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Monday, April 14, 2008

I think I am not having many fails though**

sorry for being so outdate.. quite a bit of sorrow when i saw my status besides there.. (Avoid to see it).

Yesterday I dreamt a lot of mice and rats around my here. They are gathered, all grey in colour. One of it hanging itself on the stick that I use to hang my clothes last time. All so cohesive, they are like waiting for something. Then.

I dreamt my house's window has opened not very wide, when I aware of it, i quickly close it. So prompt. Haha.. that's lucky, they unable to go in ..

I jus dreamt a lot of them gathering, just like having their party, going elsewhere, anywhere through the drain. But, I don't think they are dirty, they are quite clean. I dreamt then, I ride on a car, may be I am driving or not? But I remember the car moved, but, only me myself in the car, and I sitting on the driver sit. Just assume that I drive. I drive very fast, ..

All rats chasing over my car, I kept running though.. with my car .. tHEY ARE chasing.. many of them..

OK, I think the dream ends here, I continue to dream another person, I think I already long time no meet. He is my brother's "kai jie fu". Still remember he is an insurance agent. Ok, I have no point why I dream it. ... .. .. .. Saw many people around there, my mother ask me to call someone..

I saw the insurance agent with a "dou san " hairstyle sitting on a big chair. I am ordered to call him "Mr. CEO"..



when I came to explain about the rats thing..

It has implication of:

Dreaming many rats at once or around you meaning you could face a lot+many times of failures. And, you should prepare to face it though...

However, I think I'm not.

Lets continue it during my breaktime. Having class now..

Happy blogging and assignmenting.

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