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Saturday, April 26, 2008


I really did not expect that the GOOD BYE THAT i talk to you will really became a good bye for your gone.

i really miss you Lilly, hoping you will appear into my dream. And, tell me how happy are you now and how happy that you see Ong Lai and play with him.

Telling me how you miss Oscar as well, wishing we will get together one day. Wishing yourself not to be so suffer of your heart disease. I have done to my exhaution to cry on you, pLEASE give me some hint to tell me that you are better now..

Hope you live Happily in your paradise.

Love can bring us together one day, I believe you u, and I believe in myself.

may be we can meet one day, may be you will come back to my side..

BYE Lilly..

1 comment:

Simple Alex said...

don be sad anymore okay.. i bet they will be happy.. coz u're so nice to them... =)