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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

continuedzz journey to subang jaya pasar malam!!

afta the makan makan! the auntie gang continue to shop at subang jaya pasar malam!! n d spookygal also wan to shop for her cny clothes n shoes.... the shoes: very bad.... the clothes..:not nice..oni the aunty aunty popekin' for their dress....

spookymama: aiya..this sunday got dinner la..choose wich clothes leh..
spookygal: u so fat very susah la!!!!

when ma spookymama was choosing for her dinner dress...>> ... the stall beside...hahaha!!! sellin' lanun cds... they are promoting the chinese new year songs....GOT ENGLISH VISION ALSO .. wahahahahwahahahaha!!!! (not dare to take photo go nearby.... afraid got wacked!!! neh!)

the shoes all not nice der...!!!! somemore.. the rain was droppin'' better get run!!!!!

and this is the ... what i bought!!! i got 3 piggy monokoro boooooooo!!! one for ma coz sis!!
the pasar malam still not satisfy me leh!!!
continued to the next journey!!!!!

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