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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

almost sacrifice for that daz...!!!

hahaha!!! already for a week.. spookygrace has not updated her spooky diaries what had happened for spookygal was... SICK..really sick leh...>> until now... actually it was came accidentally..>> the story began like THIS!!:

last thursday as a superb boring day.. it was around 5 o clock.. wachin' my favourate drama while was doing some excercise..> so jelous the model from the tv advertising..> i had the passion to want that kind of body shape....> so the sit up was goin '' more n more faster....>>. then yoga..then sit up..then yoga...> the objective on ma mind that moment was...>> PERFECT SHAPE!!@@

what happened sudeni was...>>> ma stomach suddenly was feelin' like very very very very really really painfull..aching like hell..>> cannot stand cannot sleep..>. Scream LIKE HELL!! ask for ma spookypapa to help me.. i though it was a SMALL CASE... >. NEXT.. i started to vomit out all the food that day i ate..>>

mypapa also dono how to do anything...>>>> i started to cry very very loud.. like wanted to die..>> SORBIN '' moment made ma stomach more painfull..WARHHHHHH!!!! no choice spookypapa..took me to the nearest cllinic...!!!...... into the emergency room!!!!!! waitin' for the doctor .... TO COME SLOWLY!!!.... the doctor also not capable to check probabaly..!! then oni he gave me injection for pain release..>>> and confirm it is ONI stomach cram....!!!

what happened at home...>> i was allergic to the injection... ma face felt ichi and gona burst..> i wana DIE!!!! .....>> all nite couldnt' sleep!!! till today.. it is still has a little bit aching..!!!

the lesson is : no more sit up for spookygal..>


Rabbit said...

Wah! U okie or not wan? First time i hear ppl do sit up till stomach cramp wan. >.<"

barouqe witch said...

yala..tat's y no next time liao!!! until now..i walked very slow...than apo!!! sigh!!!!

so CHARM!!!