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Thursday, May 10, 2007

i hate my life.. is it meaningful?

Frist of all, there is no introduction in this post. Actually, I do not know how to give it a start. As similar as my life recently. It has no meaning, it is boring, annoying and blur. I have completed 80 percent of assignments, yes, school's asignment, that makes me smile, and got my 80 percent of burden release. woohoo!....

However, I don't feel that everything has passed, has completed. Yet now! I am feeling that my head got to get explode, I feel sleepy but I can't sleep. I feel relax but I'm not. Just like today! Supposed to have class on 1.30 pm, waiting for 15 minutes there chatting with friends and the lecturer had not appeared yet. Therefore, walk in to the office and got the lecturer MC!

We spend almost 1 hour to school, wasting our time in chatting for around half an hour, and go back another 1 hour. AND YES! you will get this total 2 and a half hour meaningful. NO MEANING!!!!!! do you get what i mean?????...... BUT ONE THING! i jus wonder how can our life is kidding to us!

Oh ya, merely forget it, tomorow going to have the english exam, but I do not have my previous semester's english result yet. Next, how about tomorow's??? Have i prepared??? well prepared???.. haha.... YOU kidding then...prepared for what!?? you mean study???? and my answer will always: "OF COURSE NOT!!!!!".. but yes! i do prepare the pen+pencil+calculator for tomorow's mini WAR!...keke

I don't have time!!! yes !! I don't have it!.. but I can spend whole day on reading other people's blogs, whole day for TVB dramas and astro. But I can't sustain spending only 3 hours on doing assignments and some study. Perhaps reading blogs and watching TV are more meaningful to me!

the most most most stupid thing happened to me now!!! I GOT MY HAIR HAIR HAIR!!.... i got hair falls problem! Oh shit, I just 20 years old!! Not this time for "hair falls" yet!... *scratch head!!

I just need need neeed need!!! RELAX!!! .....

what kind of methods that you use to relax yourself without spending money???.....

OMG OMG OMG, cry!!!!!

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