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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Faast foood>mc :D

Since I never stepped out from my house for nearly 2 months (this shows I'm a guai guai lui ok, never go out gai gai at night and day and not simply spend money).

It seems I'm an obedient girl to my parents in such way (no go out BECAUSE NO CAR NO TRANSPORT AND NO MONEY).


Spookypapa: "why you today sleep untill so late (woke up at 2 pm), I thought bringing the two feller (oscar and Lilly) go see doctor (medical check-up).

Spookygal: "Aiya! you oso no tell me yesterday, if u tell me I sure wake up early one (5 minutes earlier)"

In addition... thinking of got-chance-go-out (stepped out from my house), I (ichi) wanna spend some money, but....On what leh?

Spookygal: "papa! afterward, we all finish see doctor, I wanna go buy Mc Donald eat, you stopped for me ah!"

Spookypapa:"..........(means ok)" Teethy

I had long long time (look like decades ago) no eat fast food, I am addicted to it, I sure-must-have to eat NOW! even my grandpa cooked for dinner. "sui lui pao"

then I found a new product (for me lar, being a kampung gal for 2 months).
Its shake fries with new type of flavour.....

Its seaweed flavour, with a large fries I ordered.

Put the seaweed powder into the fries..

Shake it 9 9, French Fries 2 as kuat as possible..hahaha!

And tasted it finally..

erm.... it ain't tooo bad and ain't sooo delicious. I only can taste strong AJINAMOTO and less seaweed taste, and the powder tasted like the MAMEE'S powder that we used to eat when we were YOUNG..hehehe...

eventually, FAT!

my advice: "fast food is bad for health."


ApOgEE said...

so kesian lor... have you try to go out using public transport? It is fun to do so. I'm oso have fun to leave my car and use public transport to jalan-jalan around the town. but not everyday laa.. :p

AceOne118 said...

"Sui lui pao" I still remembered you got some Singapok money left. Belanja Mc Donald lah. Dun kiamsap ok!!kakaka

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

I like KFC ... but I like fries from Mac..

Ichitaka Leingod said...

thats y I dont like to taste new products from McD... they dont last and got even MORE msg >.<

spookygrace said...

apogee:"my house area there very dificult to get public transport,u noe ler, hows the frequesncy they come, one hour one bus,sucks!"

ace:"have to keep those singapok money lar.nex time can go singapok mar.hehe"

kev:"kfc's fries not nice."

ichitaka:" i think in this point KFC is more worst than McD..."