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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

the freakin_sunway day...kakaka!!!

actually today supposed to be in sunway lagoon..and what has hapen for the journey..that i hv to talk to!!!!!!!
once upon a class..that v talked to or come out an idea for a day trip b4 o the genting journey holiday..v decided..for the lagoon..the gals say: no people one la..>can play veri geng one..nnn..
somany people q in' man....

n look at this gal>>>sigh!!!!
v hv to go for our plan B!!!!!

v left there and crossed the car park n saw.......
ermmm warrrrr!!! lagi many orang la goin to lagoon!!! good business meh

so...what is our plan B!!! of course box lor...spooky'in' stuffs again...>

that day so spooky man'...canot go lagoon play play..sigh!!1 a freakin day out there...
i think there was a rainy day..but neimind..v all stukin' for the screamin kala ok room..sigh..!!!!sinngggg!!! hard hard singggg!!!!

afta the whole day for kala ok..u c ma spooky mouth!!!...sigh!!!! pok meng and sing...sigh!!!

what is the most interesting

spooky stufs for tat day spooky day is........ do le mon ' de favourate...!!!!!!

cute spooky stufs..!!!but er..... RM 1.60 for one piece....chichichi!!!

its the end of ta day..actually..v are all very spooky the happy la..waiting fo d x m liao!!! very freakin spooky !!! hahahahaha

1 comment:

Rabbit said...

Aiks! U put my picture there! lucky it aint too ugly lah. hoho!