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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

day b4 back to college life!!!

this day really bo song..becoz have to study again/// sorb sorb!!!
the day before everyone has to go for their workin' and study'in life..> today sunday..have to go visit ma papa fren..> uncle Soon and Uncle yap! ...> have to go gatherin' with d unclesz and antieasz..> for what? // collect their "fat" angpau lor!!!

this is the beautiful shue mei ..> it looks like mashmalowzz candy!!!

this is the fake blossom!

this is my house's garden> " papa gardenin!!"

this is lily the naughty gal...> v jus know she has heart disease neh..> sorb sorb!!

this is the unclez+antiesz gatherin...>they decided to go "teow chew ming " in ss2..> it is very femes der!!!! ..> especially the shark fin mee suah!!! yam yam!!!


this is a dessert by teow chew ming : it is a yam paste..> lets see in the catalog!!!....>

and the reality!!

tell u what..i feel with it!!.>


1 comment:

ashley said...

go gathering just for fat angpau? good action! i support u ! hahahah!!!