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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stop the Dogs Hunt !! IDIOT !!

ok I know.. long post again. But ..please give some attention...

First of all, do you really know where is your brain?? , yup, human brain situated inside your body? Is it inside your stomach, so what human think is only eat??. Or... inside your backside, so, conclusion, what human really really actually eventually think is only EAT and SHIT. Or even, do you have human brain? Are you educated?

This can be found, because, some part among the human are actually do not contribute on thinking and decision making. They do not accept any other opinions from others and certainly not a risk taker, this is because they are more to wild-rude type of human being. To be babaric, think they are the best human being in the world but they are actually idiot.

Always not coming out the best solution, do not contribute any good ideas on solving problems. They are easily get influenced, think they are right, grant everything in the world easy-going, living just for relax but not improving in term of "kaizen". Always compare themselves to a poor grade people in the world, so it shows they are rich. However, when they compare themselves to a richer grade of people, they are actually low-class human.

For example, "we are living in a harmony country, please look at the middle-east, there are wars, please look at Japan, they have the earth-quake because of volcanos, there are also a lot of inner wars among the small-small countries, so.. We are lucky to live here". Therefore, " We not need to improve anymore, just have to leave steadily in term of "not-growing", and create jokes within the place."

Ok, the introduction part is a bit long, but it is all my truely expressed opinion. Read this article in The Star.

Yup, a dog-hunting competition, I think it is only held in Malaysia "your truly Asia" and your bolehland country. Personally, I think this competition is plainly just to show how bolehness of Malaysia on catching those "no-home" stray dogs around the place. And it has attractive Award.

You think it is illegal?? NO..NO..NO... the "majlis" and this activity is actually approved and runned by the Government of Perbandaran Selayang. It is LEGAL one.. OK! somemore, great prizes.

(click image to enlarge)

Read this doggie blog..

Interesting right, you got RM15,000 for first place and many consolation prizes, just to catch stray doggie. It is only available for Malaysian Citizen? How about foreigners? they can participate too? Maybe, I will plan a trip to visit Selayang Dog-cathing competition for a group of tourist consist the western tourist and internationally, to visit, what's actually Malaysia is doing.

Malaysia friendly people, good place, nice whether huh?? ~!!

In other words, why Malaysia has to implement this kind of contest, with the objective to reduce stray dogs and because those stray dogs harm children in that area, and that's is really scary. Yeah, I experienced once, those illegal not-pet dogs are actually wild and attack human. I think it is same as other kind of wild animals too, when they are untrained, they are wild.

I was escaping so hard with wearing my Baju Kurung Uniform during form 3 after the para-para dance at school with other 2 girl's friends. Shouting for "tolong !! tolong!! and help!!" and I threw my bag off and one of my shoe left there. So, thankful to a malay uncle who saw us chasing by dogs when he was riding on a motorcycle, he quickly took a long stick to scare those dogs. It was really a nightmare, and those wild dogs are 100% unlike my Lily and Oscar. And some of them having such unique diseases in their body. Disgusting....~~~

But think it wisely in other site of your mind, why there were no stray dogs there before, why the number of these dogs increasing? It is just because they lost their habitat and homes. There are cruel, but there are homeless and pityfull. Do you only think that only huge wild dogs out there? Howabout, the puppies who homeless, how about one stupid brainless Chiwawa comes out from home and doesn't know the way to get back its home, how about people that actually throw away their dogs from home and cause they become homeless. ???????? It is also same as other animals too, I hate monkeys, they come and steal your fruits in the kitchen.. GGGRRR!!!~~

Is this competition is the best way to solve this entire problem? Is it able to be solved? If you are able to provide those "lumayan" prizes to normal people to catch dogs, why not hire a profession to solve this problem? That they are actually can able to handle this whole case, because they are trained.

In additionally, the "MJS" is not responsible on any lost of the person such as injuries when you are hunting for a wild dog. I don't think that a normal person who is not an expert is able to catch wild dogs that are really fierce that attack human, if its cause injuries? Are you still thinking to win the RM15000 first prize? Or my advice is, if you are really lucky to get the first prize RM15000, but you got a serious injured by wild dogs. That stupid first prize are not sufficient to cover your medical treatment, idiot.

Another side effect of this stupid plain idiot contest. How you gonna give a 100% confirmation, that the dogs that catched by the people are stray? Testing DNA something? How about, if people are not able to catch wild dogs around, but only focusing on catching puppies or even some cute cute small dogs besides roads?. Is the problem to be solved? When only catching small doggie in that area??

Because regarding on news, "this campaign is actually held because of stray wild dogs attacking and harm children in that area ( I don't think cuty little puppies will harm and attack you), and because recieved 80 complaints in that area."

What will gonna do, if the people are unable to catch wild stray dogs, but puppies or even dognap our luxury expensive registered dogs with medication expenses which more than human spend?? What to do, if thieves steal our home-pet-dogs, and claimed they are stray ???

How the campaign is 100% guarantee, my home-dogs not to be stolen, 100% take action on wild dogs instead of puppies, 100% not harming those dogs when catching them alive, people will not get injuries when they have to fight with the wild dogs, because wild dogs will just act like a group of wolves, they come in a gang, and yet, they are very united to fight with human. When people got injured, who gonna responsible? Blame the environment again? Do you believe that people will actually 100% only catch dogs by not harming them or even kill them? you SO confident kah?

