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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

spookygal the ghostbuster...

spookygal gonna tell a spookylife on today's post. About the life that full of evils and hantu besides you and even runned through all the innocent gang of friends of you. SO HOW?????

Now..yes..and Now.. spookygal should take on some responsibilities to catch those evil surrounded AND floating on the environment and bring back our peaceful life.

oh yes yes yes, what time spookygal gonna finish all her work and lets take a look on the list:

  1. IBE assignment question 5
  2. IBE assignment correction from q1 to 4.
  3. IBE assignment on digging out some models and theories.
  4. IBE presentation tat still hanging on the sky has not dropped to my hand yet.
  5. OM assignment Q3 and some correction on the whole case study.
  6. English presentation falled on next week that in non-prepare situation.
  7. Exams of all modules. Revision still mingling..
  8. new text books bought for RM140 only thouching the hardcover front page.

am i still can handle or take on my position of "ghosbuster"....?????? you know..Ghostbuster catch Ghost one..malay means Hantu, chinese mandarin"gui", cantonese,"gwai"..hakka"goooii"... these evils bring sadness and madness in our life. it harms you whereever you go, they make you hated by others and make others see you in a different view. OF COURSE, they like to pretend pretend pretend. these devils are actually evil spirit, but they changed themselves into human being ......and now.. they try to harm the innocent environment. BUT the human do not know who are the devils and who are not!!!!!

these kind of ghost or evil will normally approach to you in a very early stage.. and they pretend very well to friend to you and treat you really nice. They also pretend they are very talented, intelligent, helpful, literacy, in moral manner to you and let you feel, you have no protection at all to friend with them at the same time. they will also will tell you gossips and informal information to you such as family matter and their relationship with girl and boyfriend so you will feel more closer distance with them. they will also promote you and let you become well-known in certain ways. in ways of praising you in a fake expression.

Next on, what spookygal has to tell is, these evil that are not actually play their role individually, they act and move in a gang or group or even a team. Give u here in a scenario... "the gang A, will first come and approach to you. then the following Gang B, they'll come and approach to you, in different time, different place, and different ways to talk and make a perfect conversation with you. "

OK OK OK... their power now is more and more powerfull.. they even invite and welcome the new comers as their new members of their gang. this makes them more powerfull to attack the innocent people surrounding them...

the next stage.. because they invite and involved some new members into their evil gang. first of all, they have to wash out the new members brain's memory, influence them to act evil, train them and let them suit the evil environment. In this time, the innocent gang does not aware, because the evil group are so cunning that they are so friendly with the other people.

untill one day, the first gang of people merely fall into a trap that set by the devils, where the devils treat them like a servant. fortunately, this gang of people did not listen and obey what the devils say. this scenario begin like this: ...

"the Gang A devils came approach to a group of innocent people and tell them they are true friends and should do things together ,share the work, what they have and what they get. this gang of innocent people obey what they say at first, but,HOWEVER, this gang of innocent people found and realise that their "friends" are actually devils.. they fast fast pull out themselves." ..... of course... this gang of innocent people afraid that their other friends will get harmed by the devils.... !!! and this really innocent gang go and tell (mis-tell) to the Gang B devils...that actually Gang A is the Devils.

Gang B devils of course aware of that; their cunning tactics and their real face of devils had shown to these innocent gang. then..Gang B quickly tell Gang A that their real faces have shown.

and now, the evil GANG of course planned for a new strategy to harm the innocent people. Both Gang A and B fast fast spread their news first to the environment by telling the community and also the person incharge THAT ". BY TELLING OTHERS ;THEY ARE ACTUALLY GOOD PERSON AND THE REAL INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE EVILS AND TELL EVERYONE TO BEWARE OF THEM.."
at this time, people will thought the innocent gangs are all evil, and the evil are all good person.

this news runned very fast, and the innocent gang cannot effort to run their time to spread their news first. OF COURSE, now, everyone in that environment very close, friend, deal very nice with those devils but ignoring the real innocent gang.

and YET NOW.. the devils gang even have strong influence and affect the top level people, the boss, upper level person by obeying what the devils say. therefore, the boss also does not like the innocent person anymore, and ignore their performance and simply runned through what have the innocent gang done, and yes, the innocent gang lost the attention by the people.

the devils gang are now more worser that they wash the brains of memories of these higher level person and are all under control by those devils. THOSE DEVILS also pulling out from the innocent gang member to join them. and yes this harm us..

and yes yes yes!!!

NOW, spookygal wants to hold this ghostbuster position to arrest the devils who are fooling around and attacking the innocent gang. BUT of course lar.. u know i got many assignments o not... THEN.. i 'm only the witch who has no power one... how to fight with them... !!!!

yes yes..need your help to join into ghostbuster team...>

you must identify who are the real human being and who are the unreal human being (hantu) that surrounding you.

you must fast fast pull out yourself and don let let yourself falls into the devil's trap!

those devils will not show their real face one, and they like to make friends, and of course they like to find some interest on you such as ask you to pay for the lunch and ask you to do work.

of course, i need you guys for help to planned for me a tactic to take revenge on those evils.

need your help!!! need your helpp!!!!



AceOne118 said...

K-boom!!..Gang A and K-Boom..K-boom..Gang B!!!! hahahaha everyone happy ledi

Alex said...

gang a, gang b, innocent, devil, hantu., gui, ghost ARGHH!!!!
headache.. but i support u!! GO GO BAROUQE WITCH!!!!

barouqe witch-peipei said...

ace: how to boom them then..??

alex: headache leh...tq for your support. and long time no see u update blog oledi. heehee