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Sunday, May 06, 2007


Today gonna be super bz for our whole family. yes. It IS THE mbt'S CARNIVAL DAY, have to go for a visit in monfort boys town (where the place that my devil bratha studying).

After had taken my cuty adorable Lily to clinic, my mom shouted like hell "HOU JOR MEI"!!!!!!!

OK, then we started our journey for the day. We leaved our home by 11.00 something. and reach there around 12.00 something. Then we start for the "shopping" of the day. really shock in there, cos there has a lot of interesting selling goods. WOW..!! many kind of thingy..

and tell u what! the whether is super duple HOT!!.. my face got burn! .. becomes *black

these are my couponsz (mom gave), cost around RM70 here. heehee. of course, at last, we spent more than that!

flowers from cameron highland (sponsored). Of course, I only saw (guk fa) chrisanthemum , yes only chrisathemum (but have various colours). And it is super cheap!

ok.Monfort is a place of "christian", tat's why they sell this kind of things. But i think, it only can find monfort selling these during their "carnival day".. Other schools....ERM!!!

register for the lucky draw!!

here are some lucky draw prizes.. I REALLY GOT NO LUCK FOR THE WHOLE DAY. i even couldn't get any prizes for every game i played. Sigh!

this car is created by the BOYSZZ themselves!.. but hor.. erm... uncreative .. i think..! heehee
(the car is somemore auto-gear one .. =.="")

photos have taken in that "weird car"

"OH NO! tat balloon string!!!!!!"

car's deco!


we got our name printed on this fancy sticker

honey looks so excited!!!

she is printing our names!

ok! if you did watch "chong seong wan siu", you will know what is this.
this is TRI-ANGEL, it will bring LOVE! keke

Honey with her pink tri-angel

with our tri-angels

spookygal with her GOLDEN TRI-ANGEL!

my spookybratha! he is eating in left, the right one is his friend(in mbt, really mou tak hou sek)

oh no! he got me!! spookybratha:"don take lar"

*p/s his mouth* kakaka


the dominoz pizza is super tiny

Honey with her "siu kai yik"

next on! We really walk for a long distane to another house of MBT n got them selling old and second hand furniture! really long distant u know!

second hand ! clothes and dresss!

oh my god!! see this creature!!!! .... in MBT!

MEI MEI is picking up eggs. i Picked tat too...
really no luck!!! =.="".. what game oso no win prize!! *sorb sorb


some of my randomly picked pics!

MBT donation balloon

spookygal and Honey!


really FUN TO BE A KID!!

i bought 5 watches=50 token or rm50

paper clipszz really Q!!^^

my name printed


When i was playing those games with MEI MEI, and one indian guy call me..


shock like WHATTT????!!!! "AUNTY"???????? (HAH??? APA???? )

( the situation is, MEI MEI was holding my hand, and I was holding a little odish bag.)

tat's why this guy call me AUNTY!!!!! (he thought i'm the mother to this little gal) =.=""!

OF COURSE! the mother of this MEI MEI(my aunt), LAUGH REALLY REALLY LOUD!!!!!!!



Rabbit said...

Wah got 5 new watches! Jealous!!

Eh no get a tri-angel for me ah? I also need leh! I also need love leh! KakA! D'oh i sound so desperate.

spookygrace said...

rabbit:" tat tri-angel need found by yourself one" keke

Alex said...

that indian guy betui ke? u so pretty call u aunty???? OMG> does he wear hes specs????

AceOne118 said...

So how many balloons you took home or won rather! hahaha

spookygrace said...

alex:"yala!but nevermind, i still can forgive; but my aunt laughed really loud:"HAHA!! CALL U AUNTY!"


aceone: i din get any balloons. :(
the balloons i got, tat bibi(cos brother) stole it.. PINK COLOUR ONE. cry!