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Saturday, February 17, 2007

it's the first day of da week!!!!

day one,,continued,,!
today supposed to be two classes..>>

ring..ring..durin the phone (jega)
"....yvvone???....> this afternoon no class la...ok i tell the student..".>

CLASS!!! this aftanoon no class...>lecturer MC,,,!!sigh..>

feon came out an idea.".go shoppin lor...>i want to buy shoe"

ok la..v go together...>gatheres with dongxia(the candy gal) and went to amcorp mall 2gather..> dong xia wanted to buy a jade of rabbit...>,,,for purpose lar..>

spookygal actually decided not to spend on that day...>but hor...> me n feon oso got the jade rabbit.. but ok lar.. oni for RM6..> cut leh!!

this is what i left!!!!... of ma pocket money....wah!!!urgg!!!

at nite....i spend ma time with ma mom and her colleage to kayu ara for seafood..>
i ate Alaskan Crab and Geoduck!!! u may wonder don noe what is that..>
but i can tell u.. :it was extremely....super expensive..>

+.. the geoduck got no taste at all..+ the crab meat not tasty as i thought...>

neh.." i watch eat that before...and recommend like " wah...hou hou sweet lar..bla bla bla" .....but...sigh!!!

don ever believe what they say...all is a fake...cheh!!!
i got home very late at waigong (grandpa)...came like this...>

""pui pui" i bought this for u ....go take this and collect ur angpau la.. i oso bought for mei mei (4years old) and bibi (3years old)..."


i'm NOT a Kid la!!!!!!!!!!!! but i'm always their kid..>>>>urg!!!!!!

take this with me?????
i oledi got bag la..waigong!!!!

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