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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dear Diary

I have such long time that I did not own a diary. And, may be it was three months ago. I stopped. Then, it was four years ago. Blog is not a diary for me. I can't shout out anything and just ramble what did I do for the days, weeks or months. However, they are similar in sense of happyness, sorrowness, complaints, arguments and dislike.

I wanted my blog acts like a diary so much.

Today, what did I do?

I attend the Monday class regularly but the lecturer was in MC. I got no idea why was the news did not come early to me and I seemed like an idiot attending classes but actually there is no one to come. I think everyone was there as seem it was the last day. It is not an official class today but just a briefing to the fucking sucks field trip which consists of 8% of report, compulsary.

I called my father to bring home and before that we went for a check up for his lauzy van. And, that is the only transport currently which uses to bring me here and there.

Later I reached back just sitting infrom my computer and starting on my pet society gaming. Fun but bored. I was so scared that I couldn't get the jobs that I applied but yet I still got the response from the agency. I slept in the whole afternoon. Was, headache, so pain. bUt, still playing with my pet game.

Yes, I did re-cook the curry chicken. Basically I think my mom's cooking is definitely a failure. I is proven. It is not tasty at all. I got no point to starve, but, just, eat it.

Night now, I can't imagine that I might become a singing teacher one day. I am teaching a friend of mine to sing. He claims that he sings not good. Wonder, I can teach online with open up my piano tutorial and singing lesson.

I got no mood to sleep. Yet, I am still pending in my CS assignment.

Waiting someone who could tell me..

Who are the designers for LV and Gucci brand ???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

I know it Fails. Again.

You have no idea why am I typing this while I am having a huge heavy kind of feel on my head is aching. Shit, I even don't aware whether am I typing the right things. I got no enough sleep last night because of keep feeding my peipei pet in my facebook's pet society. You must will think to join me there.

I played fool by the problematic lecturer this morning who ensured that we must attend her class on Monday morning to that briefing but she threw us a plane. She is MC. I wonder think to get crazy and madness full of my head, rather, just don't think too much, one more month to go and I can fly away very far far far far far~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I did not receive any calls neither from the agency nor the Xerox company. I know it is a bad sign and it is now almost 1pm. I should give some confidence and pay some faith to myself. But, prediction is not that always correct. Obviously, I wanted to cry.

I can't get any posts or any jobs that I applied for. Playing fool around just to attend interviews for fun. But, not keen to hire. Where, don't just simply view jobstreet and see there are plenty of jobs that hire this and that posts. It is just a illusion, a bluff, a trick. They don't mean it. Just to ask you to attend interviews which cost time and money and energy.


I hate that... GIVE me A JOB!!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

my secondary life~

Wonder where is your ugly white and light blue uniforms had gone. I dumped it after finished my SPM four years ago. I still remember I owned 3 uniforms and 1 baju kurung. I hated to school but probably only travel to tuition centre. That's my secondary school life. I don't study. Most probably had well commanded in only few subjects like maths, accounts, economics and add maths. Sometimes, science and sejarah (history). Definitely think moral is unnessasry, and wtf is this sujbect teaching.

We was so exciting when Yuka first came here and joined our class. take picture~ take picture~

from left: me, ah lian, ah leng, yuka, ah yoke, yu teng, and yee teng.. (all are super old names)

Everyone was definitely an ah lian.

This was when form 5. I don't know whether it was Hari Guru or whatever function. But, I remember that we were going to a trip after this.

I got a super long hair during my ah lian century. Yes, the left one...

wonder where was I looking for..

This was in Form 5. Took the photo just after I chopped my hair. Just wanted to keep a photo to get a sweet memoirs for the SPM. = =

From left: me, ah leng, wai ting, ah lian, yee teng, ah yoke, maggie~~ muakakaka~

We have so many "ah teng"s in my secondary school.

this was when the traditional dance. IT IS NOT A GHOST STORY SCENE~ = =

A harsh harsh~ hard hard life

My dad was keeping mention about the life is such as game. Yes, I know it. So, how to keep it well-managed to avoid game over will be another discussion.

Our life is not solely belongs to ourself, but, people and environment which surrounds us. Yes, the network. For example, what are the things or phenomenan which surrounds you now. Me? I am going to print my thesis soon, going to do the corporate strategy, read my exam topics, going to field trip and recently interviewed with few companies that I am looking for jobs.

