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Thursday, March 15, 2007

can't sustain of the coffee

It is so sad to talk about this. I think i have some kind of ban to coffee. Today in uptown, there is an "open eating" by the HSBC company that provides free food+drink+kuih right infront of it and it stucks the road of course.

This location which is situated in the uptown 37 and their neghbour "starbucks" (also jus open) .
Starbuck gives away free coffee too, as HSBC do. The credit card salesperson came to ma mom's workplace that i was there reading about "chinese culture" . by emily.

salesman: these are some coupons that hsbc gives to you all and use this to exchange for one regular cup of coffee. It is free.

peers started to voice in': wah! so dai ah! starbucks coffee very expensive one wor. We all go take when luch time.
peipei the poor spookygal also recieved the coupons too. and started to wonder...

still remember that i was in the secondary school during the PMR exam used to drink a lot of coffee that made me became.. one day i start to allergy and bored of it. When the same situation comes (x m) .. deng deng.. started to drink coffee...

but in one day, i dono y: i started to feel dizzy and hot and soar dry and faint. In the countinuos days , the same thingy remain..> and the worse it after drinkin' it, and vomit out+ started to get fever.
Untill today, coffee and me have no LOVE! and we don't match. And i realise (on today) i hate coffee really really really very very very much....

When i passed by the Starbucks retail, and one guy came out from it..OMG..the smell ..made me cough+vomit again..> i hate coffee..>

i have no LOVE with these kind of EXPENSIVE thingy..>//Broken Heart

this maybe control over me..
peipei:save money!



Alex said...

ohh.. U're allergy to coffee.. hehe.. For me, coffee just makes me sleepy.. weird huh.. i can just fall asleep after nescafe.. HAHAHA.. In that case, next time if i wan to "belanja" u, i bring u to starbucks okay.. hahaha...

barouqe witch said...

haha..i will faint on there (starbucks)..cannot tahan!