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Friday, June 15, 2007

Port dickson trip:view of ancasa resort and apartment

arrived at port dickson on 12 June 2007, tuesday, 12.00 pm.....
it is a lovely beach from outside view of the apartment.
it was a very different PD trip compare that I went here last long time.
TannyMetal Detector

lets look at the environment here...haha...i mean the apartment.
We were too busy on snaping picture of the garden of Ancasa resort.
*snap snap snap

it is Ancasa Spa centre

Cute pondok

really HUuUuGE.....fu gui

nice species...>

spa centre with a pondok in the lake

charming flowers

view of our apartment....>

beautiful flower's bulb

flower is smiling at me....>

malay's view pondok

charming dai hong fa..> hibiscus

beach volleyball..> with one hour ball rental.> RM10.
+the sand is really hurting...NO GOOD.

Volleyball 1

the sky of beach..

during the afternoon. sea level
can see some people working on picking lala on the beach as their REZEKI

just on beach

great sunset!

*cough cough..> this is a stupid romantic light in our apartment..
the apartment is super romantic(dark) during at night....sigh
deng deng..> next morning
the sun rise from another part..>we can't see sun rise in PD..
this is a reflection...great morning...haha!
funny people busying swimming early on 7.00 am


AceOne118 said...

wOAH! you also diam-diam went to PeeDee. No wonder lah. Like missing in action liddat. Very nice pictures wor! I like the sunset. And Errr... that malay pondok hor..why in the bushes wan geh? Izzit jamban ar? kakakaka

spookygrace said...

aceone:"tat thing looks like pondok mar..i oso what is that.actually it is only a LIGHT lar..=.=""..i like the sunset oso!

TingTitLei said...

wow beautiful photos.. i didnt know that peedee has such beautiful beaches

spookygrace said...

tingtitlei: cos we stayed at a QUITE expensive apartment with sea view..erm! tat's y lar...kaka!

Ichitaka Leingod said...

woooh... such a nice scenery from ur room. the pics looks great too... wish I could go there again! XD

spookygrace said...

ichitaka: haha! nixt time u go!.. invite me oso!!>..hahahahha!!!