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Sunday, March 11, 2007

a 21st birthday party!

this ma "mom's uncle's daughter 21st birthday party!Birthday Cake

the birthday girl parents decided to give her a memorandably birthday party by inviting all of us that include friends and family and "long-reach" relative to her party!

and they have chosen the "xi laideng" in pudu..> all of us have to travel from home to there which approximately 1 hour. Guess what? yess!! JAM..

we have to reach there by passing through all the Jalan-jalan Imbi + hangtuah!!!...grrrr!!and.haha...this is dewan pustaka!

u know there how jam was it kah??!!!
Road father was keeping scoldin"mch"
finally reach there 9.00pm.. yesh.."one sit down then eat".. noneed to wait!!kakaka!

afta half of the way... the spookymama then pushed me go to sing for all of them.." what.? come here to eat la "" sing??!!!"" yeah..the spookymama..wans me to cope with the gals and guys there to social with them . tell u what?.. i'm not gona sing/ and i wana eat!!!!!! *shouted*: this is probably the echo was so terrible!

(u give that angpau, then ask me to miss those meal and go out n sing ah?.. no way lar..>Annoyed And Disappointed)
these both mei mei and bibi.. love to "catch" the flower on the meals ( on the spot)..then..they come shouting:" peipei!peipei!, u see i got flowers!" ...
spookygrace:"ok la! hold the flower properly i take photo for u guys lar!"

i like this very much..!
this is meimei...and she was hitting ma mom's butt ..!!!

Fat Woman 4LOL
this is ma yipo and mei mei!!

*siu long pau*
yesh ....there is the klcc..!!! go home loor!!

during the car..>mom was talkin to me.!
spookymama:" time ah..we do this kind of 21 years old birthday party for u wan o not..or we do cattering or buffet dinner lar.."

spookygal.: "CAN!! i wan!... i jus wana invite ONLY MY FRIENDS ..can ah??""

spookymama :" Doofus"


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