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Monday, July 23, 2007

where i go???

Niether online nor blog for these two weekend days, and wonder where this creepy spookygal went to? I did not go anywhere larrr...... and I were sticking at home and staring at my computer though. MODEM SPOILT ALREADY....AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Please Don't expect to use your technology devices forever in life and don't expect it will be last forever. All tech's thingy have short life *sorb sorb..For example, you bought a cell phone in 15 year old, will you use it untill 40 year old? will it last (tahan) ?? technology things are all like that, hopeless! hate it!

Damn angry and "fat mang zang" when was looking at my both modem and router (they are seperated), the moden's LAN was not functioning, and it shows error to the connection of LAN. and I started to smsed to those friends who know IT things much better than me. I AM A STUPID WHEN REFFERING TO THOSE HIGH TECH DEVICES, ALL I KNOW IS ONLY SWITCH ON AND ONLINE. when something wrong to my computer, how? "MAD LAR....

when there is no any alternative ways, or the last resort! *cough cough, you will probable call the most efficient and effective-EST business in Malaysia...> streamyx! -,-"" and what they will say will be ," try to unplug your line, then plug it back, then if not, replug it, and plug another time or try to plug more few times, then restart your computer after 10 minutes, if not, plug it and unplug it then replug it and restart it, and make sure all the lines are plugged.....if not you can try to call back to us"

HARLO! you want me to plug it how many times, plug it then unplug it, before I call you I already do this routine oso dono how many times already, if continue plug, I really "SOT-PLUG" I tell you!... you still want me "try-to" call you back kah?! tIu...!!

After two days staring at that spoiltED modem, I brought it with the router to the clinic in Jusco tmn equine (drive five minutes from my house). I brought it with router cause I scared there would be some setting something thingy to do when setting both router and modem. Please don't expect a stupid girl like me buy a new modem then set it at house by my own, I am not talented on this kind of thing, I'm a "computer bak-qi". The most safest way is to bring along both devices. wahahahaha!

After arrived there, asked the staff with my pity face, "can you repair my modem for me?" staff," configurate it can lar, we don't repair one lar." =.="""".... and finally found out my modem's LAN port rosak already! have to buy a new one then, so how? BUy lor. I really use my own pocket money.

this is my new bought modem lar then.....

and I paid by myself RM170.00..hopefully can be claimed one. have to claim it back....And don't tell me that I bought an expensive one,I know it is super expensive for a modem. I just thinking if anything happened just take 5 minutes to jusco to repair. I think it worth ....

Don't expect me buy a new tech devices back home and let me set it by myself, I will totally dono what to do on it. and lucky I got bring along my router for him to set it up. waha!

and during the set up thing, the staff found out that, "YOUR ROUTER OSO ROSAK".what???!!! I just repaired it last month and now rosak again! and he told me that if kena lightning, both devices will oso kena one..."ShIt!!"
BUT during the lightning and loud loud thunder storm, I really did not switch on my computer, how come will hit by it! I off it, but I don't pull the plug out lor..
after my father heard that it was hit by the lightning storm, scolded me 9 9, and keep on saying, "see lar, spend so expensive to buy a new one, asked you everytime use anything oso have to pull the plug out one....blablabla..."
I really bought a new modem with a lesson .....I will pull it out after used...
my router is still in the clinic, hope it will be healed before my bratha come home. Hope everything will be find, and nothing shows "disconnect" in my pc, .. cause! I really dowanna call Streamyx....!!!!!!!!!

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