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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

mini tangerine and ma fortune cookieszz

i have long long time that i wonder i din update ma blog..>coz..i hate to wait so long to add ma image!!!... of course everyone knows that the CNY is hows ya feelin now....for me and the spooky family feel very SAD + SIGH of it..! of course..every year will be like that...>.please refer to
the expenses below:
1. spookygal shoppin for cny expenses=RM200

2.spookybratha shoppin for cny expense=RM200

3.spookymama have to spend on her clothes=RM200

4.spookypapa always spend on his shoes and clothes for cny one=RM200

5.angpau givin=RM1500

6.present(li) givin for relatives=RM1000( includes all the tangerines+nuts+sweets+chocolate)

7.cookin material for cny=RM500 (include lap cheong, chicken,fishes..bla bla)
spookygal have to pay her new semester fees liao, spookybratha also have to pay liao..
every year must have ONE SHUT SPOOKY QUAREL LEH!!!!!

hot for shoppin season and crowded with RED colours.. and tangerines..>(GAM) hahahaha!!!!
lets check out ma mini_baby tagerine.. cute leh!!!!!

afta this...>>

yeeeeesses!!! super sour lar!!!!!

so hard to find ma fortune cookies.. that i bought that day man!!! it will determine the fortune...>. for the piggy year (for ma whole year fate+destiny lah)

these are all WORDS FOR ME...!!!of course lar...oni me will eat the cookies!!!
ma collected WORDS

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