However, your life is a game, you say. On the other hand, you might become a game for your life to. Or, you are one of the characters which God uses you to play his/her game. Vice Versa.

Honestly, my point in this post is to express my anxiety and worry in doing my job best. I have no idea which is this a right decision that I made. Yes, somehow, I wish to go Fuji Xerox and try the hell-working-post of logistic executive. Long working hours and worse than sweatshops. Stress and committed to time. Precise and correct analitical results to be produced. And, firstly, your work sure will from 7.30 till late 9pm for a fresh new person who just go in.

I don't like to do sales as I hate to hit target monthly and approach the market that stresses me. Why don't I stress myself by just producing reports. Muahaha...

I have no idea.

I went to several companies and few of them demand for second round interview if I am the one who being shortlisted. It wastes my time as well theirs.

Anxiety and Worry, am I sustainable and mantainable enough to work in a full pressures kind of working life. Or, I just have to sit there and sipping my Milo drink.

I still choose the hard one. No matter 7.30am to 9.00pm, pay me RM1800.


that is my life..

it sounds stupid..

aiyo~ I dono I can tahan or Not lar~~~

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Too Busy yet too Free

I am crying for too busy and too free. I am supposed to be happy to attend any interviews. !@$$$#^%^*#$!#!.

I am really feel siick of interviews and agencies' call. They actually don't read what are my qualifications and the notice period also my expected salary.

Yes, I admit that sometimes I might just simply click on their post to apply. They do not provide specific job locations, specific responsibilities and scopes for us to refer. All will feel no point but just click on it and try the luck. Just wait their responses and may be it might be a good company.

For instance, one agency called for whether I am looking a job in a banks. Definitely I asked what banks. "Top 4 local banks" she said. Since I got no interest they are not going to tell any of it and then keep it secret. AND, they did not read my resume that I only available after December and wtf was they need me to start immediately. The last word that I always say when answering this kind of phone will "BYE BYE". I have sicked of it..

I just want to complete the entire interviews within this week and I am not going to attend any interviews anymore. Wish I could find one after the new year.


and now I do feel so heavy head. Headache of printing out their location maps and wonder where is the place. Feel like vomit. Sigh~.

Today consider a last day for the CGG dr Chan's class. I do not know that I should happy or sad. But, just acknowledge that I could be happy after all I consider to leave the school soon and might be, hopefully. Excitement where there is still a long way to go. I am totally blurred, stucked and sicked of searching jobs that is most suitable for myself. Hope I am not the one supposed to be picky, still I have to be fussy in choosing jobs. Certain, I do not want to end my entire life without a little bit of nothing.


Have a shower and nice sleep.


Happy holiday and merry Christmas everyone.

Monday, December 08, 2008

the evolution

OK, this post will definitely create lotsa fun you guys. However, just promise me not to laugh until your jaw broke.. erm.. >.<


Still remember that time.. Yes, I was tiny, small and young. I did hate for any photo shooting sessions. I hate to take photo as people looking at me. As now, I love to take photos myself but not others staring at me.ok..

Thus, it is hard to find any passport size or those blue colour background photos when any emergency happen..

like.. "Oi, Pei Pei ah! You no more photo meh? I want to register the form wants your photo one.. you no take ah.."

See, that is how I will start to quarell with my parents, and, I very hate to take that stupid blue colour background photo.

And, all my family members will laugh at every single passport photo I took. Funny, yes.. they think it is very funny and how ugly I am.

When I was searching for passport size photos for my interview... I discovered:

this is when I was 5. I have no idea why my mom brought me for this. May be it was approaching the year in standard one.

this is when 9 years old. I have no idea as well. I have totally lost idea why I was this.

this was in Form 1. The first year that everyone has to take photos for their report cards, library cards and whatever.. I just.. yish.. so ugly..


Just stop laughing ok...



And, this was may be ... Form 4. For my passport and ET tuition centre ID.

My mom was laughing at me : "haha, you totally look like those ah moi's who just came from China or just like illegal immigrant. Sure the kastam will block you from departure after they view your passport.."

= =

this was the L lisence. I still remember that candidates who passed the driving undang-undang have to take a photo like this by them on spot. I was in trouble that I did not even have RM10 in my pocket, after I passed it. Someone lend RM10 to me, and then I can take it.. = =.. Horrible. TQ

this was during foundation year I think. Yes. In IC....

this is my P Lisence. Also Stamford ID.

