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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

To be a MAN.

Hey guys? gentlement? *cough cough

I think there are getting less and more lesser gentleman in the wolrd, and those gentleman getting extinc.. *hoho....

Anyway, guys ! Do you behave like what a guy will do toimpress cute girls out there. Will you?? it doesn't mean get your hair dyed or get your hair spark like a durian OK. In my own opinion, guys who do all the school assignments and housework such as sweep floor and mop the whole house for me or girls, while I shaking my leg watching TVB, like this..> u (only) to be qualified or considered as a perfect guy (gentleman) to me.. *hoho

Body Builder

And this ''gentleman behaviour'' should be educated to all guys or male out there since very young. Currently, apparently, very hard to find those perfect guy in the world liao! And have to break the "only-women-will-do-work" policy....

Who says women have to do housework and men need not.. ??? MAN must be a MAN lar.. don't expect women do all house stuffs for you guys, we are not machines OK. Lucky got human invent vacumn cleaner.. *lalala

However, what I think will be. During paktor period, guys will do all things for you because what they will always say '' I LOVE YOU''......, if a lady agreed to marry the '' I LOVE YOU'' guy.... please come with a contract that stated ''LOVE YOU AND WORK FOR YOU FOREVER''... *hahahahaha . the contract is better come together with the marry-cert..hehehhe then of course, women won't rugi lar...wahahahahahaha

(gals..don't say I teach one har!!!)

this video is to prove that women status are much more higher than man...hehehe

Sigh .... poor kid.. Belly Laugh



AceOne118 said...

Eh, who said guy no do housework? I protest lu mia statement kao-kao!

Ichitaka Leingod said...

I everyday also do housework one wor... then I mai quite perfect lor? hehe... XD

Apple said...

it's doing housework when u have ur own family short, help ur wife do housework..not saying now (if u still live with ur parents, and if at home no have girls..housework sure become part of ur responsibility)

well, the video is cute ^^

Hinenry said...

Agree with u aceone118, i feel it is not fair to say girls do all the things and guys didn't. Nowadays, SOME girls are worse compare to guys in term of doing chores.
(My personal view)A lot of girls donno how to cook!..ahaha..I m very proud that i can cook well, far more better than SOME gals...seriously..haha

spookygrace said...

ace:" then u r a perfect nice guy lor... wakakka ^.^

ichi:" yeah yeah... ^^//"

apple:"no matter boys or gals lar, both oso have to do one.. unlike my mom, always ask me do oni.."

hinenry:" u can cook, means perfect already lar..hehe, at least u guys will automatically help to do housework, unlike my brother.."


Poonky said...

wrong totally wrong i clean my room and toilet and sometimes cook~~ but if that related to me la hahah not related to me...see how lo

Anston said...

My mom always forced me to do house work since i was a little kid, i always admire those rich family can order maid to do so!

haiz... c! how kesian i'm!

spookygrace said...

poonky:"hahaha! u do work for your girlfren o not? hahaha"

anston:" I can shake hand with you. I oso veli kesian oso..." =(