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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Isn't that mean I am NOTHING!??

This may become a superb long post regarding on the mood that I am going to type "how-long" post on here. Had a quarell today with my papa , and because of his oldies fashion and traditional thinking, and he was trying to blame and disagree me that " I always think the opinion and suggestions came out from me are always right" . But, how about he is such stubborn person too, I have my own right and authority to refuse to follow his LAWS.

He blamed everything on me because I spent a lot from his pocket since the day I born??!!! Shock 3.and much much thank you to his friend that gave him such useful opinions. My papa probably is a "don't-know-anything" person. He doesn't know how good about those private colleges and how good are those local unis. He just listened whatever things that his stupid friend told him, and blame it all to my fault, because of .."me choosing those expensive college to study and why not enroll form 6 and squez into that local uni". WHAT???

I really wanna have a special and super thanks to that "fun-cheong'' that told my father those stupid things. That "fun-cheong" told my father by this way....

"No need care about those kids lar... study so good for what, just ask them go form 6, then go local universities, if cannot get, just ask them to work lar.. ! why must go to college?? You see all my kids, all went to form 6 one, then all can get through universities.
(yala, probably can't get the preferable course but those stupid courses such as pertanian,perikanan, pemakanan..those course, then send them to far far like terrenganu, sabah and sarawak.. and the stupid expenses for rental are much more higher than the tuition fees, than like this call GOOD) My daughter study account, then boys study engineering,then bla..blabla...."

then he asked my father how about me and my brother....

my father replied.." my daughter studying in college and she said she studys that kind of admin and business things.. and the son is studying in monfort.."

fun-cheong : "WHAT?college?, don't spend so much money on those college lar, like my kids , u see! All entered local universities one, all also cheap. Go college or universities also same one, also recognised by the government, spend so much money for what?... Then study admin ah? which means CLERK lah... (WHAT THE FUCK! CLERK?) ..."

fun-cheong: "ur son in monfort ah? Monfort Good ah! (he can't explain how good it is..and jus keep on saying GOOD AH....GOOD AH....).." and Because my father expressed how-good it is on his face.

I totally disagree by the way he said that what I am studying now meaning CLERK? !!!!!!! you mean what I have studied, those researches, surveys, case studies, heavy and hectic assigmenting life, paper work, think-tank, brain storms, business environment, cultures, and those stages-by-stages exams, Cgpa, finally means CLERK? Is that what International Business admin means?

HARLO UNCLE! Why don't you ask your CLEVER kids to explain to you about those universities courses. So, what you mean is, people who are studying for admin course will always only remain and qualified to be a clerk, and those study for doctor, pharmacist, engineering kinda people will get over those CLERKs and consider very clever lar . what a kind of INSULTING and Looking down people!!!! WTF.... And since, you are that kinda dictoriate person, hopefully your KIDSS (can imagine that kind of pampered one) are not suffered and tortured by you, and I can clearly see that you force your kid into that they-don't-like study environment. So, pity your kids, and hopefully they won't take revenge on you.

I totally think that your kids are so suffer and unhappy when they have to study in those local uni. OK! I myself is not that kind of "like-local" uni person, based on some factors. Because, I probably think in private colleges will get lesser malays, and I wanted to change my enviroment from form 5 (bahasa educated), and to college (english educated). Yes, I refused to speak malay, and I want a new environment. Chinese are so minority in those local universities, and I don't think the environment is better than I am having now, somemore have to waste 2 years in that freakin form6.

For instance, How many students in your class? How is the lecturer (in local uni probalby will be malay with a heavy malay slang english), I think indian slang english is much more better (my college). How many students are really tend to study? (please do not think college student will only know how to lepak in starbucks, I am 100% not that kinda person) .. I just wanna get rid from Government, local, and made-in-malaysia cerificate.. I definitely think the cert that I am going to getting now is much more worth than the local one...

