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Sunday, April 29, 2007

its the sunday morning!

listening to "DONT WANA MISS A THING"

situation now of the Spookygal!

she jus woke up, hasnot brush her teeth yet. still struggling for her IBE assignment, tomorrow its the deadline. Her spookybratha jus came back yesterday from monfort, but he go back to school afterward, HURRAY!

am i mean?? no! i am not!

everytime he comes home will give me a heartattack. BECAUSE, he will conquered the tele line, for his own use (play RO). AND thank to him, my blood pressure keep on increasing. MESs up the toilet and the kitchen. and makes papa mama bring him to makan.. HE says in school there like jail, "mou tak hou sek"....!!!!

waiting waiting waiting.....

but still lucky, tomorrow jus have one class, gau dim assignment then holidays 2 days! HURRAY! again..

and yes yes!!! ... still having tag!!! OMG... really no mood!!! sigh!

jus typed out my intro for OM and cover page.. !!!

yes,,, go brush teeth now! tata!

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