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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

i got tagged...>keep the answer as short as possible!!!

1: Who is the first blogger you meet?
2: Who is the most wanted to meet blogger for you?
3: Who is the ‘I can meet, want to meet but somehow never got to meet’ blogger?
*all bloggers
4: Who are the group of bloggers you most wanted to meet?
*ok la..>rojaks group
5: Do you have any bloggers/blog readers that you wish to meet right now?
*now kah?? noe!

thanks for your tag very much...>feon

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

day b4 back to college life!!!

this day really bo song..becoz have to study again/// sorb sorb!!!
the day before everyone has to go for their workin' and study'in life..> today sunday..have to go visit ma papa fren..> uncle Soon and Uncle yap! ...> have to go gatherin' with d unclesz and antieasz..> for what? // collect their "fat" angpau lor!!!

this is the beautiful shue mei ..> it looks like mashmalowzz candy!!!

this is the fake blossom!

this is my house's garden> " papa gardenin!!"

this is lily the naughty gal...> v jus know she has heart disease neh..> sorb sorb!!

this is the unclez+antiesz gatherin...>they decided to go "teow chew ming " in ss2..> it is very femes der!!!! ..> especially the shark fin mee suah!!! yam yam!!!


this is a dessert by teow chew ming : it is a yam paste..> lets see in the catalog!!!....>

and the reality!!

tell u what..i feel with it!!.>


Saturday, February 24, 2007

cny judi!!!!!

these days ..> spookygal really concentrate on her gamblezzxx activity..> i got win de neh..!!!
still remember honey??> she is really a LAN DOU PO.. everyday wants me to gamble with her..> she wins..> she will be happy.> if she lose..> ?? she will go crazy..> of course, i won all of her money ..>hahahahah, wahahhahaha!!!!!

tats makes me lazy to update ma blog..>

wonder where i went to..ooooo!!!! b4 the day ma spookybratha wana get back to the jail again!!!!we brougth him to IOI for A n W ..> he really likes it..tats y??!!!

how can spookygal let go the book shop!!! the popular book store!!> c so many people queing.. for books during cny??!!!!! HAHa may be about feng shui..>

lets c...yeap!!! i found the opus dei..>really opus dei...>it is opus dei..> that i wanted this book a century ago..>

/// what i wana get to know this book is about da GReEek story... > but the whole book is telling about the cope with the christian relligion.. ok!!okOK!!! tats really makees me bored........> however... i still searchin for the true love story of the Opus Dei..> tell u what tis book really boring neh!!

i think this book suit me the best...ever!!!sigh!!


next on..... spookymama!!!brought me to jpj...for this,,.!!hahahahha..> not P any more!!!!hahahaha..wahahahahah..wahahahahaha!!!!! drive what ever u want to ..hahahaha!!!

spookybratha..>really annoying..> he wants a cap+hat..erm...what ever .i dono what;s tat...! it is a kind of hip hop stufs..> he was searching for that stupid stufs..> that can't find it in IOI mall..> and he came out: " AH mi... i wan to go KAM HOR (sungai wang), oni there got..>then i wana o kamhor's echo park n see see..>"..>What????!!!!???!!!,,,
u know the PEOPLE theere???? people mountain people sea...u wana go there..> ??????????

ok fine..!!!lets,,, go!!!!opposite kam hor!!!

many people ...yerk!!

finally found echo park..really hiphop culture..>envi!!

take a look on this cheong sam....hahahah!!!! chinese cheong sam hip hop man !!!!

yeah!!! really feelin spoookygal hip hop!!!!!
actually...honey is talkin to me... ignorin her..hahaha!!!

honey said..: " eh...v all sekali gus go times square lar..>"
at last..> the spookyfamily.. go kam hor bcos of tha spooky cap in Echo park..>cost..RM 39++..> and..the spooky freakin parkin cost rm 4 (in 1 hour time)..... +heavy rain....>sigh/..
I really sometimes deng ng sun..honey.. (don tell me u live in da city..honey)
honey:" we all go kam hor then v all oso go times square and sungai wang lor.."
spookygal:" kam hor is sungai wang lar.."
honey:"ya meh??> kam hor is kam hor..>sungai wang is sungai wang lar!"
(everyone in da car ingore what she said...>)
inside kam hor (sungai wang)
honey:"eh, peipei, we all come in kam hor jor ah?"
spookygal:" is kam hor lor..."
honey:"but , y there writen sungai wang geh>>?"
spookygal:" tats what i told u jus now..kam hor= sungai wang lar!"
spookyuncle:" nononono!!!!!,, kam hor is sungai emas!!!!
Duh sigh!!!