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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bad Mood..SUCKS!!!

Any stupid function in Bukit Jalil??? (only thought there is having badminton game), I heard those firework sounds again and again.huh~ I thought it is thunder storm.. If really yes, I have to switch off my it a WAR!??

I really got a stupid bad mood just! hate it! gggrrrrr!!! damn angry!!..

After finishing my meal in grandpa house, my mom was asking ( I don't think its "asking") me..

"Oi! faster print toto for granpa".. I really hate this. If I don't wanna switch on my comp, means I don't want. Can you please wait .....

Anyway, I'm not working under you, like in your company. I know you are a supervisor, but I'm not your stuff!!!

When I heading to my room, saw room's light was ON, and I assume..erm..not! It is 100% is my fatty mom. She was sitting infront of my comp with around 10 programmes open! Yes, she doesn't know how to connect to 4D page. Hate like this. And I know that she is playing my comp for half an hour, cause my modem heat.... ggrrrr~ can you sustain, I really can't...

After I tell her I'll search it. She still sitted infront of my comp... "You show me how to do lar, not evertime.....bla..bla.." This is not the first time that she comes into my room sitting infront of my comp without my persmission.. oops, there always don't have any permission in my family. Cause she always says... "I'm Your mother, So, I can...bla..bla...bla...."


SO WHAT?????!!!!! HUH!!!!

After the crisis of my own privacy.. She kept asking me when the D-link router finished repair, cause it is already almost a month. I admit that I called the shop several times, and the router is still in progress. And I really act like a mad customer to keep asking them when my router can be taken back leh??.. and they still answer me same answers, but I myself really don't care about it.

Cause I already assume that they will take even 3 months to repair in maximum, eventhough it is still under warranty, and if not, they only will replace a new one for you. Yes, my router is still under warranty. And everytime I call them I really mad..MAD..MAD!! gggrrrrrr

Furthermore, my s***** mom is so annoying. what she cares is only when her precious son come back from hostel can'st use the internet if I conquered the modem. So, that's why she is so "gan jeong" about the router lar..

And she keeps saying.. "why they can't replace a new one meh?, ask them why they need to be so slow lar, then scold them lar, ask them what is the D-link department number lar....."


"Why don't you just call them yourself...u so panai cakap..."

Another thing is, she wants me want the shop open a bill that stated my modem (former) was kena by the lightning, and my router indeed. And want everything in open bill stated that kena by the router..

Frist of all, there is no stupid machines that can able to clarify that my former modem was kena by lightning or not, and the former modem only can clarified that the LAN port ROSAK, and the stuff there ASSUME that it was kena by the lightning...harlo!! it is just ASSUME..

And my s***** mom insists wanted me, wanted them to write "the modem is kena by lightning" on the bill (to claim it in insurance) WTF!!!!! harlo! lightning not under warranty one.. it doesn't mean you buy what also can claim from insurance...You think insurance stupid one ah!

There is really no point to ask them to open a bill like this...

my mom:

"All customer come.... to buy things also like that one lar... Ask them to write like that very hard one ah!!!!!"


And she keeps on showing, how well she TALK, how well she complains about D-link company...

"You never scold them one meh, ask them lar..why so long already haven't finished repair, ask them lar, to replace a new one for you...bla..bla..bla.."

This is not the first time, she always talk how well she can well she can do this do that..

In addition, when you don't know the road direction, or what type of buses you should take to your destination, how to go here go there, how to cook dishes, how to do this...??????????

She will just pointed you to the wrong way (always). She can tell you they place that you wanted to go with full confident but finally, pity those people who listens to her....

She will never say: "I DON'T KNOW"..... what she will do is only show how well is she...!!!

And she is so..." DAI JEK GONG and SIN GAH LAN"

Still remember first time I went to college and I wonder what kind of bus I wanna take to uptown. She simply pointed me "You take LRT to Kelana Jaya, then there SURE got bus come to uptown one CANNOT AH???!!!"

me "can...can..can..."

She called me last minute when I going to buy a ticket to Kelana Jaya, and she said :" eh, you go taman bahagia and take 901 ah.." when her friend told her Kelana Jaya has no buses to Uptown.

o.O!!!!! WTF!!!

really hate this kind of mother... She is stupid but act wise..ggggggrrrrr!!!!..

Never respect my own privacy ever..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do your parents or MOM respect you ???

I really hate my mom, maybe there will be part 2 story...ggggrrrrr!!!!!


Cherry said...

well Grace~ I DUN HATE my MOM~
U can read from my main blog

Dis is my "Family" category, u can c my precious posts about my family background or about my STEPMOM (use to call her Bitch...

Den u compare ur mom to my stepmom, I think U'll HATE MY STEPMOM MORE!

spookygrace said...

cherry:"me n my mom's character is polaris, we are 2 different kind of people, tat's y, i really don't agree to my mom all the time, and tat's y I hate her.. but I can have really great relationship with other aunty type people, like my x-babisitter and also my aunties.. but I hate my mom..=.="""

Apple said...

ya some moms are like that lar, they thought they everything also pandai, and very kiasu, dunno how also act know how, dun wan to admit dunno how to do. cool down a little, when time passes u may have different thoughts towards ur mom by then.

Cheer up, girl.

Cherry said...

Yea...I understand how u feel...dun angry...cheer up o! =) we must 'ren'! after we really can support ourself...den say byebye to our house..haha..

spookygrace said...

apple:" yeah, i still don't understand why my mom is like that one, but other people's moms are so perfect, at least they respect their kids."

cherry:"yeah, we must "ren", just because she still pay me some of my expenses... =.="""

Huei said...

dun hate her..i know how u feel..the son's more important

there are countless times i curse my mum..but on better mood..i just look back..and feel bad for it..anyhow, she's still ur mum..the one who will love u unconditionally..though..sometimes she might not show it..but all parents love their kids =)

spookygrace said...

huei:"mom will care sons one.."

ant said...

Lucky my mom not like that but she will always nag me to do cut hair :P

Simple American said...

My mom is dead, so I just miss her.

Despite how much she annoys you now, one day you might miss her also. Try not to build too much regret now for that time.

You know when we are young children we think of our parents as super beings that can do anything. But as we grow older we recognize the flaws as no one is perfect. Just do your best to work around your mom's inadequacies and realize life may be tough for her too.

spookygrace said...

ant:" my exbabysit oso, everytime oso ask me drink soup. =.=""

simple:"different people, different faith, sigh...Jus admit my faith now."