I awared that I did not keep enough photos. Then I took this just after I got my SPM result and at the same day My grandma passed away. So, you can see my swolen eyes.
It appears in my UEL ID.
This is my Driving lisence. During year one I think....

Year 2's passport to Singapore. It looks really a vampire kind of.. yeah.. Twilight. = =. vApid.

Somehow, I hate it.. But, I still went for this.
I think was during age of 18. I have no idea when the photographer was so big in his expression like..
"yeah, be...happy... yeah..put your hands on side.... bla bla bla.." acting like those gay guy..
He even asked me to "open" my eyes widely. I apologized that my ability does not allow me to do so, and I rather demand for a slightly photoshoped results.. And those passengers were staring at at the middle of Mid Valley (took this in the centre of mid valley). Yee.. I still remember got one very hum-sup ang moh with big big tummy was staring at me.. >.<
Definitely like those 18 years old ah lian..

this is the most current one. Yes, 21st!

Still laughing?
= =

Saturday, December 06, 2008

just.. STOP it..

aiyai..pei pei.. stop crapping and bullshit of your stupid Ex. Get back to normal and be your own. Where's the spookygal gone?

Be happy because of courage..


I love to watch and read TWILIGHT. Still waiting the chance to pass by my side. And see whether I can catch it.

Doesn't it sound very weird of a love story of vampie and normal human. It might be romantic. But, it might be boring as well...

I hate watching love stories without plots or specific contents. Yet, I expect to learn something from it. Learn what har? don't think.... duh

No lar, just feel this kind of life might not happen to me again.

Now? Just try to stuck in every stupid work and assignment. >.<

Then, work...

I am actively searching a job..

RM5000 as a fresh graduate... Who wants to hire me? Who wants to hire me?






以为说出了再见 (但转身的想念) 




以为说出了再见 (但转身的想念) 




a Final post of you

今天。也就是第二天了。突然想起,你可能已经去了香港了。想起香港,就想起朋友带回来给我的纪念品,都已经从金色退变成银色了。也有朋友告诉我,去过了日本的DISNEY, 你就会觉得香港的根本一点都不好玩。

有一种会很想去偷看我的电话,看你有没有SMS 我。的那种冲动。
















当你说我有个复杂的家庭背景时。我还真的有深层的去思考。 我的家人,真的有那么的复杂吗?难道,我不是我父母亲生的吗?还是我爸在外有二太?复杂?真的吗?。。


才察觉,原来是门当户对。“复杂 ”只是个掩护词,想说的是我家穷。对,我家不算很有钱,可是也算过得去,除了还有房屋贷款和我妈的信用卡,都算过得去。弟弟在外有工作,我呢,也开始找着薪水不错的工作。妈妈还是普通的上班族,爸爸退休了的生活就是和他的宝贝鸟们,狗儿,和花草树木沟通。有时候,就去一些健康活动,不然就捉我来骂。

我家根本就没有什么大公司,也没有任何的企业,连一个卖NASI LEMAK的摊子都没有。我们的一生就是打工,没做生意。我想,就是因为这样,我家才显得复杂吧。





最可笑的是,你的妈妈会读你的电话里的短讯。哈哈~ 如果我发现我妈会这样做的话,我真的不会放过她。好笑的是,你妈读的是我发给你的短讯。当你妈问起,佩佩是你的谁时。你还真的回答我只是你的轮胎,一个无花纹的轮胎。



还记得有一次约好了要到你的家吗?KTF也来啊。 我只是坐在那个角落玩你的电脑。你妈问的问题真的很让人作呕。除了问候我父母和家人,就直接问我老豆在SEPANG的屋子。心想,真的有那么多人知道这件事吗?你妈又怎样知道啊?想了一想,就算知道,也是很久的事情了,需要把那两间屋子记到现在?就算是我,早就把那两间屋子忘得一干二净了。














你觉得输了5000,是没什么大不了的事。可是, 这令我想到,当那时大学一年级时,走在DAMANSARA UTAMA, UPTOWN的我。身上是连50仙都没有。是当我想在摊子,买两个CURRY PUFF的时候。才发现我荷包里只有3仙(两年前)。刚才那一块,早就在搭巴士用掉了。


