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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the day afta the freakin spooky pain!!!!

it was sunday mornin''
spookymama: ooi!! wan to go out eat or not..
spookygal: where..who!!
spookymama:aunty wendy lor..go telok gong ah!!!!
spookygal: okok!! wait for me..
afta ma mama frens gathering...we began our journey to telok gong..with the AUNTIES gang!!!!feelin' confidence for that day..afta my yesterday hair got bang!!!.....until now..i still walkin like an old woman..very slow!!......and v finaly arrived afta half n hour...>>>

here is the place: lv mang ba!!

first order for the coconut!!!!

the food arrive...>. long time no come to telok gong oledi... its been 2 years miss the sea food!!!!v got crab..chicken..lala..vege and fishi fish!!

afta this v continued our next station journey!!!

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