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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Singapore: Early In the morning

After late night dinner, the whole trip group have to wake up early with morning call 6.45am. Woww! that's early. keke, I still can manage to wake up 6.oo am. To avoid fighting for bathroom with Honey. After I bath, only call her up.. wahahaha!!!
Good morning Geylang!

Provide free biscuits "strawberry and chocolate flavour" with mineral water...
One thing In Singapore that I interested is, short traffic light. kekeke... Unlike malaysia, those traffic lights are higher than asian human, and sometimes trees that grow fast and with huge leaves will definitely "cover-up" those light, so you can't blame people do not stop during red lights, because drivers can't see it, Or maybe they don't even know there is a traffic light..kekeke.
I think shorter size(light). is better.. in Malaysia tooo..
only an advertisement from the bus....
Another thing in Singapore..> NO CARS..
why durian??????

We have to rush to a town call "THIONG BARU" to have our breakfast! and we only have 45 minutes.
I ate nothing but two bowl of tau huey. To be honest, I totally disliked those food selling there, and their most famous' kuey chap, char kuey tiow and even chicken rice, ALL NO NICE! I mean all of those are not suit my taste AT ALL. I 100% think that malaysia's food is much much more tasty. Even chicken rice in Singapore taste weird, and kuey chap looks weird not even bother to taste it. But that's my grandpa favourite..wahahahaha
I walked "dono how many round" to order something to eat, but all are not my taste at all. My mom simply see people queue for "long line", she also went to queue(participate), and she brought us mee siam, nasi lemak, yam cake, carrot cake.... (no nice) Ok! I mean not my taste.
dO YOU SEE??? people LONG queuing for tau huey and soya bean? I queu it too! (participate) ... and the tau huey I ate is not as tasty as the uncle sell tau huey in Uptown Damansara. The uncle selling soya bean and tau huey in Uptown is much much more tastier and somemore cheaper than HerE! (Ok, Singapore's stuff expensive means= normal to Singaporeans) But I really really stil think Malaysia's food is much more better.....
Furthermore, the next stall's soya bean and tau huey had no people at all, tsk tsk tsk...
May be this stall's uncle aunty are very friendly..kekeke

tsk tsk tsk, rubbishES still everywhere, in bus stop! but it will be cleaned within 24 hours..(Singapore will be effective in this way, I can see cleaners everywhere, may be they got high pay..) Those cleaners should be paid higher in Malaysia too, therefore, it will be clean as other country...


AceOne118 said...

You tried the dry wan ton mee there? Sure vomit blood wan. wakakaka

spookygrace said...

aceone: "ya!LUCky the tour guide told us before we eat! they all last time eat, oso vomit 9 9!!!! kakakakaka"