我就是在这种没钱的生活里度过整整两年的。不知道为什么,突然觉得很光荣,很骄傲。可惜的是,我完全在极大压力的环境里头。就这样,子宫里也就不知不觉长了个肿瘤。一个,是我在,穷,没钱,功课,和各种压力所产生的肿瘤。可是,我还是觉得很光荣。= =

忧郁病?这种身上只有3仙的事,你有经历过吗?我看, 你没有这样的机会吧。。










因为, 这些都不是我要的答案。都不是我要知道的事。。











这是属于我一个人的BLOG, 我是不会以读者的要求更改任何内容。以上全都纯碎是我个人的感想和经历。但是,我会为我写上的每一个字负责。。。

I notice hor... when I write this kind of post, I got many visitors leh... hahahaha....

thank you thank you for comming...

drop down your comments ya..

Friday, December 05, 2008

重要的。 习惯


人。 是自私的。学着习惯喜欢自己多过于别人











还一直说:“我原本是去FUJI XEROX的咯”







































当我爸每天早上载我到学校的路途,经过OLD-TOWN PJ的麦当劳店时。心里真的有一阵的酸痛。当我经过那里的茶餐厅时,想到的是没有再可能发生的情节。我连走在巴杀里,看到螃蟹都掉头走。不想我的家人看到我一面吃螃蟹一面流泪的样子。那碟螃蟹真的有那么辣吗?



今天去见工,还兴致勃勃以为在PUCHONGJAYA. 原来是在BANDAR PUCHONG JAYA, 公司就在你家附近。今天也好像绕过了我们分手的“太平人”。我连看都不敢看,都一直低着头。那个死鬼会转路的老豆,说有SHORT CUT, 就在住宅区里绕来绕去,还一面讲他在哪里曾经收过报纸。不知道哪一间是你的屋子,总而言之,我看到的屋子全部都是大大间的。

今天绕了一圈KLCC, 忙了个空。却。真的令我想到要去面对一切。因为,KLCC 真的令我感到很心酸。今天,我坐在EXHIBITION MALL 前的椅子。 对。我们曾经一起坐过的椅子,我记得是因为它就在厕所前。令我想到这就是命运。



被一家AGENT说FUJI XEROX现在要LOGISTIC EXECUTIVE, 把我的FILE给了它们。莫名其妙有机会说可以去FUJI XEROX。三个月前,却不能。一直埋怨说本来是去FUJI XEROX 的我,现在令我感到仿佛好像回到三个月前。


THATZ 就在你家附近。






I can't manage to squezz into that Bill Clinton talk.

so sad.

After a quite stupid long queu for almost 30 minutes.

QUICKLY . hand in my IC to that counter with my blurred face. @,@~~

that feller: " You gonna attend the talk with this attire or may be with your business suit?"

me: "This not consider formal meh?"

that feller: "I'm so sorry, you are not allowed with this attire."

For Sure hor, she feels very jealous on me because seems I am the youngest one for the long long queu.

Honestly, I only saw those aunties and uncles at there. The feller behind me somemore discussing with his friend when to take DBA or PHD something. I don't think an 18 year old guy will do that. Sure he already more than 25..

muahahahahha.... still very proud that I am still youngest.

>.< >.<>.<>hor

What kind of thing that I missed out, sure got something happen one. muahahahaha.... may be that I am lucky enough to escape from it..

Usually when it happen during...

"Har? today that LRT spoilt again ah? Lucky I just now actually wanna go XXX, then no go liao.."


After that I just tried my luck to kinokunia.. For what?

"Miss, saya nake cari buku...... title-nya...'TWILIGHT'"

she: " 'TWILIGHT' dah habis stock lar.."

">.<" shit~~~~

>.< ************************** Today interview was like.. har? Second round interview? Yes, If I were the one who being selected, I am called for a second round interview which conducted by Singaporeans. And, the most funniest job interview question is. "Do you have any boyfriend?"

me: "YaYa, tomorrow I might get one...."

my CS assignment postpone again..

what for?

Thursday, December 04, 2008





发觉。 站在三岔口上。我。是真的有得选吗?







兜兜转转。 发现。我真的是在。 “生活”

可是。 这是我想要的吗?


你。 千万别告诉我这是上帝在安排。








到底一天的死亡人数 是多少?

出生的呢? 死亡的多还是出生的多呢?







