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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

what a boring WEddingxxzz!!!!

as continued from the previous post..that i have to talk a story here..
especially chinese culture wedding.. >
the wedding nowadays.i mean that i attended was super duper boring..they are not enough creativeness on that..>
the routine i can even know what will be happened for that day..>
1. the wedding nite eve, there is the HAIR COMBING ceremony, actually it must be done in selected moment.and find one woman who is have BEAUTIFUL life with her husband to comb her hair(bride's).

2.ok// then next day, the the bride wait for her future husband..> her future husband arrive ..must pass few stages and gv ang pau for the ji mui..! then get his future wife.

3.afta that..they have the "jam char" for the olDIES..the the groom take the bride back to his home...>as getting married. the femle leave in the male house..>like that la!afta reached there..there will be another "jam char"

4. the wedding ceremony end-up for that day...> it will take you about 5 to 6 hours to complete the CHINESE WEDDING.

5. the most interesting of course the evening wedding dinner... the invitation card is super...unattractive+not creative at all... you can oni c red..!!!yes it is very RED in colour..some of the stingy couples even doz not put on their wedding pics on it!!!ok..lets talk about the dinner.

6.the dinner supposed to start at normally time set by 8.00pm...however, when it translate to our very own chinese is= to 9.00++pm..>ok the dinner get started at 9.00pm..~ u can see many hot chicks and even aunties..wearin many GOLDEN+SHINING..accessories+ even gowns that look more beautiful than the bride..> some of them go n SET HAIR LAR..MAKE-UP NICE NICE LAR..etc...for SHOWING OFF!!

7. as my purpose to that dinner is EAT! and lets talk about the food.!!! will it be attractive?glorious?worth?..I DONO..I JUS EAT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! the first one..of course the main one..i always like the first food..the second one..SIGH always be the shark-fin..> i hav a ques based on this scene..> cant it make the shark-fin to the last to be served or may not the second part....!!?!!..... i'm like: "cher, second menu of course shark-fin one la..>aiya eat lar.."ok!

8. afta few served...> they will be another YAM SING ceremony.... super boring..THEN CUT CAKE..sigh!!!@@@@!!!!

9.then afta the last meal..then go home..>!!!

10. OMG.. what a boring wedding..
now.. for me:

1. eventhough not ma wedding..... i advice..please lar...come out some new idea...!!

2.i got bored of wedding..and i'm thinking not to get married..

3.make the guest satisfy everything, and make the wedding more memorable lar..>i mean every guest when they leave .. they will memorized it.>

4. select a proper restaurant or talk the the customer service to check out the new ideas.

5. advice from me is...: don bother the wedding cost will be cheap or expensive...> check and allocate the "WEDDING+MONEY PROJECT" wisely....damn...>

6. listen to the spookygrace advice :make your wedding day memorable and full of ideas... !!! this is the couple choice...not the AUNTY AUNTY.. cos i oni c the aunty aunty oni they all talkin so loud and so interrupting...

7. finnaly, make your wedding day full of romantico+memora .. xDxDxD


here is the last resort:

"find a wedding planner to plan for you..>"

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