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Saturday, January 06, 2007

normally boring dayzz.>>>

still remembered yesterday..was waiting for ma mom to got home..and i reached home around 11.oo oclock..!!

it was super duper boring..+..exhausted..>this mornin afta waoke up.. have to wash-up the wing choi chai...make sure he is very very clean clean.... afta that..i hv my whole afternoon on tv watching...........

what i hate most is..the ntv 7 has change the schedule that ma fav GONE!! what the h****, i supposed to watch the travel linkyzzxx stuf then the fengshui study.. it changed to the 2 hours apek and popo oni watch de movies.. it is not like 60's..> it is almost 40's..>> that oni ma grandpa and grandma will watch it.....++... ma mom hd took the tvb dramas to ma unclezz.. sigh..>> no vcds to watch..>>sigh..>>

it is a crapzxxcccvnvmdujswkjhg!!@@@@!! day..>

i'll doin next..updatein' the blog..!!!@#$%^&((%$#@!!!

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