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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

the sundayszz weddin dinner!!!!!

what happened last sunday:

the spooky family was told to go for a wedding dinner by $ my mom's mom's brother's daughther's wedding...>$ it is such a LONG REACHED RELATIVES....>the spooky evening begin like this:

spookymama+spookypapa: ooii..u haven change you dress ahr? afta word we go lor..

spookygal: yala yala

spookypapa: ooi we wana go early lar..scare rain afta ward..>!

spookygal: rain ah??!!! (the bride+groom sure very stingy one..)....base on ma spooky thinkin..where got such people go n held their wedding b4 chinese new year one..>> they wan to gv ang pau early early...not stingy lar!!

afta i have changed ma dress...waiting for SSSOOO long for ma spookymama... to wear hers...SIGH!!!!

spookygal : ooiii la..rain liao lar..u wana look more beautiful than the bride ah!!!

afta few more minuets...the spookyfamily started to leave...and the rain went...BLABLABLAR!!!!warhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! heavy rain man!!!!!

the south city plaza: it is raining outside

oops...haven tell u where is the restaurant is..> it is in serdang+seri kembangan jus afta south city....then turn right...>> mou chor...喜来登...haha!!! (please translate, in hakka or cantonese...means: GO THERE AND WAIT!!!)

yes we were!!!!!!!!
i was not bothered that ma mom and dad went table by table to socialise..i was so boring and counting the red pineapple on.....!!!hahaha!!!! then eat that stupid nuts...!!!waitin waitin: then wait until ma coz sis come..>!!! you know... it was superb boring!!!!

these two pics with ma spooky effect!^.^
these are ma two aunts


it was 7.30 pm when we reached there.....and v wait almost until 9.00am...>

where is the food ... food leh????????!!!!afta a while the food comes..and i eat like mad!!!i was superb hungry la that time!!!

so pity the pig....nex cny is your year la pig....sorb sorb..OH pig!!!!!!..y u so unlucky one wah!!!!!! sorb sorb*

it was a boring wedding dinner... uncreative+unattractive+badday

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