This stupid "fun-cheong" uncle is a long-no-meet friend of my father, they met each other and started to talk apek's nonsense like "how-well-are-your-kids-".. He is also a kind of uncle grade that same as my father age, having a motor shop or some kind of repair-car-shop somewhere else in puchong or taman sea, if I am not mistaken. (I hv forgotten what my papa told me). and Hiring those freshies who come out from Monfort Boys Town (what they say is graduate.. Cross Eyed ), pay low low wage rate to them and work for his motor repair shop. And that's why he kept on saying Monfort very GOOD.... .. If I'm not mistaken, he has two male and one female kids, as I mentioned just now, all went to local universities, and all VERY CHEAP.

I don't know his name and I forgot about it, If I noe, I will 100% say it here with his registered company name, better with his photos too.

And he finally don't know made what things on my father, and my papa pointed at me and say "BECAUSE OF YOUR FAULT, I HAVE TO PAY SO MUCH", when I was doing my year one, and probably had no choice reverse back to study form 6?!!!!! (I really hate form 6, it is sooooo loCAl...and it is all bahasa, hate it)

And before that, papa already promised and tell me I can go to private college on the day of finish-spm-day, "I HAVE ASKED YOU FOR THE PERMISSION TO ENROLL PRIVATE COLLEGE!!!!! AND YOU HAVE PROMISED!!! and because of your friend told you those stupid opinions and you blame all the FAULT on me. So! what do you wish me to say right now!??


And hopefully quit my piano lesson together (simply go for the exam), I don't want to hear nonsense like.." YOU PLAY SO WELL FOR WHAT? YOU WON'T DO ANYTHING AFTER YOU FINISHED GRADE 8 ONE LAR..NO NEED PLAY LAR...I OSO REGRET TO LET YOU LEARN PIANO..."
(how do you know I won't get one job on it!?)


What kind of lousy friend he got!!!!!????


KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

Oh man.. don't tell me ur really quiting becos of this! Don't be bother lar.. jus one ear in the other ear out.. DO ur best in college, and show him that college graduate is way better than the local uni graduate!

Just tell him to take it as a loan, and u will pay him back after u grad!

Ichitaka Leingod said...

Yeah, I know how you feel... relatives or friends trying to compare you and their kids, it's so stupid! Don't they ever think 'What if my parents do that to me?' Would they feel sad then? Of course! But they never have the brains to think THAT far...

But quiting is very sayang lor... I hope you really think 100% before doing it, or you may regret it in the future. Nag, scoldings and complain is our 'payback' for living under their roof... wait until you got wings, then they will know...! XD

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to judge who's fault in this situation. But, all I can advice to you that never give yourself up. Quitting from college just because your dad likes to compare people means you're just admitting defeat. Go on with your studies, graduate with distinction and secure a job that gives you lucrative salary. That way, you will show your dad that you've made a rightful decision. Good luck.

spookygrace said...

ALL:" thinking for one whole night! decide not to quit! and somemore have to spend MUCH MUCH MONEY from him~ haha~ as revenge!..because i wil defnitely will regret then.., i wont care him oledi one...!"

ten q for leaving sooo long comments.. now here is my soooo long reply...kekekeekeke :D

AceOne118 said...

Wakakaka!!!!!! so long wan. I ter-sleep when reading it!

lasilasi said...

haha perikanan - future fisherman =p

how come that uncle reminds me of the 3rd brother of daikai in tongsamfungpou =p

anyway, yah ppl love to talk nonsense - i got relative that tells my grandma the spm that i was sitting is damn easy that his daughter should got A in every sub. in the end, when his daughter got like C or D in every sub he said she does not like good result lol.

then he told my grandma what for i spent money to studying computer engineering in monash, he said he son no need study already can assemble a pc LOL he forgotten who designed the parts for his son.

so there's always stupid ppl like that who talk without thinking of other ppl's feeling. public uni uses malay to teach rite? it's harder to get into good MNC i guess, also, u get to learn more english by attending proviate college. ever plan to go overseas to extend yr studies or work? show them some color haha