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Saturday, February 17, 2007

last c dayof college b4 cny!!!!

today supposed to be college was so Quite leh.....Tranquillo!!!!!!
what happened today neh???

toilet freak again...>>>>>> with rabbit gal!!!

dark eye circle..sigh!!!

gonghei fat choi!!!!!!! so weird oni!!! .. spot out these 2 pics!

i'm takin rabbit!!!

geetpal!!!!! here's your photozz!!!!!!!!!

sad face of the lecturer....> because of no student!!!!!!hhahahahaha!!!!!

rabbit takin"

gonghei fat choi: by rentao n penghun!!!


rest of tha pics!look at ma Pig!!!

this i warn u b4 u take a look on this:
these are really ugly pics...doin ugly faces with the rabbit gal!!!
it is really ugly...ugly ugly ugly!!!!!

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