I feel Exhausted

I feel damn tired, my eyes and my brain. I feel i can't even have energy to think, my brain is like.. de-tranforming information to me eyes, my nose, my ears.....

I just have a walk from the King Crab from Kelana Jaya and to Kelana Jaya LRT station.

Then, from Masjid Jamek transit to Star Line.

Not very much standing while waiting for my dad.

I feel like I have walked for 12 km.

Yes, my leg starts aching..pain...ache..

I still have one more interview to go in this week tomorrow. And I then travel to KLCC.

OMG... I have job interviews.. It is headache and keep repeating that what I got and what I worked. >.<. I hope the following jobs interviews will be better go.

I need a break.

Anyone can bring me to Europe to travel during this winter, and to listen to ukulele...

Sicked and bored.

I need a new life to change my old one.

Search job is damn that not easy... To work in good condition, to work with good pay..

Sometimes just think to work for myself...

I am tired~


spell for tomorrow's interview.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

the rich and poor

周圍上百名路人圍觀。 旁邊站著一名20歲左右的女子,藍色牛仔褲腿處被劃開了一條兩三釐米長的口子。
不就破一個小口子嗎,至於這樣為難人家嘛。看著下跪的老人,旁觀路人紛紛勸說得饒人處且饒人。面對路人的指責,中年婦女毫不在意,堅決要讓老人賠錢。 面對巨額賠償老人下跪. 
這一下把圍觀的群眾惹怒了,在附近大廈當保 安的武 先生憤怒地說:對待這樣一個年邁的老人,她們真是欺人太甚。說完,他將口袋裏的23元錢塞在老人手裏。
路人為老人湊錢賠償.  在老人懇求和解未果的情況下,中年婦女最終撥通110報警。5點50分左右,德外派出所的民警趕到現場進行調解,但該中年婦女認為賠償的錢不夠,拒絕和解。
See, this is how poor that people can live, and how rich that people can live. If you found youself is unable to pay50 bucks, will you tear your face off and do whatever that the next party demands?
Yes I will.. Because I am POOR.
However, I think if the ladies who are rich enough, they shouldn't walk on the street with their well-fake-dressed pomeranian. They should hire a driver to drive them wherever they wanna go. Or, just stay at house so your stupid fake levi's won't get spoilt .
Why you just need 50 bucks? I don't think if you were rich enough to buy that stupid jeans. I think it costs more than thousand or hundred? Why 50?
this is how stupid people live and how it is uncivilised. I wonder one day she could get more poorer than the old man, and I got the chance to spilt on their faces.
*pooi...... *pooi..... (plus my witch spells)
Check this link out for your best wishes.

Pei Pei is busying with her interviews

Feel pleassure to attend the interviews. Yes, only interviews. But, we are in the middle of struggling for jobs, expectation says that there will be a high unemployment rate in next year. I want to prove it wrong by using my Feng Shui method.

Bluff you one lar..

Importantly is to depend, work hard, and believe in yourself. Putting on Feng Shui stuffs, the jobs would not come automatically. You might wonder what am I doing now? Blog? Yes, there are still assignments to go... pei pei!!! wake up!! do homework!!!

I feel happy of those who called me formally and politely invite me to the interviews. They are sophisticated in providing a pre-orientation for me.

And I am so hate those ... gggrrrr~~!!

Yes, I applied to agency as well, just trust that they will provide more chances for me.

First case..

"Hello, can I speak to leo pei pei?" (of course they are calling because of Jobstreet)

then asking my status and what are the qualifications somethings and personal details.

First of all, I don't think it is neccessary to ask such long questions regard of my background or what so ever. I think I have written out very clear on my CV and Resume. Can you just slightly read on it.

I understand that they might test you on your ability to speak and to hang out with conversation. But, will keep it as clear and short, candidates most probably do not speak so much untill whatever can say. For me, I don't speak much. just, I have memorised what to speak.

I am studying now and complete my final year by end of this year and get a degree. So, i only available to start work start next year january. I would like to work as a management trainee with first choice and secondly will be in the HR department and my third choice will like to work in PR or Customer Service. My expected salary will be around 2000. I stay at puncak jalil which near to puchong kinrara, I don't have my own car but I have my own transport.

"Can you tell me what is your hobby or interes?"

I like to play piano and I play more than ten years

"erm.... what do you expect if you got chance to work for us in your post?"

