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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

hapy lew year

yesterday's new year eve was super boring... siting there with ma spooky cuzin sis..watching the super freakin performance...sigh..!!!

hapy lew year everyone... n welcome to ma spooky blogies!!!@@

the time has pass so fast n new year come liao!!! wahahahahahaha!!!!

thinkin what to do in the new 2007...first thing of course hv to sit for the x m lor...!!!!

oni for 2 sub jack!!!! cher!!!!

tomolo i hv to say bai bai to my spooky bratar..he is goin to be, the jail again... so pity him..>> then actually tpdayxx...wholeday...i was study'in for the acounting n gbd...hardworking leh?????!!!!hahahaha!!!!

n hapy new year to ma loverzxx devil...wong choi!!!!

he is the another devil afta my beloved wong lai!!!!

aiya gettin x m .. bye bye!!!

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