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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fuck Goods..

Ok! it is not .. to promote some sex stuffs or sex machines....(when you see my title)

Sometimes we will have a problem on translating from language A to language B. Or may be, lastly, eventually it becomes a joke to the whole world. Don't laugh!! (probably you will not sustained by "don't laugh" when you see this) .. *cough cough.. It doesn't mean I have perfect english okie, at least when you wanna put some words, please check the dictionary first lar..

I think it ("already") a common thing in China... It is a part of their culture. However, any foreigners here???!!! who are visiting my blog.. I just wanna seek your thoughts and comments when you really see these words' sign in hypermarket/supermarket..

What do you think?????!!!!!


I still to fuck?????



KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

lol.. fuck goods! lol... u can take a marker and put in the word 'type' in btw the fuck and goods! lol...

AceOne118 said...

I'm impressed with your title. Yeah, I'm a foreigner from Fuck.It is a town called Fuck. These products are from my hometown wan. If you locate the map you'll find it wan.

Simple American said...

*waves arms*

Hey, hey!!! Wei!!!

*waves arms and jumps*

I'm a foreigner. And I think I better wear a condom when I go shopping. No telling what the fuck I might buy. :P

(Please forgive the use of the expletive in this comment. But it did fit. Uh fit? Haiz... *blush*)

keeyit said...


my godness... hahaha.. "f*ck goods"

Ichitaka Leingod said...

lol... from which country one the sign boards?

Rabbit said...

Oi! Two months no see u already fuck fuck seng hor?! O_O

Poonky said...

no choise everyone that follow rabbit path will be come pervert..hahaha fuck fuck seng hahahahah

spookygrace said...

kev:"fuck type goods then..kekeke"

ace:"hello (waive), fuck's people produce fuck goods. Do you have any other products other than fuck goods in your town?? wahahahaha"

simple:" hahaha condom! I think the condom business will be more better than the fucking goods then.."

keeyit:" yaya, it is actually dry-goods..kekeke =.="""

ichi:"China! i think i mentioned it.."

rabbit:" mana got ler.. kekeke"

poonky:"still not a pervert yet.. =.="""

Hinenry said...

'fuck good' is just one of the many stupid -funny words created by china man.....haha

darthikea said...

lol fuck and fook well it does sound more attractive using fuck :)

i wonder how is it accepted in malaysia :P

barangan Fuck

tomorrow ISA

Mischique said...

Darth: You obsessed with ISA man.

Hey Spookygrace, I was a bit shocked when I saw 'Fuck Goods' because you look too cute and innocent to write about uh fucking? I know it's just about mistranslation.

spookygrace said...

hinenry:"yup, funny..kekeke"

darthika:"Maybe ISA may find it interesting too..kekeke"

mischique:"i very innocent one ler..kekeke"