I can work as job rotation in many departments and to contribute that what I have learnt in my programme.

"thank you"

da..da...da... there will not be any answers that more than it, cause I will probably answer it with my robot style. I don't blow water.

the most funniest thing is. Yesterday an job agency called. And ask me one-round-intestine (yat-lun-cheong) questions. And finally, she says: "Actually I got a post of Account Executive, and I am now searching for someone to work."

Politely, clamly answered : "Oh, that is not my field, I am studying International Business but not in Account, and I would like to work as management trainee."

WTF? You did not read what I got in my resume?

I wonder that is she seriously working ah?

Today, another freaking phone from another agency as well.

She used her personal phone, not the company's.

"you are now studying?"

"where do you stay? ... I have a job near to puchong one, you can work o not? saturday oso work half day one?"

I don't like to work on saturday since there is a long working hour from Mon to Fri.

"Then I got another one at Kelana Jaya.. you can work or not?"

it is so pissing me off, I just ignore it by

" Erm.. I think it is Ok cause I already have some interviews to go.."

"then like that I withdraw your application lar."


Can it be more specific? and formal?

I think she is the one who is the agent, she got no company but act as a medium chanel.

tsk tsk tsk..

My blow water...

My name is Leo pei pei, I am still studying now, and will complete everything by 31 of December and will like to start work on January 2009. I am having my BA(HONS) INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS, and I have good results. i like to play piano and would like to get a degree in future, Later I will like to do my master. I will work, contribute whatever I can and guarantee can perform very well. I like to swim, blog, read and watch movies. I am not that so rich, but not very the poor.

I like to play my ukulele before I sleep....

Blow water, as much as you can..

My dad will definitely mad at me if I work for DAP. >.<

aS ..research analyst

Going for interview tomorrow, Friday and next Friday..


I am on the Invitation

I am still in the middle of waiting the UEL to send me the new password. If they reply still without passwords. I will definitely crunch that ang-moh-lang

Let's talk something happy.

it is considered, I think..


I got the invitation to Bill Clinton talk. muahahahahahahaha....

We are pleased to inform you that the Sekhar Foundation in association with the Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI) is organising the Inaugural Sekhar Memorial Lecture by the former US President, The Hon. Bill Clinton

NO.. no...

I'm not those kind of very politic-oriented, I definitely don't like Politic one..

What is Politic har? What is Politic har?

Of course, everyone will pretend to don't-know anything. To avoid being protected under ISA.


You don't jia jia ler.. I know you are the one who like to play play one..

But even we can't talk Malaysia's politic on blog, we still have some kind of freedom when we chi-chat on MSN and coffee shops. Unless you are a politician who blogs.

I feel exciting to attend the talk..

just to see his handsome face.. =P

Of course, I will talk more after I come back ya..

It is free, and can go for pre-register.. Join me!! KLCC, Centre Core Foyer, level 1. . 2 pm for register.

See you there~~

I hate UEL Direct Login

I hate it! Hate!

I remembered that I have sent several contact enquiry forms to the Web Team to require a brand new password to login(What so called- IT Helpdesk). Yet, no reply and I thought it was technical problems or due to some maintance. I resent few times again and again. Highlighted that it is urgent for me to view the modules results for my future interviews.

I got fed of it. They then reply:

"I have replied to you, and this is the second time, please refer to your previous email."

WTF. Of course I did not receive anything and thus "enquiries" several times. What for I refer to my previous mail? There is no previous mail either. I wonder which stupid ang moh lang was answering this. If you really did send me the new password, why don't you send me again to my mail and proved that you have sent?


from another may be lengchai or not angmohlang..

" Hi, can you please fill in the details such as your names, your Id number?"

Another WTF. I am sure definitely I attached my full details to you before I sent, what for I sent it without purpose. The most funniest thing is.. He replied that with my "FULLY ATTACHED DETAILS" which is shown below his replied mail. Do you have something call like "eye-sight-problem"? Or, you feel lazy to roll your mouse down to view my fully attached details?

I am thinking it is definitely a failure to them. Are they in the "really-serious-problem" of having this economy downturn or recession problem har? Or, they purposely do it? Just don't make fun of us, we are innocent lar...

I really hate it as it is not efficient and effective at all..This is the first time I come to it. Keep scolding, WTF.

Don't expect me to call them. No way from Malaysia to London.. WTF!