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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Just some kind of Similarity...

Watched Jay Chou's directed movie "secret"?, yup, that's a nice nice movie isn't it, waha, I haven't watched it yet. But somehow, I found something interesting here. (Everytime I blog also start with something interesting =.="" ). I haven't watched it, but I did watch certain clips of it. And I do know what the secrets is/are.. *giggle...

Heard it is a improved movie by Jay Chou, he has improved his acting skill, a lot of audience got impressed by it. Especially the piano battle scene, VS yu hao... I got it too... LOVE IT!~ It is a romantic triplets style of nocturne and toOo many of chromatic skill, uncertain of keys, maybe lotsa lotsa changing of keys, or maybe could be more more flats and sharps there.. this is Chopin style.. ~~~ Lizt tooO.. !!~~, possible composer would be Chopin.. ~~ They are just implementing the romantic style..~~


Download midi scores..>
Battle 1 ~~
Battle 2 ~~


But I found it is something similar with, "the legend of 1900", If you watched it, then you know what the hell this movie is talking about. It is all about the late romantic period and jazz, new morden time. A battle of, 1990 (his name) with the jazz intentor, Jelly Roll Morton . This story is all bout a ship, that one day, it should be exploded because of tOo old, but 1900 refuse to save his own life, and he decided to die with this ship. Cause, he never leave the ship before. Bron on the ship, Die on the Ship.

And some Immigrants from the latin Americca to US period.

So, it becomes a legend to the people now. Does this guy really exist? He really a damn good fucking pianist??

the crave

Piano Man

It is exactly the same.. Give me a fucking cigarrette~~~~ te! See what happened to that fucking ciggarette.~~ ^^

Are they same, all about piano battle... erm... when I first saw this Jay chou's piano battle clip, it brought me back to legend 1900 within a second.. for me..SAME!~~ story not same LAR..


AceOne118 said...

Aiyoyo! stim-mex damn slow la...kenot load!!

spookygrace said...

i oso cannot listen imeem jor.. :(