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Friday, August 31, 2007

Few years Back..

These are the memories of few years back. *cough cough only few years ok..

Last time (few years back), there were no Avril Lavigne nor Michelle Branch nor kelly clarkson.. What I have listened too then? I was crazy, super lovin Britney Spears that time, and Christina. And my favourite song of course will be the Titanic OST, and I loved Leonardo Dicaprio (don't laugh ar) and what I everyday thinking will be the romantic Titanic that time.

Besides that, I super crazy into the Backstreet boys (backside boys) and Nsynce AND Westlife. Still remember last time there was one boy band name O-TOWN, AND another one name Plus One.. there are all my lovin boy bands. And I was too crazy in The Calling's Alex Band, he is damn cute (don't laugh har). And the Hanson boyband... OMG, I was always dreaming that I can get a boyfriend like that HANDSOME in my future... dreamin'....dreamin'..

That is what all teens thinking right... blek =P

And also those Whitney and Mariah's songs, and I super love Mandy Moore... S club 7, Savage Garden...... lot lot lot lot lot....

And last time was always sticking on the Astro, 71 and 72 (if i'm not mistaken) the MTV and Channel for whole day..

And my grandma(not here already) always, "CHOU SEI YAN, CHOU SEI YAN, ngo you tai WAH LOI TOY!! (so noisy, I want watch wah loi toy) "

So,what you gonna do on today holiday, just listen to songs that you got LONG TIME never listen to them. And those songs really mean a lot to you, every single song will bring you back to that time.. Trust me....

So? what's my story...

The song that really brings some meaning to me is LeeAnn Rime's Cant Fight the Moonlight. Because it is the first "lanun" CD I bought besides the shops lot. After evertime I finished my piano class in Taman Sri Muda (it is not a nice place ever), I sure will ask my mom to buy some lanun CDs and VCDs.. That's how it reminds me back to that time. I was so hard to attend piano class late at night, and afraid of everthing, and that environment.

Nah, kan I told you a song means a lot...

Here are some songs that's really LAST TIME of MY FAVOURITE..

Tell me your teen's Favourite???????


tingtitlei said...

my teenager days..

system of a down

wah.. sweet memories. i still lsiten to all of the above except for five haha.


spookygrace said...

tingtitlei : "still searching my pikachu t-shirt =P " may be i threw it already.. kekeke "

AceOne118 said...

I what-what songs oso ngam wan besides the tamil, bangali songs!! wakakaka. Why you so free? Tarak go jalan-jalan "Paktor" ka?

spookygrace said...

aceone : "no out no out.. "