can't sleep...piano teaching freak.

today I jus went to an interview in Endah Parade. After the whole travel+vomit+faint in my papa's van. I reached there by very fortunate-finding-a-car park. It feels very weird that I went there with my father but not my mom. We used to shop very carzy with my mom and we are very KNOW-HOW the place is.. It is jus like our second home.. =P.

On the way to the centre.. suddenly the girl call me.. "Our principal need you bring 3 songs and play for her.." O.O i came out liao, how I gonna bring it?

seeing the principal.. She jus gave me a lecture in teaching in her centre, with all the regulations that employees have to fulfill and what a teacher should do. After it, she told me that she hires me if I able to fulfill all regulations. She tests my passion in teaching by giving me a class on Monday. If I can go, I can't stop by that. If I can't go, just bye bye.

Actually I also very pity those centre's principals, our teachers just have to teach.

First first, she is not intend and not impressed with my certs that i got. Yala, my grade oni got 5 and 8.. So?SO!! How ! Just tell me I'm in or out lar..!

Ok, the thing is not the qualification that the person has. I hope many employers do consider other facts too. Sometimes it might be very hard and difficult to find a music teacher, that not anyone can play with the skills. Sometimes it will be very easy that you are really into this field. It depends on the centre that famous or not.

the thing is.. The Rules..That really freakin me out. I can't change my time table simply but have to follow what the students do. It is 100% unlike my piano teacher. That she likes to change it from Monday to Sunday, but I jus plainly pity her that time she was just a student. =.=""
Piano 2

She even test my passion on Monday, by just teaching one student in a month. Consider averagely that you have 2-4 students in 2 months. Maybe you just get around RM100 per month. OMG how to survive with that?? but consider secondly the time, maybe you just have to teach for 2 hours in a day. Yeah. It is worth.. However, the regulations restrict me by not participate in any other centres besides working for them. Will it worth anyway?

Now, my strategy will be the long-run or the short-term. I do believe that I can make money in long-run. But in short-run maybe I just can get that RM30 per month. But I can't say that in future 3 months.

Other than that, I just have to look for another centre. Maybe it is only 2 students for me to teach, but if there is no-strict-rules to tie me up. Maybe I can be more freedom to teach happily, and maybe that will be my motivation too. But the job does not appear to me that kind of fast.


so there are two choices. I have to teach one year in commitment by follow all the rules such as wearing formal to classes, cannot change time simply, cannot participate in any company besides that. The rules will mess me up, in addition, I really do not know what my final year will going on. I know the rules stated is to build an image for the school, and to be honest, the school is quite famous to me, and the principal now considering hiring me, I have to curi-ketawa by the time..

Secondly will be, I go for another centre to give another try, I think I can able to find a very lease-lease-no-rules centre, at the same time that I can take care of my final freakin year. But it might be taking long time for me to search for it.. And it won't be a better location anyway. And I am now thinking of a new environment instead of the tied-up rules.

and there are pros cons in it. I can just teach in a lauyar centre but I got no rules with it that I can teach happily and have my freedom to study my final year. OR, i am now having a chance to teach in a famous school but I might be lose my freedom and I have to be commited.

Furthermore, the rate and commision for my income are all the same. And I have to correct that what other people told me that teaching piano can be a millionare.. "SIAPA TU?? WHO SAYS TEACHING PIANO CAN EARN MANY MUCHY MONEY ONE??""

at this moment, what I interested in is performing compare to teaching where I just need to get a licsence. I teach because of my mom was so annoying that forcing me to find a centre to teach teach teach and with that I can release some burden to my father. I have to correct it that "you think with that I can earn many money meh?>!" i not even effort to pay LRT and prepaid lar.!
Piano Man

Further consideration, discussion with my parents is needed.. to work.. or not to work"""

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This is the time~ =P


I have travelled to Endah Parade and Kuchai Lama to look for a new job. Hope good news will come. And I think I can handle 2 locations indeed. =P bleh. Wish me luck. I think I can have the jobs after the Chinese New Year, comes very soon........Looking for a job is not that easy, it is very unlike sales and promoters that I used to look for... Damn green in this field..

This is what my parents brought me when they travelled to China. I demanded for a "er-hu". That's what I want to learn as a chinese musical instrument.. And they brought me back this thing.. "hu-lu-si".. =.=""""~

My dad even told me .. "Er-hu is not worth to buy one, then I think I buy you this lar.. This very good one you know, I heard they play it is better than er-hu lor.."

What I asked for is "er-hu" OK! If you can't find any er-hu then better don't buy anything else lar..~ And samo forced me to play this for you. It is actually a "C" hu-lusi.. and the octaves are limited.. and it is only can play in one octave. It is very simple to play but it is quite similar to saxaphone..

Now, it is jus a decoration to my home.

After a long break, I think I gonna tidy up my closet. I turn my cupboard down and these are all my pants... and 70% of them not fit anymore after the operation. And 50% of them have sent for cutting and rest of them will be to other's generation. And what will suit me most currently will be all those mini-mini skirts... waha~

This is a chocolate... cute face-bee chocolate.. And.. it just tastes like chocolate..

What my favourite~ yummy. It is not tasted like normal chocolate, instead of the taste of tiramisu.. I like it because it tastes salty.. =P


Friday, January 18, 2008

Finding jus a music teacher job ain't easy

It is damn difficult than what I think. But I really want a job. Barriers over round me. I know I just only have a 5th and 8th. But I really do interest in teaching. I tought students too, consider as experience. Give me a job, I jus want a job.

Besides after finished the entire studies, at this moment without enough fees for my diploma. I just want a related job in order, my piano playing will not end at this moment. At the same time of teaching, at least I can still continue to play with the students based on my own experience on playing classical to pop songs, concerto to sonatina to jazz.. and how to handle examinations.

That's how fun it will be..

of course, there is no free lunch, i need pay...

first call..> Actually, our centre need a Diploma's teacher. (How come? a not very famous centre also need a diploma????)

second call..> Oh, we can't answer you wor, you hav to come here yourself to fill the form first, and wait for the reply.. "thank you, bye bye"

Third call...> My principal say hor, you photostate your IC and cert hor.. then come here fill form.. "Ok ler, I'll come during weekends"

Fourth call..> Oh. we don't need any teachers now wor, leave your contact we will call you if we need teachers.."OK"

Really demotivating me to continue my call.. Flip through the entire yellow pages also no use.. (Oops.. yar.. hehe.. I use yellow pages to find music centres.. I too brilliant??)

Obviously, all of the calls FAILED! I still have to wait wait wait for a right time to deal with this job.

Looking for a promoter job and part time sales is dmn easy (I can just walk by shops in midvalley and pyramid and i can get one.. erm.. maybe not only one..)

I just have to use one hour to call by looking at the newspaper I can get one..

But looking for a piano teacher have to wait wait wait.. for their reply.. !!!!! If they no reply within three days. Means the job DIEs! still looking it.. sigh~

it really has to depend on luck.. Wish me luck in this beginning of new year. I really hope I can get one... By tomorrow....~~~