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Thursday, February 15, 2007

one shot blog-up@!


the spookygal is very very b z during d whole week..

since the spookygal started to go for the stupid college reopen till now.. really tired..>

i really wan an one shot... blog update..>

nah.. tomolo is the last day before cny holiday..

hopin' the time will pass very fast to welcome the holiday...>

the room of spookygal is fully in mess..veli messie leh!!!!!

i still have so much housework hv to be done for the cny...

wash toilet, mopin', pack food.....etc... erhg....exhausted......>

and now let u c ma spooky veli messie rooom....!!!

+ma very messie+tired "charm" liao!!!!!

neimind..afta tomolo..i'll destresss.....liao..>

i gonna go for one shot blog update for da whole week....>

c ya!! asap!!!

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