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Thursday, August 23, 2007

All about paktorlogy..

This conversation happened yesterday night. Yup, she is my friend since primary till secondary, and I miss you guys in Shah Alam, and I knew you guys, majority of you all moved to somewhere else like me..So sad~~

I have been this stupid boring days in Bukit Jalil, No money, No car, But at least I still can meet you guys through MSN sometimes.. kekeke.. or Friendster.....bleh..

So, the conversation everytime we started sure will be...

"how's life, how are you?"

"got bf already ah??" ..> =.=""" or " you pak tor liao Or not??"

and yes, nothing much ...... only tha topic...

Yesterday ah lian came to me.. she looks so serious.. - . -

her name really call ah lian lar... @.@!!~

After she asked, I continued "why.....?"

And she off-lined... sigh =.=""

Apa lar....looo yi lian...kekeke

(when you see this, don't angry ah, Ah lian....)


AceOne118 said...

Paktor good ma! Big girl ledi!! kekeke

spookygrace said...

ace: " =.=""""

Cherry said...

mayb ur fren jus curious ba~

spookygrace said...

cherry:"yar, she is very 8 one..kekeke"