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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

in the next day... started to be hard workin'' time..

today....monday!!!.. i got started to PRETEND very hardworkin cos cny comin... i got washed ma bag.. throw all d rubish nn... clean ma batheroom.. c very clean oledi...!!! afta half of d cleaning day.. feelin really exhausted.... the all i clean ( in an apo texture: moving slow!!)

afta that.. i started to plan for the year..and check out how much should i pay for the next semester!!::: har...?!?!?!... rm 4698++....apa?!?!,,...,, ... bad year...!!

something interesting for d day is...hahaha: ma wholelife school report
this is ma kindergarten report kad!!!

peipei is a soft spoken person and polite gal.. like to draw and sing song.....hahahahaha!!!!! to do her class assignments fairly well, however, she was rather careless when doing her test.

this is the primary school report card!!!!

i oni got 20kg in first year.... !!! haaaaaahaaaahaaaaa!!!!

finani this is smk report card!!!!...hard cover one wor..>>

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