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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sighing to the end of the Day

what comes to my mind at this moment? Wow? Blogging?

since a decade ago when Facebook hitted up the trend. Blog is just belongings of your own and personnel. People read it? Click on it?

still remember the most post reading in Blog is just >Gutteruncenssored, Quite addicted and found it really porned in that page. Tsk Tsk, human are borned to be curious, no matter in what kind of circumstances.

of this whole decade, its has been so long time through from my first job and now second.
Speechless of working, and I though many out there will think what I think, will feel what I feel so. Are you happy with your job currently? , moron will say yes. BUT , if you answer no, sympathatic religion holder will show his enthusiasm to lure you BELIEVE IN GOD, and the almighty can help you to overcome whatever thoughness you face if you pray.

GOD can help ?

Will throw the question back and request more research is needed before stating GOD is ever exist in the world. At least post a picture may be. Science prove that human comes from the genetic evolution. Adam and Eva? Do they exist first?
May be you should ask the "thing" travelled in UFO, they might get you the answer...

Fuck, my mom call for home. Back-ing from office now!

Sighing to the end of the Day ~