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Saturday, January 06, 2007

xm ..> with the time passed!!!

the x m has passes and the holiday has came..!! wonder how fast that is like ZZOOMM!!! like that... that was year 1 in the uel programme..!!! finished liao ..>yeah!!!!

what should i do next, of course la. waitin for the result and the year 2 comin that arrive on feb lor..!! OK . lets talk about the spooky gal things for these two days xm,,!!! hahahaha..>. what i think for today x m leh..are..>>>ANSWER: OK LOR!!

yesterday was freakin of the time constraint: it is really constraint for any x manitaion..>> limited>> but i also have the same ANSWER: OK LOR!!. the question for GBD is not too bad..>> it is easy la for me..> cause........i understand mah!! hahaha!!!....

todays was lagi freakin.. accouting... afta the x m i oni UM DUM!! that yee fong told me..sigh!!... i salah tengok the thing,... but for ma own standard: as long as i have balance for the balance sheet..i very hapy liao!! hahahaha!!!! then the creepy stufs is d another ques...that ask us to differentiate..the lecturer really DIM us!! say wont come out ..then come out,, lke that oso can..

hahaha!! whatever lar.. as long i can pass..then can get an A..oledi very happy lar..!
happy now.. cause holiday..!!!!

show u some pics of ma college life.. the funny one.,..!!

The GALS..>include me!! funyiezz pic!!

yee fong n me!hahahahahaha!!!!!

da chinese galszz!!!!warhdfrsjjldbn,!!!
c ya!!!


Rabbit said...

Oi! U no post my picture yang cantik cantik! Ugly lah last pic. T--T

barouqe witch said...

last pic where got ugly lah!!