Do you know that those homeless doggie or even cats are actually diseases carrier, they maybe having those unidentified sickness that haven't been found, like the Chicken-flu before. So? What will happened if the person trying to catch dogs are bitten by them? And found a NEW FORMULA DISEASE IN THE WORLD? Aren't that's scary ???

Please read

The author claimed that who are protesting this event are idiot. To the author, don't you find this activity is actually not a "solving-problem" campaign, instead of affecting those "money-minded" human, wash their brains, and thinking of COLLECTING (no matter steal from neighbours, or harming puppies besides roads) Dogs just to win that prize?

By giving such great prizes, but people who intend to catch dogs are not protected, what for? You think you are another ultimighty superman, batman, spiderman or cicak man... Just go catch lar..~~ Protect people ?? not protect people?? Or you think you can depend fully on pihak-pihak (stated in the rule of the contest)???

Is this the most rational decision to solve and reduce stray dogs in the environment?

Western and any other countries have been coming out and starting a lot of charities on helping those homeless dogs (maybe there are still cruel human especially in China eating dogs and cats .. HATE THAT) , to show our kindness towards the environment. First of all, we develop by chopping down trees, animal lost their homes. Therefore, we have to help them by finding a new home , not destroying them. But Malaysia is having an opposite way, is this contest a charity?? Or maybe, we are still having a thick forest and still have a lot of trees.. We have sufficient resources to live, We don't scare anything mia..

Read cicak too..

Or this perhaps can bring a conclusion of, Malaysia Government are actually do not have a proper, systematic solution towards the country's environment where people treat this case is the minor case in the country, but using a wrong system to solve problems. How about the big one?? O.O!!

Think it back Malaysia, it even came out a contest of "Who registered themselves on MyCard have the possibility to win a MyVi.." And Citizen started struggling themselves renew their IC not because they think is their responsible to renew their IC, but just to win the My-Vi.. And yet, this stupid contest did not work. Why? why, who came out such idea of Winning a MyV who had renewed their IC? How come you are soO brilliant to come out this Contest ?? And, fortunatly and unfortunately, why it failed?? You suddenly aware of it that is a wrong system? Or just wanna trap the citizens to renew their IC into MyCard??

Same.. my philosophy quote "Can't people be more civilised??" .. by spookygrace. They even never think and learn about WIN-WIN SITUATION.

Yes, Stop the Jokes !! Stop dog-hunting !! Catching dogs is not a Game !! Wake up Wake up !ENOUGH !.. There is no another 50 years for you to waste. ! What are the country is doing now, not only can be seen by its country people, but the whole world is percieving what are you doing. Everything has become international and talk about globalisation. Please act wise to impress others. Stop the immature!

TO PROTEST !!!!!!~~~!!!! Stop the Hunt !!! I'm a dogs pet lover.


animals, "Human, please don't step over the line . When you are not welcoming us, harm us, despising us, you deserve a pay-back by the environment one day" this is not a game.. indeed a contest.


Simple American said...

That is wild. I bet some people will steal dogs. And do you have SPCA? Wonder how easy to "adopt a pet" and then collect the bounty. Hope your doggie is safe.

Calvin's Wife said...

Lets just see how many of these contestants will get bites on them, maybe get diseases too... yeah jeopardize themselves to these wild dogs.... for pete's sake.. a competition to catch stray dogs?!!! WAHAHAHHA i laugh at their face!

KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

Wow.. this is a long long post! and yeah! stop hurting the dogs!! The dogs did us no harm... I mean unless the dog attacks etc then u have a reason to put it down.

And it doesn't make sense... as in that they ask ppl to catch the dogs. Where are they gog to house so many dogs? Use the tax money from ppl to build shelters for the dogs? Waste of money. And then what happen to the dogs? Kill them all!? This is so inhuman! This is really no brainer... All there is to solve this prob humanely is to sterilize the dogs, and not kill them!

Poonky said...

yeah stop hurting dogs...even though i was bitten by wild dogs many years ago. anyway hopefully this contest will end halfway just like the MyCard more mivy after getting complaints

babyfiona said...

I also blogged on this matter..those people who actually suggest and lend in their support for the contest are really dumb ass with peanuts brain! argh! How i want to just go and give them a big tight slap!

ant said...

This will be another MyKad contest situation. One fella will get biten by the dog and DIED and then they will say they cancel the contest, just like the Myvi Contest. Malaysia bodoh!

spookygrace said...

simple:"This kinda activities happened in US too? I think only in Malaysia.. tsk tsk tsk.."

calvin's wife:"this is really a joke..."

kev:"this is not the first time those idiots misuse the tax payer money.."

poonky:"yup yup, i think now they reduce the prizes amount,.. see..STUPID!"

babyfiona:"i gv them mou ying geok..."

ant:"yeah, that's y they don't have a brain to think, i really dono what are those minister's doing daily.."

AceOne118 said...

Where are your doggy? I wan kidnap them!

Renge said...

tis competition has been cancelled. yesterday news got announced. XD
no more stupid dog hunting~~~

iCalvyn said...

this campaigns is suck, dono who suggest one... pity to the dog only

spookygrace said...

aceone:"u han dit ler.."

renge:"yup, now..u see, cancelled.. those idiot..really got no energy to condemn anymore liao.."

icalvyn:" this shows gov sucks toooo..."

Simple American said...

No that does not happen here. We have animal control to collect animals in the city governement. Too dangerous for some of the wild dogs. Thought the big thing near my house is wild pigs. Can be quite scarey. And of course we get the occassional snake too. Poisonous too by the way.