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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bad day birthday exam day

Sure have to post something on my today's exam day. HORRIBLE. hate it! hate myself, I ruin the whole part of my scale (really bad), and my aural part (super bad).. I already do some expectation on this exam result, I don't think it will be great in this..

我已经做了最坏的打算,因为情况不是很乐观,很明显是凶多吉少, 如果真的大吉利是, 就节哀顺便吧!

still have to wait for two months for that result, I already done my worst worst expectation, the overall performance was really disappointing, clearly shown bad things gonna happen, ..if bad things really happen, just send myself some condolence...

Go in 10.57 am (should be), but finally the time was 11.00 ++ am. after a guy came out. I totally spent half an hour ++ to 45 minutes in that exam room. really killed me. I was totally out from there, it looks like my body and spirit both already seperated....

What I happy was, saw a lot of boys and girls kids wearing cute cute dress and with their cute shoes, and somemore one boy taking a guitar exam holding the guitar that much more bigger size than him.. and hearing them complaining..> cute!

Yup, today its my birthday. very thank you you guys keep on spaming wish-me-happy-birthday messages in my cellphone.. but I really love it.. 10 qq.. 10qq.. !!!and I don't think today is my birthday without these lovely messages and in my friendster account tooooo... kekeke. not many friends.. but its from all from my secondary mates... muaks muaks, and college's gang!

hope you guys will view my blog....and see this..keke

from sze ling!

from ying ying!

from rabbit!

see this guy....

fast fast find a boyfriend cause I am getting older.. =.=""... he wants a bet, see who will be the faster person to get a boyfriend and girlfriend.. bleh!
this is unbelievable.. kakaka.! mr, Peter Low (lecturer) still remember my birthday. wahahahaha!!!... got shocked when recieve this.. mine and his birthday is within one week..kekeke.. I am 8 days early than him, but he is sure older than ME LAR!!

this angpau is from my ex-babysit, when I claimed my letters in SA.. she gave this (rm50..kekeke) have to save it!

when totally feel birthday.. this song is absolutely my feelings right now..




蜡烛点了 寂寞亮了


wish me happy birthday...

Happy Birthday


KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

heyz happy belated bday ya! and welcome to the 20s club!! =)

AceOne118 said...

Happy birthday to you Pei-pei! "Tai kor lui" lah!!!!!! wakakakaka

Yinsi said...

Happt bird-day Spookygrace! Faster gip me your phone no. I wan to spam oso!!!! kekeke

Liddis-Liddat said...

Liddis translate the chinese wording into yinglish I gip you happy bird-day angpau! apa maciam? I dunno baca cina lah. Gua Indian boy. You know i'm kelingkui?

KennetH said...

call u faster get a bf ar...still wait

Ichitaka Leingod said...

so what present did you get for ur bday? Hapy Birthday again! XD

spookygrace said...

kev:" Im 20, but still like 16..kekeke.. (you should say like tat)..wahahaha!..

ace:" hello banana! u sure gip me birthday angpau o not geh.. u lie wan lar.."

kenneth:" i'll wait for the bf come one, I wont go n look one geh.. kekeke"

ichi:" no present yet leh... the oni present i got now is the RM50 angpau oni lar..kekekE"..somemore havent go n claim from other people..kekeke